Article 5 in a Series:
It's time to hit "reset" and live again!
Life is precious and short!
Get healthy and enjoy it full out!
A healthy lifestyle involves both Choices and Effort. The choices you make each day, and the effort you take on those choices, can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Making positive choices in the areas of FOOD and ACTIVITY and then acting on those choices – promotes a better sense of self-worth and positive MINDSET. Finally, these components work together like clockwork, happiness, and overall well-being.
Do what's Doable...not what you want.
We live in a world satisfied by instant gratification and adverse to discomfort. Things that are good for us become hard and we want easy. We value unhealthy foods over personal health. Staying in bed instead of taking a walk... and by following these destructive practices we actually welcome disease into our body by creating and maintaining an environment for it to thrive. We have magic pills at our fingertips, along with 5-Day Fasts, Intermittent Fasts, Shakes, and No Carb Diets--It’s easy. It’s convenient. It provides quick "weight loss" and doesn’t require the discomfort of change. The pros are there, but do you ever stop to truly consider the dangers of accepting the shortcuts being offered?
At what point did we give up? When we were 20, 50, 100, 200+ pounds overweight or more. Oh, it was so overwhelming to start... so...easier to wait. We said we'd do it, but (see last week's newsletter);

We had unlimited excuses! Only because I'm not motivated. And some of us still haven't started And what will it take for you to want more out of the life you have right now, whether it be from running with your friends to playing with the grandkids?
You can't do it now.
But you CAN DO IT!

At what point will we get uncomfortable enough to get started?

Life is worth living full out and it's doable!
You'll feel the changes experienced every day as we reach our health and weight loss goals. Whether we go from walking up the steps to taking them two at a time; or losing 20, 100, or 300 pounds...You can do it!

You Can Do It. Remember Choice and effort.
It's all about long-term, real-life,
sustainable, maintainable
healthy weight loss
Five benefits experienced when "healthy" is pursued.
1. Decreased risk of disease. Dis-ease in the body occurs when it’s stressed, nutritionally imbalanced, and/or neglected of self-care. Oftentimes, these occur simultaneously. To bring the body back into a state of balance, it’s essential we begin to adopt more sustainable behaviors. These behaviors are by no means difficult, they’re just different from the ones you currently subscribe to. Remember, life is a practice, not a performance.
2. More life-force energy. It is physically impossible for the body to be at its peak when being inundated with fake foods, filled with chemicals, causing long-term stress. Each of these responds negatively to the body and inhibits its ability to sustain energy levels for extended periods of time. Give the body what it requires and desires, such as healthy FOO nourishment, sunlight, clean water, and movement, and you will experience a dramatic shift in your daily energy levels.
3. Increased happiness, less depression. The gut contains 100 million neurons and is responsible for secreting major neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, norepinephrine, and nitric oxide. When we nurture the health of our gut, we invite these feel-good chemicals to be secreted more easily and more frequently, thus influencing the state of our mood. The gut is directly connected to the brain.
4. Increased feelings of self-worth. As we begin to experience mood shifts and desirable body changes, we'll have mood shifts you will begin to make self-care a priority. Our self-worth elevates. Simple as that. An important tip: As you lose weight, buy clothes that fit as your size goes down. None of us want to spend money knowing it's temporary, but you don't have to break the bank by buying a few new things to carry to your next size down. As you see yourself you get the motivation to keep going!
5. Save money. Leading a lifestyle of healthy behaviors allows for more money in your pocket by increasing work productivity, eradicating doctor visits, and decreasing missed work due to feeling ill and unwell. You’ll have extra funds to do things you love with those you love!
6. The # 1 most cost-effective Commercial Plans. Leading a lifestyle of healthy behaviors allows for more money in your pocket by increasing work productivity, eradicating doctor visits, and decreasing missed work due to feeling ill and unwell. You’ll have extra funds to do things you love with those you love!
It's our best offer, ever!
Weight Watchers is the lowest-priced Commercial Plan in the US
...but more importantly, follow the plan you will lose weight and get healthy... And when we say "healthy"–this is healthy after only losing 5%-10% of your total body weight's our best offer ever! We'll help you lose weight and get healthy! We're good at that. Been at it for a long time and making improvements along the way!

You do the work, you reap the benefits! Get healthy, here's what you get:
Lower blood pressure. Lower levels of triglycerides. Lower risk of stroke. Less risk of heart disease. Improved mobility and reduced pain. Improved mood and sleep. Higher self-esteem. Improved insulin resistance. Lower risk for multiple cancers. Stress management, Better heart health. Blood sugar control. Better sleep. Improved mood (managing hormones). Increases bone density. And ...
even improves the chance of living a longer life.
Weight Watchers compared by price
Customized no 2
plans are alike
Created by behavior change scientists
Weight Watchers #1
to the top 44
most popular
Commercial Plans
Why Weight Watchers works better than going it alone
Romantic young African American couple sitting arm in arm being served dinner by a waitress as they sit at a restaurant table
Zero Deprivation

Those on their own often eliminate foods or entire food groups, which can cause more cravings compared to those who don’t. With Weight Watchers, no food is off-limits. Our exclusive system is flexible and fun‑all the things diets aren’t.
A Unique Community

The importance of a supportive and like-minded community is proven In fact, it’s been proven! Members who attended the most meetings lost more weight than those who attended less. Really!  A clinical research study showed:

Tools on Your Phone

Our easy-to-use app takes the guesswork out of meal planning. Scan foods at the market for easy Points values. Enjoy activity and Mindfulness programs. Dining out will be fun and enjoyable because you plan to eat what you love.
Those with the highest attendance were
15.5 X more likely to lose weight
compared to those with low
workshop attendance!*


Every person on this Newsletter Team is a
Weight Watchers Member!

