We Are Still In This Together
"We are in this together" was the title of our last newsletter. Little did we know that the phrase we chose to precede a series of stories about some of our partners, would have a different connotation a month later. Nowadays it is trending worldwide and travels with a hashtag. But some things haven't changed. The message remains the same: we need each other. And we are still here to help.
Above and Beyond

Much like the rest of our staff, the Nai Children's Choir's team has been going the extra mile: checking in with each family individually, helping them fill out paperwork, assisting children with homework, and so much more.
Social Media to the Rescue

To keep the Hungarian ROMA community informed, a team of four Hungarian-speaking workers from four different agencies, including CultureLink, was Live on Facebook. They answered questions and reached over 2,200 viewers.
A New Kind of Normal

Human nature calls for social interactions. But in times of quarantine, we have to do the next best thing. Stay home, and join our programs online.
CultureLink will continue operating
during the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
A notice to our community and stakeholders was released on March 16, 2020. Read More.
The temporary closure of our physical spaces, including the main office, the youth centre, bike hubs, libraries, schools and community centres, has impacted the way provide services, but it hasn't stopped us from reaching out to our clients to offer comfort and support.

We continue to follow the advice of public health agencies to keep ourselves and our community safe. For over a month, all of our staff has been working from home, answering questions and attending to our clients over the phone and online.

Since the order to cancel group gatherings, we have been working towards adapting our programs to the online world. A few of them have already started and more will be added in time.

There is quite a lot of information about COVID-19 going around, so we put together a list of public resources for anyone who needs it. See list .

For any inquiries, we are available via phone (leave a message at 416-588-6288 ext. 200), email ( reception@culturelink.ca) or social media (links below).

Workshops, Training Programs, Networking Sessions and other Events updated weekly.