District 10 Weekly Update
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

  • District Director Corner
  • District Executive Committee (DEC) Meeting
  • Nov. 7 directly following TLI Round 2
  • 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Area Director Visits to Clubs
  • Value of Volunteerism
  • Call for Leaders - District Committees
  • District Leadership Candidacy Session
  • Program Quality Director Corner
  • Required Club Officer and Leadership Training - Round 2
  • Updated agenda
  • NEW - Breakfast Image Challenge
  • Bonus Training Sessions
  • Webinar: Zoom Advanced Training
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Club Growth Director Corner
  • Membership Dues Renewal
  • Club Coach Chair
  • Leadership Interest Survey
  • District Public Relations Corner
District Director Corner
Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM
District Director
District 10
“Here we are, with tremendous opportunity before us. I challenge you to get to work to bring us up to a higher level of service. Let us share with others the benefits we have gained for ourselves.”
~ Dr. Ralph Smedley, Founder Toastmasters International
District Executive Committee (DEC) Meeting
Nov. 7 directly following TLI Round 2, 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Theme: District Officer Induction.. Keeping the Toastmasters Promise
All DEC Members will be officially inducted into their roles by our Region 6 Advisor, Karen Isaacs, DTM
Karen Isaacs, DTM
Region 6 Advisor
  1. Welcome
  2. District Mission Statement
  3. Review/Follow Up of Sept 5, 2020 DEC Meeting Minutes
  4. District Officer Induction...Keeping the Toastmasters Promise
  5. District Officer Reports
  6. Division Director Reports
  7. Education Sessions - (TI Additional Reports & Corporate Visits)
  8. Contest Updates/Needs
  9. Goals Review & Planning
Be sure to register for the DEC Meeting to confirm your attendance and help establish quorum. Registration email has been sent. Your Zoom link is in the registration confirmation email.
Area Director Visits to Clubs
Becoming an Area Director
Area Director’s focus on enhancing the following three skills:
  1. Motivating people
  2. Coaching and mentoring
  3. Analytical skills

The purpose of the Area Director Visit is to...
  • Establish connections with club officers and members
  • Check on Club Health - Distinguished Club Program progress - clubs can see their progress at http://www.toastmasters.org/distinguishedperformancereports [enter club name or number in search bar]
  • Training - pt. 9
  • Education - pt. 1-6
  • Administration - pt. 10
  • Membership - pt. 7-8
  • Offer support needed (club coach, open house, pathways)
  • Recognize achievement
  • Keep members up-to-date on District Events - clubs are encouraged to follow district10.org/events

Club Officers please note, November 30 is the Toastmasters International deadline for Area Directors to visit clubs and submit their visit report to TI. Many of our Area Directors have already visited their clubs and submitted their reports; however, some are still in-progress..

We encourage Club Officers to contact your Area Director and schedule a club visit and/or provide additional information for their Area Director Club Visit Reports. 

All reports submissions are sent to our District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Division Directors, Area Directors, Club Presidents and World Headquarters Staff.

Value of Volunteerism
"How Helping Others Can Make you Healthier"
See the benefits and read the full article p. 22 in the February 2020 Toastmasters Magazine
Call for Leaders - District Committee
District Committees

Through various District Committees, members and District leaders work together and build effective teams that support the District and enhance the quality of the member experience. 

  • Audit Committee
  • Alignment Committee
  • Web Team Committee

To learn more about these Leadership Opportunities, contact our District Director at districtdirector@district10.org.
District Leadership Candidacy Session
Sravanthi Vallampati, DTM
District 10 District Leader Committee Chair
Immediate Past District Director
'Stretch your leadership learning' by attending the District Leadership Candidacy session by DLC Chair Sravanthi Vallampati, DTM on November 7 during the Toastmasters Leadership Institute Round 2 following Officer Training.

Your time, talents, and energies are bound to find their fitting match in the many leadership opportunities that are available to you in the 2021-2022 year. Learn about them now.

Applications are due 12/15/2020 to dlc@district10.org.
Program Quality Director Corner
Tricia Spayer, DTM
Program Quality Director
District 10
Required Club Officer and
Leadership Training - Round 2 for
Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Credit
Saturday, November 7, 2020 11 AM - 4 PM EST (UTC-4)
Why attend training again? Round 2 is different than Round 1. You get to catch up with your peers. Find out how to successfully complete your year. Learn from other clubs! And it’s required!

