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  Oscar Villegas
 Yolo County Supervisor
 District 1
June 2017
Note From Oscar:

Summer is officially upon us and longer days of light, warmth and growth prevail. Graduation is now a memory, but I would be remiss if I failed to congratulate the 2017 graduates of River City High School, Delta High School and those West Sacramento/Clarksburg residents who attended private high schools. Job well done! On a somber note, after 60 years of educating our children, Holy Cross School shuttered its doors on May 31, 2017. For well over half a century, Holy Cross School was an important part of the fabric of West Sacramento and our entire community mourns the loss of this institution.

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River Cats Tickets Provided
to Local Groups
.Each year Yolo County Board members receive vouchers from the Sacramento River Cats Baseball Club for distribution to residents who participate in Yolo County community service groups. My office had the privilege of presenting a share of the game tickets to four local groups. This year's recipients included the West Sacramento Senior Center, River City High School Promotoras, Clarksburg Library, and Broderick is a Community, Not a Gang non-profit organization. I would like to personally thank each and every member of these groups for their time and effort.

Capitol-to-Capitol, Washington, DC lobbying trip
Yearly, a delegation of business, civic and political representatives travel to Washington, DC to meet with our federal representatives and advocate on behalf of our region. I was part of this year's delegation and was able to promote our unique county and specifically, the priorities of District 1. Cap-to-Cap took place from April 29th to May 3rd. I attended work groups that focused on Flood Protection, Food and Agriculture, Health Care, Public Safety, Transportation, Water Resources, and Workforce Development & Education. Cap-to-Cap gave me the opportunity to network with others and discuss potential solutions to issues that directly affect our district. 

NACo Western Interstate Regions Conference - Bend, OR
As a board member of the National Association of Counties (NACo), I participated in the NACo Western Interstate Regions Conference in Bend, Oregon, May 24-26th. This Conference is hosted each year by a county within fifteen Western States to discuss issues unique to the Western Interstate Regions. The conference brings together county officials not only from the Western States, but nationally to delve deeply into pressing issues. I had the opportunity to interact with federal, state and regional policymakers, participate in educational sessions and take home tools to address timely challenges that are unique to us in District 1.

California State Association of Counties/League of California Cities - Homelessness Task Force Meeting
As a board member of The CSAC/League Homelessness Task Force, I attended our May 11th meeting at the League of California Cities in Sacramento. After a brief welcome and introduction session, we got down to business. On the discussion table were the essential components of our homelessness plan. We were enlightened with presentations on Grant Programs, the Importance of Shelter Programs, Whole Person Care, and Employment Focused Housing Efforts. After these presentations we spent a considerable amount of time discussing how to identify the best practices that will fit with our goals, and the next steps we must take for any and all of these to come to fruition.
Clarksburg Initiatives
During the 2016-17 budget year, I was successful in obtaining limited funding to address specific issues in Clarksburg that have been problematic. The hanging trees on Netherlands Road were creating a safety hazard for motorists and emergency vehicles. As such, we were able to contract out work to remove the hanging branches. We hope to continue this work into the next fiscal year on a limited basis. I have also been concerned about the traffic on South River Road near the Freeport Bridge. In order to identify viable solutions, I asked our Planning and Public Works Department to conduct traffic metering to quantify the extent of traffic coming in and out of that area. We will be sharing this data with the Clarksburg Fire Protection District and the Clarksburg General Plan Advisory Committee to explore solutions to mitigate the traffic problems.                          

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