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                                                     February 3, 2017
This Issue - Newsletter #3

Letter From Representative Bruce

Legislative News

Under The Gold Dome Episode #3

South Fulton Day at the State Capitol

Standing Room Only: Georgia House Democratic Caucus Town Hall

Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Press Conference 

South Fulton Day at the State Capitol

On Thursday, February 2 , 2017, Representative Roger Bruce (D-61) and the rest of the South Fulton Delegation welcomed the citizens of the new city of South Fulton to the State  Capitol. What made this extremely special was the fact that HB 131 and HB 132 were approved by the House of Representatives by unanimous votes after seeming tepid opposition.



Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Holds Press Conference To Condemn Trump's Policies 

On Wednesday, February 1, the first day of Black History Month, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, which is the largest legislative black caucus in the nation, strongly condemned President Trump's divisive policies. Representative Bruce in a strong statement condemned the actions the President has taken which have divided this nation -- from his Muslim Ban to his insistence on building a wall instead of sensible immigration reform. 

Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Press Conference
Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Press Conference

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The month of February has become synonymous with the celebration of Black History. We have a strong and rich history with many significant contributions that help to create and strengthen our nation.  History reflects that immigrants from just about everywhere in the world have played a part in the building of this country, Unfortunately,  people that were native to this country when settlers arrived, lost their land and generally did not benefit from the growth of the country. They were forced onto reservations and into living arrangements that were not consistent with the growth and prosperity of the area outside of the reservation.  While it was a modest gesture,  the Native Americans were given land rights that allowed them to practice and maintain some semblance of their culture. that could be passed down from generation to generation. By no means did it compensate them for what was taken. 

History also reflects that African Americans were not compensated for much of the work, hard labor, that was used to build the infrastructure of the country. There was no generational wealth to pass on to the children and grandchildren.  As reflected  in the current number one box office hit "Hidden Figures" about African American women that brought John Glenn and crew safely back to earth, the Tuskegee Airmen and many others that played a vital role in American history that had their work claimed by others as their own and received the accolades and rewards for work they did not perform.  To add insult to injury, the current president in a vail attempt to participate in the celebration of Black History thinks this man, Frederick Douglass, is still alive and doing great things. It was clear that no effort was made to genuinely participate in the celebration of people that contributed
 significantly to the growth and prosperity of this nation.  Each February, during Black History Month, we are reminded of the debt that America owes to these former slaves and their descendants .  Now, instead of a plan to begin paying that debt a new president is elected to pile on more. In the words of Dr. King "History will have to reflect that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people"  Please, all of the Good People,  please join together before it is too late.
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Legislative News

This past week, Representative Bruce was able to get two vital pieces of legislation passed by the Georgia House of Representatives. Both bills, HB 131 and 132, which were local bills dealt with the City of South Fulton. What this legislation accomplished was that it allowed for the Fulton Industrial Blvd area to be annexed into the City of South Fulton, which will have great financial benefit for the new city. 

Representative Bruce managed to gain bipartisan support for both pieces of legislation after  seemingly tepid opposition from a colleague, who eventually voted for the legislation. 

The legislation will now head to the Senate. 

 for more information on weekly events for the 
2017 Legislative Session.


Under The Gold Dome Episode #3

with Georgia State Rep. Roger Bruce (D-61) 
Episode #3 Jan. 27, 2017
Guest: Rep. Erica Thomas, Rep. Debra Bazemore and Legislative Director A.D. Fields

Under The Gold Dome
Under The Gold Dome

Standing Room Only
Georgia House Democratic Caucus Town Hall

Last night, the Georgia House Democratic Caucus hosted its first "Georgia Resists" town hall in Atlanta, to highlight Democratic legislative priorities at the Georgia capitol and provide the community with resources for engaging with their legislators at all levels of government. 

The GHDC's "Georgia Resists" website  was launched on Inauguration Day in response to President Trump's dangerous agenda.

Last year, the GHDC hosted a town hall with approximately 75 attendees. 

This year, more than 550 signed in to attend the meeting, galvanized by opposition to the Trump administration. They  learned more about how they can help turn Georgia blue with incremental work this year and onward to 2020. 

"The Democratic Party is not simply elected leaders at the state capitol or in Washington. We are community members who drove from every corner of the state to join a town hall meeting with fellow Georgians from metro Atlanta, who, together, are engaged and active, ready to mobilize and build a stronger Georgia,"  said House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams. "The time is now for all of us to hold our leaders accountable, and the Georgia House Democratic Caucus is proud to share the tools necessary to push back against dangerous policies and promote those issues that move us forward. Democrats win when we speak up, show up and stand up for what we believe in every day."

The event in Atlanta is the first of many GHDC events statewide that will discuss events at the Georgia capitol and in Washington D.C, and provide resources for political engagement. 

The town hall featured House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, Minority Whip Carolyn Hugley, Caucus Chair Stacey Evans, and members of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus listed below:

Educational Opportunity
·      Rep. Brenda Lopez: College Completion Access Act
·      Rep. Michael Smith: Child Safety & Emergency Preparedness Act

Economic Security
·      Rep. Kim Alexander: Paid Sick Leave Act
·      Rep. Debbie Buckner: Georgia Jobs Matter Act
·      Rep. Park Cannon: Georgia Pay Equity Act

Shared Responsibility
·      Rep. Roger Bruce: Any Precinct Act
·      Rep. Craig Gordon: Absentee Ballot Access Act
·      Rep. David Dreyer: Georgia Voters Bill of Rights
·      Rep. Sam Park: Access to Public Services for Non-English Speakers Act

A Promise Kept
·      Rep. Prince: Protecting Military Children Act 

Representatives from the Democratic Party of Georgia, Planned Parenthood Southeast, and GHDC staff spoke to the audience about community engagement, grassroots organizing, and lobbying. A representative from the non-partisan non-profit Asian Americans Advancing Justice discussed volunteer opportunities and ways to assist immigrant and refugee communities. The hundreds of attendees signed up to volunteer with various organizations and with the House Democratic Caucus. 

Visit  for more information on events and advocacy. 

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