MAY 2017 - ISSUE 4


The stage is set for your arrival at the most significant and prestigious event in the display technology industry. Display Week 2017 takes place May 21-26, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and features the latest advances in the field and some of the greatest minds around the globe.

With more than 200 exhibitors, the highly anticipated Technical Symposium - featuring world renowned scientists, researchers and luminaries - and exclusive conferences, courses, forums and special networking events - now’s the time to register for the hottest ticket in town. And we just launched our new mobile app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and will help you track all the action so you don’t miss a thing. Check out the full agenda.

See the video

Watch the video.

This year’s expanded floor space will give you plenty of room to roam around and check out the best of the best in all things display and related fields. From augmented and virtual reality and automotive displays to digital signage, wearables, OLED and display materials processes – and everything in between - you’re sure to discover something new that will enhance your business, product, research, career and interests.

Your front-row seat grants you access to the I-Zone, our exclusive exhibition-within-an-exhibition – that showcases products that haven’t yet hit the marketplace; and dynamic panel discussions, such as Women in Tech and the CMO Forum, featuring today’s top movers and shakers who are changing the way we look at this dynamic sector. We’re also hosting a special 30th Anniversary OLED session, featuring the co-authors of the seminal paper who brought this enduring technology to the world. Check out the stories below for the line-up and details on dates, times and speakers.


You’ll also want to mark your calendars for the debut of the Automotive Technology Market Focus Conference, which is part of our Business Track that features global business icons who will share investment strategies in our fast-paced field. Additionally, we’re unveiling the SID/ICDM Display Metrology Course, on Sunday, May 21, which will give you a leg up on what you need to know about the display measurement standards of today – and the needs for tomorrow. Check out the full offerings of our Sunday Short Courses and Monday Seminars that will help attendees learn about the latest developments in an ever-changing arena.


You can also expect a fantastic night out during our special networking event at the GRAMMY Museum. One of Los Angeles’ hippest cultural actions, the GRAMMY Museum is a treasure trove of musical history and interactive exhibits where you can hit the high note with your colleagues and global industry icons. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at Display Week.

And don’t forget to buy your tickets now for the prestigious SID Honors & Awards banquet, where we’ll be honoring industry greats who have made significant contributions to the field in the past year. The week’s activities also include announcement of the winners of the Display Industry Awards and Best in Show and I-Zone Best Prototype Awards - which are always a highlight of Display Week.

In other words, we’re rolling out the red carpet for you. So what are you waiting for?




The agenda is action-packed at Display Week 2017! In fact, there was so much excitement and interest that we had to increase floor space by 12% and we have 50+ I-Zone exhibitors. So how will you see it all? Divide and conquer, we say! Invite your colleagues, peers, co-workers and friends to join you and compare notes each day.

Use our handy free mobile app to find exhibitors, schedules, maps and speakers – and connect to other attendees. It’s compatible with iPad 1, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch; and can be downloaded on Android devices that have access to the Google Play Store. It’s also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 9, 10, and 11.

Download it now from the Apple Store or Google Play and start making your plans today. Send this newsletter and the links to your friends, too, so they can see for themselves all the great things in store for them at Display Week 2017. They’ll thank you for it..

Women in Tech Makes Its Debut


Today’s female technologists bring a different perspective to grow the display industry—across R&D to business strategy, and leading the way for the next generation. Join us for the first Women in Tech forum on May 24, at 4 p.m., and be a part of history as these tech industry superstars share their expertise and insights.


Dr. Julie Brown, Senior
Vice President and
CTO, Universal Display

“Being a techie is cool.”


Candice Brown Elliott,
CEO, Nouvoyance

“It’s never a bad day
to have a good idea.”


Laura Rea, Senior Technology Program
Manager, U.S. Air Force 
Research Laboratory

“We need a different
approach if we’re going to survive
as an industry.”


Heidi Dohse, VP of 
Product Execution, DTI 

“Individuals are
accountable for their own


Dr. Niaz Abdolrahim,
Assistant Professor of Mechanical
Engineering and
Materials Science,
University of Rochester

“Science has no
gender stereotypes do.”


