May 11, 2020 - May 15, 2020
We have a very special
Core Value award to present! 
THANK YOU students and parents for showing your appreciation to our amazing teachers over the last couple of weeks - we miss you!
T-shirt and SWAG Pick-up Details

photo credit: Luna Brantley
RCS Virtual
Art Exhibit
This newest addition to the RCS Art Exhibit showcases are the work of our middle school media artists who were asked to create a photo essay (of one or more images) to communicate an obvious idea, story, or emotion relating to some aspect of life today. These are the images they created and the stories they told.

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Birthday that have celebrated their birthday in March and April. We have missed celebrating with you each morning during announcements.

This list includes Birthdays for the month of May!
Staff Birthdays for May
Mrs. Maher - 5/5
Mrs. Kave - 5/7
Mrs. Mobley - 5/13
Mrs. Hage - 5/13
Mrs. Snyder - 5/20
Mrs. Cox - 5/22
Ms. Blythe Brown- 5/26
Mr. Heath - 5/31