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Steps to Improvement
Experts agree, walking 6,000 steps a day will improve your health dramatically, and 10,000 will help with weight loss. Don't let the cool autumn evenings stop you from reaching your health goals. Work with TeamQuest to continue your progress by signing up for the TeamQuest Nessy Step Challenge at IDA's 2017 Annual Conference!

Take the Challenge

Dyslexia Awareness Month is here! Take on the ZYX Challenge to dispel myths about dyslexia and bring awareness to the literacy crisis. By accepting the ZYX Challenge you will raise awareness and funds for teacher training, information and support for the more than 10 million students struggling with dyslexia in the US.


Spread the Word

Sam's Club knows the importance of dispelling the myths that many of us have about dyslexia... and you can too!  Sharing information about Structured Literacy and the myths surrounding dyslexia helps potential donors understand the purpose and importance of TeamQuest. Each dollar they give will go toward providing educator training, information, and support until EVERYONE can read.

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