Moderator: Rashmi Rao, Senior Director of Advanced Engineering for Harman, Display
Week 2017 Technical
Program Chair

“True progress happens when you focus on what
the world wants and

This exclusive forum will be followed by a wine and cheese reception where you can personally chat with the panelists and connect with colleagues from around the world.

Women in Tech is a free event for registered attendees.


CMO Forum: When Content Meets Display


LA is the perfect place to stage Display Week 2017’s CMO Forum, on May 24, at 8:30 a.m., which follows a topic that is as relevant for display industry professionals as it is for the field of film. “When Content Meets Display” includes a panel of global experts who will discuss the opportunities and challenges of taking sales and marketing to the next level in a highly correlated industry – from content creation to display.



Justin Kalvitz

Senior Vice President, Kent Displays

“Great ideas fail all the time. . . The trick is connecting technology and ideas with solutions people want.”


Sri Subramanian

Senior Vice President, Technicolor

“Defining the vision through the eyes of our consumers.”


Mark Verrall

Senior Vice President, Merck

“Creating technology now for the displays of the future.”


Bahar Wadia

CEO, Visionox,

AR/VR will become indispensable - when its content is functional beyond trade show demos.”


Tara Akhavan


Vice-Chair of Marketing for SID and CTO/Co-Founder of

“Static solutions will fail in today’s dynamic world. We need cross-industry innovation.”



Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and now’s your chance to see why. Join us for our special networking event on Wednesday, May 24, at the GRAMMY Museum, conveniently located within walking distance of the LA Convention Center. Rub elbows with industry leaders as you get an inside look at the classic artists who created a genre or see the personal photos and videos of the hottest pop stars of our time. From Ella Fitzgerald to Jimi Hendrix and Taylor Swift, the GRAMMY Museum will rock you - and is sure to be one of the highlights of your Display Week 2017 experience.

Tickets are $75 each, and can be purchased in advance online or at Display Week.



I-Zone offers an incredible opportunity for start-up companies, universities and incubator labs to demonstrate their cutting-edge demos and prototypes that will lead to revolutionary products of tomorrow. This year, we extended the deadline and expanded the floor space to accommodate all the great technology on the horizon! That means you’ll be able to see 50 exhibitors presenting the newest thinking and latest products – some of which haven’t even hit the marketplace yet.

Previous winners include:

  • nVerpix (2016 winner of Best Prototype – watch the video)

  • Upiquitious Energy

  • Ostendo

  • Shinoda Plasma Company

  • Tactus

The I-Zone Best Prototype Award will be announced on the show floor on Wednesday, May 24, and the winner will be recognized during the Display Industry Awards and Best in Show Awards luncheon later that day.

OLED 30th Anniversary Celebration


Our special session, “Lighting the Way: Celebrating 30 Years of OLED,” Tuesday, May 23, at 3:35 p.m., takes an in-depth look at how this enduring and evolving technology has continued to keep pace since its inception in 1987 – which is a rare feat in the world of technology.

Global leaders will take center stage to discuss:

  • Discovery of OLED (Ching Tang, co-OLED pioneer responsible for the 1987 seminal paper; currently a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Rochester)

  • OLEDs for Life Space Technologies (Junji Kido, professor in the Department of Organic Device Engineering and Research Center for Organic Electronics at Yamagata University)

  • Phosphorescent OLEDs: 20 Years in 20 Minutes (Dr. Julie Brown, Senior Vice President and CTO, Universal Display Corporation)

  • Gamma Project: The Dawn of LTPS AMOLED Displays (Gopalan Rajeswaran, founder and director of Grantwood Technologies)

  • OLED: A Look Back and A Look Ahead (Steve Van Slyke, co-OLED pioneer responsible for the 1987 seminal paper; currently CTO of Kateeva)


Key in with Our Keynote Speakers

Display Week 2017’s line-up of keynote speakers is an all-star cast of some of today’s most respected and forward-thinking global leaders.


Paul Peng, Chairman and President of AU Optronics Corp., will discuss “The Warring States Era of Display Technologies,” focusing on the burning question of whether TFT-LCD will continue to evolve and sustain its continuing dominance in the next decade amongst global competition.


Clay Bavor, Vice President of Virtual Reality at Google, Inc., will share the insights of “Enabling Rich and Immersive Experiences in Virtual and Augmented Reality,” which requires an efficient and scalable software platform that unites rich services with compelling applications and tools, all backed by high performance.


