21 Centers Across Washington are Working
to Resolve Conflict Within Communities!
2018 Washington State Dispute Resolution Directors
There are currently 21 Dispute Resolution Centers operating in Washington State, with a coverage area of approximately 93% of all Washington residents. They vary in size , annual budget, specialization, means of funding and philosophy of services. We all have the same basic requirements of RCW 7.75 in common. The Court Improvement Act of 1984, Chapter 7.75 provides the authority for Washington counties or municipalities to authorize the establishment of dispute resolution centers.

Community Mediation Services has been operating in Clark County for over 22 years. In 1997, the City of Vancouver established Community Mediation Services and in 2010, CMS transitioned to a community-based non profit.

These services exist to serve our communities for these reasons:
  • Empower individuals to resolve disputes/conflicts with self-determination.
  • Provide skilled and trained individuals to assist with mediation/facilitation.
  • Offer all services at an affordable rate.
  • Certify Mediators through training opportunities.
  • Reduce costs to government agencies and courts.

If you are interested in learning more about our local work or the work at the state level, please contact Savenia Falquist at 360-334-5862 x1001 or email .
Fall 2019 Basic Mediation Training
We are offering our Fall Basic Mediation Training in October on 5 Fridays as requested by folks. There is limited seating and registering early is highly recommended. The early bird rate is $795.00. Please contact us if you have questions Click Here