Dispensary of Hope Charitable Formulary 
Network Members,
Our team is excited to share the latest edition of the Dispensary of Hope Charitable Formulary. Join our webinar on October 16th at 12:00 pm central time to get more details about the latest update! 

A few items to note in this fall refresh: 
  • The updated Charitable Formulary includes new medications to the Primary Access List. In addition, several items that were previously on the Flexible List last quarter are now consistently available on the Primary List including: 
    • Aripiprazole 2mg
    • Atorvastatin 20mg & 40mg
    • Bupropion 100mg
    • Mirtazapine 30mg
    • Pravastatin 40mg
    • Simvastatin 10mg
  • Of the most common disease states treated by the network, the following are on the Primary List:
    • Anti-Infectives - 11 medications
    • Cardiovascular - 55 medications
    • Mental Health - 38 medications
    • Hyperlipidemia - 17 medications
    • Diabetes - 6 medications
    • Gastrointestinal - 13 medications
  • Some medications that are no longer on the Primary List from last quarter are now on the Flexible Access Medication List.  We have also included new medications added to our inventory on this list.
  • Here are a few medications on the Flexible List to point out are: 
Men's Health
Men's health medication for ED
Celecoxib 200mg
Commonly used analgesic. Other options we have is diclofenac 50mg tablet and the diclofenac topical gel.
Buspirone 5mg
Commonly used for mental health treatment.
Lamotrigine 100, 200, 150, 25mg
 Used for seizure or mood control.
Prazosin 1mg
*More commonly used for mental health. 

For the Dispensary of Hope's Charitable Formulary definitions, click here

As always, if you have any questions, our Account Managers and Pharmacist are available to you. Thank you for all you do to connect abundance with need. 

Hillary Blackburn, PharmD
Director of Pharmaceutical Services
Phone:  615-736-5075
Dispensary of Hope www.dispensaryofhope.org
2700 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37207
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