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                                                     February 10, 2017
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Letter From Representative Bruce

Legislative News

Under The Gold Dome Episode #4

Girl Scout Visit

Stonewall Tell Elementary School Mayoral Candidate Forum

Stonewall Tell Mayoral Candidate Forum

As the special election for the inaugural city of South Fulton government approaches, citizens around our new city are still getting their chance to vet our candidates. On Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at the Stonewall Elementary School Mayoral candidates forum, each citizen running for Mayor had a few minutes to answer a range of questions on why they would be the best individual to lead our new city. I am proud of the work that the community is doing to keep people aware and informed as March 21st approaches. I will continue to do my part and keep you all abreast on anything that is related to our new city of South Fulton.



Girl Scouts visit Rep. Bruce

Rep. Bruce had a visit from the Georgia Girl Scouts who were visiting the State Capitol. During their visit, they discussed civic responsibility and the role that the State Legislature plays in creating laws. 

Girl Scouts visit Rep. Roger Bruce

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The best places to get a feel for what is on the minds of citizens is to have an open ear while at the dry cleaners, the local convienence store, the barber shop or hair salon. I had the occasion to visit three out of those four locations today and the conversation seemed to be the same at all of my stops. "What happened to the Falcons?; I have no idea what to give my wife/husband for Valentines day; what was America thinking when they elected Donald Trump and in different ways, how am I going to make ends meet? Those of you that did make it to a hair salon will have to chime in as to what the conversation was there.

The general sentiment was that the Falcons were young, lacked  the experience and that the defense got tired. but folks were optimistic that they will "Rise Up" again next year and bring home the trophy

. It seemed that flowers, chocolate and cash were the favorites for those that had been married for a while. The younger folks want to travel and jewelry. Whatever you do, don't forget to simply say "I love you and appreciate that you are part of my life".  

As far as Donald Trump we all need to pray  for this country, get involved in our local communities, register to vote, find out how Russia hacked our election and prevent them from doing it again and finally remove all hate from your decision as to who you will vote for next time. Making ends meet may work better if you find others and pool your resources to share the load. If you live alone maybe you could consider getting a roommate, start a car pool to save on gas, find two or three others and start an investment club to start business ventures together, (for this one I would love to hear from you with ideas as to how we can make ends meet.) Send your suggestions and we will share them with everyone. Have a great Valentines Day and help the very next person you walk by that looks like they are having a rough time. You will feel good, the person you help will feel good and God will bless you for doing it. Have a great week.

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Legislative News

For any bill that has minority opposition leaving committee, a minority report is issued.  This week, two minority reports were written in opposition to  House Bill 37  and  House Bill 136.

The Minority offers the following report to express our disagreement with the committee's 'do pass' recommendation of House Bill 37: House Bill 37 risks subjecting students and families to unjust deprivation of resources without adequate legal recourse. Under House Bill 37, any private postsecondary institution eligible for tuition equalization grants would risk losing state funding-including tuition equalization funding for Georgia students-if it adopts a sanctuary policy. A sanctuary policy is broadly defined as any rule, policy, or practice that interferes with the ability of federal immigration officials to carry out the law. To date, no such institutions in Georgia have refused to comply with federal law, and all have proactively announced their intentions to continue complying with federal law.

The Minority offers the following report to express our disagreement with the committee's 'do pass' recommendation of House Bill 136: House Bill 136, as amended, would require the Department of Driver Services to label any temporary driver's license, permit, or special identification card issued to a foreign traveler, visa-holder, or permanent resident with the term "noncitizen" in a "prominent location." Driver's licenses and identification cards issued to noncitizens already bear the clearly visible label of "Limited Term", indicating the temporary or noncitizen status of the holder. The inclusion of "noncitizen" provides no stated or articulable benefit rooted in demonstrable fact.

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2017 Legislative Session.


Under The Gold Dome Episode #4

with Georgia State Rep. Roger Bruce (D-61) 
Episode #4 Feb. 3, 2017
Guest: Rep. David Wilkerson, Rep. Derrick Jackson Legislative Director A.D. Fields, Legislative Aide Jason Gathing

Under The Gold Dome Episode 4
Under The Gold Dome Episode 4

Representative Roger Bruce's Staff

A.D. Fields - Legislative/Policy/Communications Aide
Jason Gathing - Legislative/Policy Aide.
Judith Richards- Administrative Aide/Executive Asst.
Tiffani Palmer - Communications & Media .
Sharon Matthews - Legislative/Policy Aide 
John L. Sanders- Photographer 

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