ALL members are encouraged to attend the Storytelling Workshop (11am to 12:30pm). Register to receive the link!
Keynote Speaker:
Pres Vasilev
2013 World Champion of Public Speaking
Storytelling workshop:
How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story™
In this interactive storytelling workshop, the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking Pres Vasilev will reveal the most powerful storytelling secrets. Watch Pres Vasilev's winning World Championship speech, engage in a dynamic discussion to explore its storytelling secrets, and learn how to craft your own compelling stories.
Visit Pres Vasilev's web site to learn more: http://pressays.com/
Watch his award-winning speech: https://youtu.be/Z8L68Ev8VPQ

10:00 A.M. - 10:50 A.M. Optional Networking in Hospitality Rooms
11:00 A.M. - 11:10 A.M. Welcome and introductions
  • Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM, District Director
  • Tricia Spayer, DTM, Program Quality Director
11:10 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. Keynote Speaker - Pres Vasilev
  • Storytelling Workshop: How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story™
12:30 P.M. -12:45 P.M. Transition to officer zoom sessions
12:45 P.M. - 1:45 P.M. Club Officer Training Breakout sessions
1:50 P.M. - 3:15 P.M. Building on Achievement for Continued Success
  • DTM Mentor Program - Anna Ho, ACG, ALB
  • Club Central Training - Vicky Nann, DTM
  • District Leader Candidacy - Sravanthi Vallampati, DTM, IPDD
  • Become an Area Director - Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM, District Director
  • Club Quality Activity - Aziz Radwan, DTM
  • Effective Leadership During Change - Karen Isaacs, DTM, Region 6 Advisor
  • Slack Workspace for Club Officers - Tricia Spayer, DTM, PQD
  • Group Reflections
3:15 P.M. - 3:20 P.M. Closing Remarks
3:20 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. Optional Club Officers Networking
Share your breakfast - win a prize! Come to the training with a virtual background of your favorite - or dream - breakfast. We’ll choose the finalists, YOU vote for the winner!

Can’t do a virtual background? Upload your image before midnight November 6 for your chance to enter here: Breakfast Image Challenge

If you want to add an image, how about Monte?
4:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.  DEC Meeting - District Director, Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM
  • Immediately after TLI - separate registration was sent to District Executive Committee members.
Bonus Training Sessions
Friday, November 6, 2020 6 PM - 8:30 PM EST (UTC-4)
Are you struggling with Pathways? Not sure to move around or how to complete a path?

Join us for an hour that will answer your questions about our education program with Bill Simpson on November 6, 2020 at 6 pm.

ALL Members are encouraged to attend these bonus training sessions.


6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Pathways Pals
  • Tips for the virtual environment
  • Presentation
  • Evaluations
  • Navigation
  • Get your questions answered
7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. Why Join An Advanced Club
  • Advanced Clubs Showcase
  • Benefits and Qualifications
8:00 P.M. - 8:25 P.M. General Q & A
8:25 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. Closing Remarks
Webinar: Zoom Advanced Training
Thursday, November 12, 2020 7 PM - 8:30 PM EDT (UTC-4)
Zoom Advanced Training for aspiring Zoom Hosts!

Learn how to become a Zoom Master!
Build your portfolio with these in-demand skills:
  • Mastering user views – Spotlight, Gallery, and more
  • Creating and managing breakout rooms
  • Managing the Zoom environment – disabling/enabling chat, locking the meeting, managing the waiting room, and more
  • Managing participants – dealing with audio issues, muting, disabling videos
Master online meetings and contests. Go behind the scenes with hands-on activities to be ready to host the next big event!

Your hosts: Tricia Spayer, DTM, Program Quality Director and Eugene Schnell, DTM, Logistics Manager and Zoom Manager.
Tricia Spayer, DTM
Program Quality Director
District 10
Eugene Schnell, DTM
Logistics Manager, Zoom Manager
District 10
Volunteer Opportunities
Looking for opportunities to volunteer or need to apply one of these to a Pathways Project, especially level 4 or 5?

We’re looking for help with:
  • Zoom hosting, zoom co-hosting, timers for the upcoming contest season.
  • Contest specialists: trainers and coordinators
  • Virtual Conference planning, including Conference Co-Chair

Contact programquality@district10.org to get started.
Club Growth Director Corner
Bob Churilla, DTM
Club Growth Director
District 10
Membership Dues Renewal
We are still reminding clubs to get their dues renewal payments in. This is important for your club to be in good standing with Toastmasters International. If you need any help we are here to help and answer any questions you have.

Club Coach Chair
Wendi Polman, DTM
District 10 Club Coach Chair

Is your club seeking to grow?

Does it seem like you have tried everything and nothing has seemed to work?
If so, maybe the time has come to apply for a Club Coach. If your club has less than 12 paid members you qualify. A club coach can:

  • Give you a second set of eyes to review your club's situation
  • Share fresh ideas on marketing your club; and
  • Walk you through implementing your ideas

If you are interested in becoming a Club Coach, contact Bob Churilla, DTM Club Growth Director, clubgrowth@district10.org.
Interested in serving in other District areas?
Fill out the Leader Interest Survey.
District Leadership will be in contact!
Public Relations Corner
Sandra Orland, DL5, EC5
Public Relations Manager
District 10
Sharon Stadul, DTM
Newsletter Editor
District 10
Does your Toastmasters club, Area, or Division have a great story to tell? Reach out to us to be featured in our next Quarterly Newsletter.
Fun Public Relations Facts!
Did you know you can post your news on your club's Facebook page then share it to District 10's Facebook Group? We will be sure to share content as long as it is related to and appropriate for all Toastmasters.
Visit the District Calendar for more information: https://district10.org/upcoming-events/

Sandra Orland, DL5, EC5
Public Relations Manager
District 10 - Region 6
Toastmasters International