April 2020 | Volume 04
A Letter from the editor
As we navigate this new opportunity to learn and grow through distance learning, we may feel unsure and anxious at times, and this is ok. A colleague recently reminded us that instruction at home is not going to look and feel like instruction at school, and this is ok. 

It is important to remind yourself, you are not alone in this journey. Our SESA Specialists and staff are here for you. Whether you need words of encouragement, to think out loud about an idea/challenge, or need technology or instructional support, we are in this together. In this newsletter, we changed our format to accommodate the current situation with COVID-19 by providing vetted resources to help support our students with low incidence disabilities. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a place to start.   

So settle in with a warm beverage, put on comfy clothes, and perhaps snuggle up with a warm blanket as you browse the resources SESA specialists have provided.  

Amy Topmiller 
Multiple Disabilities Specialist and Newsletter Editor

High-Tech Resources
(web based academics, computer access, etc.)
Rec Leisure
(storytime videos, mindfulness, family activities, life skills, physical activities,etc.)
Accessible Activities
(closed caption, eye gaze, audio resources, etc.)