Sanjay Dhawan, President of HARMAN Connected Services, will focus on the twists and turns of “Humanizing the Autonomous Car Experience.”



Every year Display Week hosts special events to honor luminaries who have inspired others with their significant contributions and dedication to the industry. Join us for one or all of these celebrations.

Honors & Awards Banquet
Monday, May 22, 8 p.m.

Honoring these winners of the most prestigious awards in the industry and their advancements in the field.

Hiroyuki Ohshima: Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize for his contributions to LTPS technology and the mobile display industry

Shui-Chih Alan Lien: Jan Rajchman Prize for his contributions to LCD science and technology

Martin S. Banks: Otto Schade Prize for his research into the causes of viewer discomfort and misperceptions in depth and motion

Deng-Ke Yang: Slottow-Owaki Prize for his contributions to the education of students and professionals in the field of liquid-crystal displays

Kenneth I. Werner: Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award for his services as editor, teacher, technologist

Yi-Pai Huang: Inaugural Peter Brody Prize for his contributions to the development of wide-view MVA-pixel technology and field-sequential-color driving methodology


Check out this video to learn more about the winners. Purchase your tickets today.

Display Industry Awards & Best in Show
Wednesday, May 24, Noon

Display Industry Awards are bestowed in three categories. Display of the Year, Display Application of the Year, and Display Component of the Year. Pete Ludé, Chief Innovation Officer, RealD Inc., will be the keynote speaker for this highly anticipated event.

The Best in Show Awards are intended to honor the most significant advances in display technology and systems, products, prototypes, and manufacturing processes presented by exhibitors during Display Week.

The I-Zone Best Prototype Award winner, which is announced from the show floor on May 24, will also be recognized during the luncheon.

Buy your ticket today to be there when the winners are announced! Space is limited.



All eyes will be on the Display Week annual Technical Symposium, one of the most highly respected and anticipated forums in the field that brings together hundreds of scientists, researchers and other experts for both oral and poster paper presentations. For 2017, the Symposium focuses on emerging technology in four special topic areas: augmented and virtual reality, digital signage display solutions, display materials and processes and wearable displays. Check out the presentations.

This year we saw a 15% increase in submissions, which translates to an exciting opportunity for you to understand these rapidly moving technologies. Whether you’re interested in any aspect of motion image technology, including device technology (e.g., LCD, OLED, projector), or the emergence of wearable and vehicle displays and the technology that enables lower-power-consumption and higher performance displays for mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets and E-books) – the four-day Symposium is the place to be.


Augmented and Virtual Reality sessions will cover the newest technologies, systems and applications, including 3D sensing and imaging; spatial tracking, localization, mapping and navigation; immersive audio technologies; human factor considerations; and biometrics and user authentication.


Digital Signage Display Solutions will focus on technologies that create new markets through increased capabilities, covering new enabling innovations and applications, such as controller solutions optimizing color space use and high-dynamic-range implementations; new LED implementations leveraging flip-chip and chip-on-board solutions; down-conversion materials (phosphors, quantum dots); e-paper; reflective displays; and unique visualization solutions (compound curves, circles, fiber light guides).


Display Materials and Processes will focus on enabling novel applications, as well as advancing fundamental understanding of how innovative materials and processing contributions improve all types of displays and components. Topics include OLED materials processing; advances in electronic and optoelectronic materials; nanomaterials and nanofabrication for large-area substrates; and reducing environmental impact during fabrication.


Wearable Displays will cover a wide range of topics related to this mobile computing revolution, including wearable product design and concepts; low-power, flexible, stretchable and textile wearable display advances; direct-view wearable displays; and micro-display design suitable for wearable applications like head-mounted displays.



The Display Week Business Track invites you to look beyond the shiny surface of displays, and into the multifaceted business end of the industry through a four-conference series. In conjunction with Display Chain Consultants (DSCC), Display Week 2017 presents these exclusive forums that will hone your business acumen and help you understand the ever-changing marketplace. Register today and join us at one – or all – of the conferences to learn from global leaders who know what it takes to succeed in our competitive environment.

SID Business Conference – May 22

Featuring influential speakers who have valuable insights on the health and outlook of the display supply chain, this dynamic event will provide the latest results and forecasts for each layer of the display supply chain and where growth, profits and the highest returns are likely. See who’s speaking.