We have lost from over 100 pounds to 20+ pounds each to get to our personal goals. We're where you may be now. We absolutely get it!

Dear Members of
WW Weight Watchers Philadelphia,

Sometimes we receive an email regarding the contents of the weekly Newsletter.

Not very often, but since we started on the Obesity and Health Series, a Member complained we "fat shame". A second said we were de-motivating by addressing the health issues associated with overweight and obesity. Another said, Leave "those people" alone! Those people are us. That's it. Just three complaints but they matter. The letters are taking a change though! We're receiving "Thank you's" coming, (Thanks Sister!) as well as personal victories.

In one case, A medical professional also got in touch and thanked us for making people aware of the dangers of obesity. She wrote to say, she did not know the association between uterine cancer and obesity until after she had a hysterectomy.

As Weight Watchers Members ourselves, we research the most compelling ideas and best tips to motivate, us because they have to motivate us before we pass on the info to you ... keep going or get started taking care of our health and losing weight!

What we write comes from experts, but behind every word is our personal victories, letdowns, struggles, and highlights that are all a part of taking charge of our lives--no one's going to do it for us!

Feel free anytime to send a note-- even when you may not like what we're saying, (maybe we showed a gain on the scale!😉) at least we know you are reading!

Your Weight Watchers Philadelphia
Newsletter Team

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The 4 Pillars to your happy and healthy life
Key to your new life
Eat Better. The Personal Points program is unique to you and the foods you love. So customized to your lifestyle that no 2 plans are the same!
Move More. Get your body moving and earn Points to add to your day
Be Mindful. Shift your mindset to an “I’ve got this” way of thinking
Sleep Well. Learn the link between sleep and healthy weight loss
Food: Learn how to shave some seconds off of your meal-prep!
Activity: 10 tricks to fit in a workout!
Mindset: How To Tame
Your To-Do-List!
Sleep: These 10 things will help you sleep better!
How can I keep going when things feel hard?
Do what's doable – not what you want--What you need!
We love a good to-do list. OK, we mostly love the thrill of taking a pen and done! But life’s four-letter word is BUSY. And if we keep adding more to our list without giving ourselves any breathing room, the only thing we may end up crossing off is the likelihood we'll get anything done!
Give yourself permission to let less important items drop off, and prioritize just one or a few to-dos. Prioritize your WW Meeting easily, it's a once-a-week fit. Next allow time for a 15-minute walk. How about a 10-minute meditation break? Sounds absolutely undoable. because most things on our to-do list are not "me oriented". Start the day with a short walk, instead of reading your email. Your meditation provides a perfect mid-day getaway. And you’ll create something better than a to-do list: A clear road map of how you’ll start and finish a task—with pre-set stops to fuel up on accomplishment. Eat well and stay hydrated along the way.
Meditation provides a perfect mid-day getaway. And you’ll create something better than a to-do list: A clear road map of how you’ll start and finish a task—with pre-set stops to fuel up on accomplishments. Eat well and stay hydrated along the way. One thing to remember: You don't have to "do it all" to be successful. This journey should fit into your life, not take it over. Simply deciding what to prioritize—and doing that—can free up precious time and headspace that keep you on track.
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This week's letter from DebW
General Manager and Voice of Philadelphia
September 7, 2022

Hello WW Philadelphia Members,
Think back to when you joined Weight Watchers the first time or a time when you hit the “reset button.” Knowing you are ready to do something for yourself is exciting and even though it can be overwhelming you’re committed to making a couple of small changes to make it work.
Our world is a busy place to live, and we all have busy lives no matter if we’re 30-something or 70-something. Part of it is our "Instant World"; we are over-connected. We know about so many things, moments after they happen when we cannot do anything to help the situation.

Our minds work hard to adjust to this fast pace. Even while focusing on our much smaller circle of family and close friends, we often bare the burdens of others without being able to assist.
All of this makes it harder to focus on what we need to do to lose weight and live healthier lives. Our natural tendency is to think our weight loss efforts can wait until things calm down.
Guess what? We’re wrong in that thinking. See the "to-do list" above--we put ourselves aside.
Typically, the first items to be pushed aside in our lives are meal planning and activity but both things can be broken down into more doable pieces.
Sometimes, I call meal planning POINTS planning. That means I don’t necessarily know exactly what I’m going to eat but instead know how many POINTS I want to spend. Then I choose food that fits into that budget remembering I have some weekly POINTS or can earn a couple of POINTS by eating vegetables if I need to do so for a more generous budget.
Getting activity in is also challenging when in a time crunch. Breaking up activity into a few minutes here and there can make it work for an extra busy day. Taking the stairs, parking the car a little further out, dancing with the toddler or the teens, walking the dog, doing yard work, and cleaning the house all can be a few minutes, here and there. Every activity counts!
My point is Do What Is Doable. Don’t overextend yourself, learn to say “no,” and focus on a healthier you.

Have a great week and be kind,
Deb Wright
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia
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