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  Oscar Villegas
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 District 1
October 2017
Note From Oscar:
This October we hit the ground running with the State of the County Address on the 4th, the Yolo County Job Fair at on the 11th, while making plans to revisit our Interim Cannabis Ordinance, discuss revisions to the Flood Protection Ordinance, and receive Laura's Law and Health Care Updates, to name just a few of the myriad of items for discussion at the Board Meetings.
Upcoming Board of Supervisor  Meetings

10/10/17   9:00 am
10/24/17   9:00 am
11/7/17     9:00 am
11/21/17   9:00 am
12/12/17   9:00 am
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Oscar Villegas 

Marianne Estes, Deputy

Carol Strunk, Assistant Deputy

Yolo County Agritourism
At the September 12, 2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting, we contemplated proposed zoning code amendments related to commercial and tourism uses in the agricultural zones, including substantive changes to the zoning code regulations for special event facilities, bed and breakfast uses, and other agricultural commercial uses. To read the Woodland Daily Democrat article  click here.

Yolo County Marijuana
At the September 12, 2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting, we considered modifications to the interim medical cannabis cultivation ordinance. Discussion and public comment regarding the development of a competitive process for nursery and drying/hand-trimming pilot programs, taxing of cannabis cultivation, and prohibition on the transfer or sale of commercial cultivation permits were thoroughly vetted. I was appointed to an ad hoc subcommittee to delve into taxation of cannabis cultivation, and bring back recommendations for the full board consideration.

Delta/Sacramento River Cleanup

The California Coastal/Delta Waterway Cleanup was once again held this year in West Sacramento on September 16th. This is part of a world-wide cleanup effort and the largest volunteer event on earth!  Participants from Yolo County and beyond helped clean tons of garbage from the river area near the Stone Locks on South River Road in West Sacramento. Debris that is contained before it hits our local rivers is debris that will not get swept out to sea, thus polluting the water and endangering wildlife. To view the Channel 3 report and video click here.                                                                                            
Agricultural Labor Report
In July 2016, at my request, the Board authorized the formation of an Agricultural Labor Ad Hoc Subcommittee to explore the needs of Yolo County farmworkers to help keep our flourishing agriculture industry. The function of this subcommittee was to determine the needs of the farmworkers and the potential strategies to address those needs at a county level. The subcommittee gathered information through interviews with representatives of several organizations, as well as farmworkers. It was found that the basic needs of medical access, housing, food security, transportation and education are sorely lacking among our farmworkers. At the September 26, 2017 Board Meeting it was unanimously agreed upon to adopt the findings of the Agricultural Labor Report and direct staff to implement the County recommended strategies with a work plan that will bridge the gaps.

Rural County Representatives of California - 2017 Annual Meeting
On September 27th and 28th I attended the Rural County Representatives of California, 2017 Annual Meeting where topics highlighted this year included Autonomous Vehicles, The Opioid Crisis in California's Rural Counties, Daylight Savings, Emergency Preparedness and Recovery, Intergenerational Dynamics, and A Rural Way of Life.  I found the panels to be perfectly matched to the work being done in Yolo County.

At the September 26, 2017, Board of Supervisors meeting, I am pleased to announce that the community of Clarksburg received a share of funding resulting from the new Intergovernmental Agreement between Yolo County and the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.  As such, the BOS approved expenditures tied to the $1.5 million in one-time payments that were put to good use.  While many worthwhile projects throughout Yolo County were funded, the community of Clarksburg will receive from the Tribal Rural Initiatives the following:
  • Clarksburg Schoolhouse Restoration Project - $50,000.
  • Library Chrome books and Mobile Hotspots for use at various Yolo libraries including, Clarksburg. 
  • Installation and maintenance of Health and Human Services kiosks in the Clarksburg Library to enable residents to screen for benefit access, apply for benefits, check their active case or interact with HHSA staff. 
  • Farmworker Outreach Coordinator - this position was provided for interim funding for 2 years as proposed in the County's Agricultural Labor Report which identifies gaps in county services to farm workers.  This position is intended to provide direct outreach for farms regarding available services for the farmworkers.  
  • Illegal Dumping Mitigation - installation of cameras at various locations in Clarksburg to assist in prosecution of theft, dumping and other criminal activities. 

South River Road/Freeport Bridge Stop Sign 

South River Road traffic continues to be a problem with high traffic density. In an effort to help manage the flow of traffic stemming from the Freeport Bridge, the Board of Supervisors will consider approval of a three-way stop sign at the October 10th meeting.  Following Board approval, installation will be completed during the week of October 16th.  We recognize this is a temporary solution to a wider range issue, however, it will serve as a first good step to managing the extent of cars traveling through the road, particularly at peak hours.  The Clarksburg General Plan Citizen's Advisory Board will continue to provide recommendations for consideration to address this issue.          

Upcoming Events
10/11/17: Yolo County Job Fair, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, Civic Center Galleria, 1110 West Capitol Avenue, West Sacramento
10/12/17: Yolo County Library/Yolo County Film Festival, 6:00 pm, Arthur Turner Library, 1212 Merkley Avenue, West Sacramento

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