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January 19, 2023

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Happy New Year!

I'm going to continue saying Happy New Year for the whole month of January because I love the spirit of a new start and chance to resolve to be a better person. If you've already broken your new year resolution, start over again - it's still January!

Looking back on 2022, I think of the challenges and accomplishments, the most difficult parts of the job and the highlights. YOU are the BEST part of serving the community. How lucky we are to have such a great community with caring, smart, dedicated individuals. If you'd like to get further involved and are looking for suggestions, please reach out.

EXCITING NEWS - We received $3,459,175 toward our trail in design phase last week! This grant, along with bond funds and last month's authorization to purchase the land on Mapleshade for the park and micro-ampitheater mean we have jumped several steps forward in our effort to connect trails, places, and people in the district. Please see the map and short write up below. I am really looking forward to seeing this project move forward! Several public input sessions in the coming months will be held to get your input on this trail connection, park improvements throughout the district, the city budget, the upcoming bond projects, the expansion of Campbell Green Rec Center, and more. There are a lot of exciting things happening!

There are many construction projects impacting major roads in D12. Please read below for a very long and detailed description of DART's upcoming work on Hillcrest and Campbell. The construction on Frankford is not going as planned, but it is going EXTRA FAST! More than one crew is working hard to complete the work before construction with DART gets even more challenging in our area. Please continue to drive carefully, and slowly, in construction zones. Your life, the life of the workers, and pedestrians in the area are counting on your attentiveness and slower speeds.

Lots of events are coming soon (including walk-in office hours this Friday 2-4 pm at the North Central Police Station Community Room AND the ribbon cutting for Parkhill Dog Park on Saturday at 1 pm!) and we look forward to seeing you! Cara

Council Liaison: [email protected]

Council Assistant: [email protected]

Visit the District 12 Website

Sanitation Troubles

Sadly, the plan the city staff had to improve Sanitation Department services has not worked out as they hoped. In District 12, we've never received this many calls and complaints about missed trash service. The worst calls are the ones where the resident has been skipped multiple weeks in a row. Here are two news stories about it:



If you continue to have sanitation problems, please make sure you have reported it to 311 so they can send a truck to pick up your missed service. Also, let me, Madison or Luis know asap. We are doing all we can to ensure you get your garbage, recycling, and bulk trash picked up.


The Texas constitution declares poker is illegal, but there are exceptions. Currently, the city is a party to 6 different lawsuits regarding poker rooms. Some of the issue that caused the confusion is the city attorney's office's initial interpretation of the law regarding poker rooms. Originally, they believed it was a grey area of the law and permits should be granted. Later, they researched the issue deeper and concluded they were illegal, and took actions to correct their error by revoking certificates of occupancy. In the lawsuit that went to trial, the City of Dallas won and the judge declared poker rooms illegal according to the Texas Constitution. The case is being appealed.

Because the board of adjustment and the city's building official did not agree on two cases, they are in a lawsuit. Because they have both received guidance from the city attorney's office, they have a conflict and each side is represented by outside council, which you, as a taxpayer, are paying for. This happens every time the board of adjustment and the building official disagree.

The city council has an item on the agenda for next week's city council meeting to authorize additional funds for outside council. I believe the city must defend its win and uphold the law of the state. It is our sworn duty. Most people involved in this case believe it will end up at the Texas Supreme Court. It would be problematic if the city didn't fund the outside attorneys for this case, and there are councilmembers who have delayed this item and requested an executive session to receive legal advice.

