September | 2018
Differential Dispensing
High Resolution
Many applications require precise pressure control to a process that is relative to a different pressure in that same process - in other words, differential pressure control. In this schematic, two Proportion-Air QPVs operate in tandem to dispense a sample and a solution at a constant differential.

Internal School a Success!
Dan Cook - Proportion-Air President - explains the intricacies of closed-loop control
As part of our reorganization and education for new employees, Proportion-Air undertook an internal training in August 2018.

Manufacturing Disruption
Blog Series
Robert Hooke - Elasticity's Champion

While several of our pressure control regulators rely on a dome filled with compressed air or a gas to control pressure, others operate with the help of a spring. Born on July 28, 1635, in England, Robert Hooke and his research are responsible for helping us understand why a spring can accomplish the task.

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