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April 2013


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Are you undisruptable?
Is your doctor ethical?
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     No April Fools pranks here. Just the straight scoop, as always.

First some expert management consulting advice about market disruption carried out by newcomers attacking from the bottom up. Market leaders, beware!


     Then a peek under the tent of physician medical ethics circa 2012. Which docs can you trust?





   Change Ahead


Are you undisruptable?

     I've been saving a nice article based upon an interview with Clayton Christensen, the Harvard business professor famous for his theories of technology and market disruption. Having heard him speak in person on several occasions (during my Boston years), I can attest to his forward - some would say radical - thinking and clever insights.




     Dr. Christensen's central point is that many, perhaps most, market leaders are disruptable - much to their eventual surprise. In this interview summary he specifically cites the vulnerability of Apple, Tesla, venture capital, and Harvard (his very own employer).


     Here's his thesis: It all depends upon how an innovative giant responds to a less-advanced competitor. If a newcomer thinks it can win by competing at the high end, the incumbent will always kill the upstart (or is that start-up?). But if the newcomer comes in at the bottom of the market and offers an interesting new minor wrinkle, the legacy company won't feel threatened until it's too late, after the newcomer has gained a foothold in the market.


     Christensen's analysis of Apple and its vulnerability to the Android operating system and to the criticality of manufacturing technology makes for especially interesting reading. See it here.

Is your doctor ethical? 


     Now for something a bit more personal. Can you trust your physician to do "the right thing"? Well it's hard to know for each situation you can imagine. But Medscape might at least allow you to divine the odds by virtue of its 2012 survey of more than 24,000 physicians on a variety of ethical issues. Here are a few of the questions asked:

Medical Ethics 

  • Would you inform a patient if you knew they were scheduled to have a procedure done by a physician whose skill you knew to be substandard?
  • Is it ever acceptable to perform 'unnecessary' procedures due to malpractice concerns?
  • Would you ever continue treating a patient - despite a family's wishes to end treatment - if you felt the patient had a chance to recover?

     I found many of the responses to be revealing, and some to be surprising. You can see a slide show of the responses here.


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