SID Investors Conference – May 23

The 13th Annual SID Display Investors Conference will focus on the enabling technologies driving the market, including an increase in the number of emerging companies targeting the established LCD market (via quantum dots), the growing OLED materials and equipment market, and the still-emerging technologies helping to create the micro-LED market. Check out the line-up.

SID New this Year! Automotive Display Market Focus Conference – May 23

This event will focus on key elements of the automotive display market - flat panel displays for multiple locations in the vehicle, touch panels and interactivity, and heads-up displays and augmented reality. Find out who will be there.

SID AR/VR Wearables Market Focus Conference – May 24

This conference will address some of the hottest areas in the display and consumer electronics markets in one event – and address the outlook for these markets and a number of pressing questions: Who will win the headset battle – direct view or microdisplays? Can wearables regain momentum? What are the display requirements in these markets? Find out who’s speaking.


More than 200 exhibitors will be sharing the latest and greatest technology during Display Week 2017. But Display Week is no ordinary exhibition, and we’ve included several special features for attendees and exhibitors alike to help maximize the Display Week experience.

The Exhibitors Forum will be located in the back of the exhibit hall, where exhibitors will make product presentations and hold Q&A sessions.

The New Product Showcase, just inside the exhibition entrance, is a one-stop shop where you’ll see a sampling of what awaits you on the exhibition floor that will help you plan your day.

The Biz Hub is a new meeting space opportunity where you can hold meetings, and connect with colleagues and business contacts in a convenient, semi-private setting during Display Week. Contact Jim Buckley or Sue Chung for more information.


Display Week always brings out some of today’s top-tier mainstream media, both print and broadcast, along with key electronics and display trades, bloggers and leading market analysts from around the globe. There is no doubt Display Week is truly the place to be for companies looking to increase their visibility among today’s leading dailies, business, financial, and electronics print and online news sites. See the 2016 publicity summary to read some of the coverage surrounding many of the companies, both large and small, that exhibited last year.

The press room (#507 in the LACC) will be open Monday through Thursday of Display Week. Exhibitors are welcome to drop off press kits or host interviews with key attending media and analysts in the press room, so please check the Display Week website for more information on press room hours and dates that the press room is open. SID will host its annual press breakfast exclusively for media and market analysts on Tuesday, May 23, it will also be webcast live for the first time. We are actively soliciting news for the press breakfast so don’t be left out and please contact SID’s PR team at email: for more information on submission requirements and deadlines. Media interested in attending can also contact us at the email address above to register for Display Week and the breakfast.

In addition, SID will once again offer the Virtual Press Office (VPO) for all Display Week related press releases from exhibiting companies with discounted wire distribution pricing. More information on VPO can be found on the Display Week website, or by contacting MCA at the email address above.

DW 2017 SnapChat


New to Display Week 2017, we will have our first geofilter available for use on SnapChat. After snapping your favorite technology on the exhibit floor, use the Display Week 2017 geofilter to show your followers where you are and where they can find the same incredible technology. Just look for that Display Week 2017 logo. You can also follow sid_displayweek on SnapChat, too, and see behind the scenes looks into the show.

Don’t forget to participate on our other social media platforms as well including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Tag #DisplayWeek17 so we can share your insights from the show.


All year long, SID has been posting informative blogs about trends and advancements in the display industry. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the SID Dispatch, take a moment now and see what you’ve been missing

If you would like to contribute to SID Dispatch or have topic suggestions, please send an email to




Sunday Short Courses

May 21

Business Conference

May 22

Monday Seminars

May 22

Honors & Awards Banquet

May 22


May 23


May 23–25

Technical Symposium

May 23-26

Investors Conference

May 23

Automotive Market Conference

May 23

OLED 30th Anniversary Event

May 23

Display Industry Awards/Best in Show/I-Zone Awards

May 24

AR/VR Wearables Market Conference

May 24

CMO Forum

May 24

Women in Tech

May 24


LA is one of the most exciting places on the planet – and your playground during Display Week 2017. We know you’ll need a place to rest your head, and offer special hotel discounts for attendees and exhibitors. We’ve also partnered with local attractions to help you make your visit to the City of Angels unforgettable.


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