Dear D102 Families,

This year has brought unprecedented challenges, and we appreciate your patience as we worked to develop our District 102 Roadmap to Reopening for the 2020-2021 School Year. After careful consideration, consultation, and deliberation, we have developed a plan that ensures that all of our students are able to grow as learners while ensuring that they do so in a healthy and supportive environment. We also appreciate that there is no "one size fits all" solution to the challenges the current environment presents. We have therefore developed a plan that allows us to meet the needs of those students and families that need us to be there for them, in person, while providing a robust remote learning opportunity that will allows those families that can keep their child home during this turbulent time to do so knowing that their child is being engaged directly and challenged with a rigorous curriculum.

Below are the links to several documents that explain our plan, mitigation strategies, and other important information along with more specific details about the options available for learning this year. You will note significant changes to the length of remote learning time and the more robust synchronous (real-time video) lessons that will be taught as part of this learning option. While we have included an in-person option, we would encourage families that are able to consider the Remote Learning option to do so.

We hope that we can all be together again at some point in the future. In the interim, we will continue to provide your child with a learning environment of the caliber you have come to expect and our students deserve.

The final document is the survey which you will need to complete to let us know what option you are choosing for each of your children.  We recognize that you may need to consider different options for each of your children, therefore we are asking you to complete a new survey for each child.
We ask that you complete this survey at your earliest convenience, but no later than July 29, in order for us to move on to our next phase of planning and scheduling. Please understand that there are a number of situations that could change, forcing us into 100% remote learning for all students prior to the start of school.
We recognize that no document can answer every question. An FAQ is currently being developed and will be posted on the website by Monday morning. Included in that FAQ will be a link where you will be able to send us questions, we will answer questions on the FAQ. Personal questions regarding individual students will not be answered on the FAQ and should be addressed to the building principal or other appropriate administrator.  
Click on the links below to access the documents: