Dear Center Members,

For the last couple of weeks we've talked about gratitude, stress reduction, staying safe, and more. If you've missed these weekly updates you can find them on the township website , senior center page, where you can find the past few weekly updates. I have included many resources ranging from how to access mental health assistance to virtual tours of museums to live recorded performances of opera to a senior chef service which includes supermarket shopping and so much more. I have appreciated your positive feedback about these weekly updates and I will continue them and include information, hopefully without giving you info overload!

Another week that we have survived!

Wow! This has been so difficult on so many levels it's hard to adequately put into words the complicated feelings, concerns and wonders about how the future will look; however, we can't sit idly by. When we do, our minds wander and often it's back to the 'what if's...'

If you are one of those individuals able to create with word or material what a fabulous distraction that must be. To those with hobbies, oh, how I admire you, and to those who've begun to garden, how satisfying that must be.

Below, you will find another activity that hopefully will inspire, distract and connect you to us. I have had a lot of fun putting this together and look forward to seeing your responses on Facebook.

I n case you missed my last mid week blast: Maryann's classes are now on our local South Brunswick TV station:

Verizon/Fios channel 45
Comcast channel 26

Maryann's schedule is daily:
1 pm Sittercise - 35min
2 pm Beginner Exercises – 56min
3 pm Advanced Exercises – 58min 

Take good care! Cannot wait to see you all very soon!!

732.329.4000 x7682
Inspired by Wood County, Bowling Green's Senior Center in Ohio!

Get Ready,... Get Set..... go!
Play a different kind of virtual BINGO... 'on your honor'


  • Complete all the activities in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally to score a BINGO.
  • You can play between now and Thursday (April 30th) by 10:00 am.
  • Send one email no later than Thursday at 10:00 AM to Include in that email how many BINGO's you've accomplished.
  • Each BINGO is one chance to win, but there is a maximum of 5 chances to win per person (no matter how many BINGOs you get).
  • Tell us on Facebook throughout the week some of your accomplishments!

On Friday, May 1st, at 2 pm our very own Jackie Johnson will have a live drawing on Facebook f or a prize to be picked up when we reopen. You do not have to be present on Facebook to win the prize.
(It will be a great prize but, no, we don't know what the prize is yet 😘 )
Two great resources for help with prescription drug costs.

NeedyMeds Find help with the cost of medicine during the COVID19 crisis and beyond.

Good rx - Discount medications
Mental Health and COVID19 Resources

Is anyone in need of generic, women's x-large pull ups? Please contact me and I will coordinate the donation to you. 732.329.4000 x 7682
Calling all creative types!
Take the Getty Museum's Quarantine Challenge! Take famous works of art and recreate a work of art with objects and/or people around your home. Link to their collections.
A couple of examples from this challenge: We would love to see yours!
Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type, 2700–2300 B.C

RenΓ© Magritte, The Son of Man