The state legislature will be talking about possibly legalizing gambling this session. If they do, it will be important to our area to make sure there is a land use included. Meaning, it would be helpful for gambling to only be legal in entertainment zones or in central business districts as part of that legislation. Even if the legislature approves it, the item will come to the voters of Texas to change the state constitution if desired. The lawsuits that are pending could come to trial before any constitutional amendment election.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the city council about the importance (or not) of upholding the law and funding the legal fees to do so, you can email the city council or sign up to speak at Wednesday's city council meeting. The deadline to sign up is Tuesday at 5pm and this is the link to register as a speaker: https://personalfinance.dallascityhall.com/speakers.aspx

To email the full council, cut and paste these addresses into the "To:" line:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

A Trail To Connect Timberglen Park and Preston Ridge Trail

District 12 may be unique with residents in multiple counties, but we are ONE! It is time we are able to easily connect with each other and all the parts of the district. This new trail, which will be the city's most northern asset, will connect Denton County with Collin County, and most importantly, will allow access to the Preston Ridge Trail and the Cotton Belt Trail. Phase one (in yellow) is shown below. It is funded by bond funds, but only a portion will be built for now. Phase two (in blue) was awarded last week. This will connect the Preston Ridge Trail to the new Mapleshade Park and take the trail to Moss Glenn Park. We are working with transportation partners to address the challenges of the alignment shown in red. More information will be coming and your input on this trail is requested. We'll have a community meeting in the spring.

Dallas Police Promotion Ceremony

Started 2023 with a wonderful promotion ceremony for some top performers in DPD. These men and women have shown leadership and excellence and it is a thrill to congratulate them on their efforts and new positions!

Cotton Belt/Silver Line Update (this is really long)

DART has postponed their bi-annual meeting with the community to February 9th, from 6:30-8:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Texas A&M AgrilLife building, 17360 Coit Road.

Preston Green Park pedestrian bridge update - concrete pouring and construction continues. A new consultant for the park makeover is being hired.

Meandering Way upate - only one lane each direction remains open for vehicles. Construction continues.

Dickerson update - concrete pouring continues. This section is nearing completion.

Coit update - right lane closures to prepare for traffic signals at Alacasia, Sugar Cane and Osage continue.

Hillcrest update - vehicle traffic remains one lane each way - NEW: the permit for DART to begin drilling has been issued effective 1/23/23 for 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks, they will have a permit for another part of the project at Hillcrest. Here are details for the next 12 weeks:

Bridge Abutments, Pump Station, and Approach Slab Construction Narrative:

ATS will begin by installing the 60in drill shafts for Abutment #1 (west side of Hillcrest) and the adjacent 60in zone of influence retaining wall shafts from North to South followed by the 36in approach slab drill shafts. Drill shafts will remain buried after completion. Once the drill shafts are complete, ATS will move their rig to the east side to begin drilling of Abutment 2 (east side of Hillcrest), zone of influence shafts, and pump station drill shafts. AWH structure crews will begin construction of Abutment #2 & approach slab, upon completion of drilling activities. Urban Infraconstruction will then place the pedestrian bridge Abutment #2. All work will happen in linear fashion not concurrently due to spatial constraints.

Pedestrians will be shifted over to the southbound right lane closure and protected on each side by barrier and Crowdcades. This path will be ADA compliant.

Contractors Involved:

• Buyers Barricades – Setting of traffic control

• ATS Drilling – Install drill shafts

• AWH – Daily traffic control maintenance, construct track bridge abutment and approach slabs

• Urban Infraconstruction – Construct pedestrian bridge abutments

Start Date: 1/23/23

Duration: 12 weeks

Campbell update - NEW: the permit for DART to begin work at has been issued effective 1/30/23 through 7/6/23. Two lanes of traffic will remain open in each direction.

Limits of the pavement reconstruction will extend 160’ west of the proposed double track crossing and will include the reconstruction of the driveways at Bent Creek North Condominiums and Prestonwood Trail Apartments. East of the double track crossing, the limits of the pavement reconstruction extend approximately 275’. Pedestrian access with adequate lighting, drainage, and other safety provisions through one side of the construction zone will be maintained throughout the road closure. The proposed drainage at the Campbell Rd crossing includes removing 2 existing RCP culverts on either side of the track crossing and 3 inlets. The new design will replace these with an 18” class iv RCP culvert and 2 curb inlets 70’ east of rail crossing. Additionally, 2EA – type Y inlets will be replaced in the rail guideway north of the road that will tie into the existing 39” storm drain running under Campbell Rd. Wet utility modifications include relocating the existing 16” water main on the north side of Campbell and encasing it with “Class B+” embedment per the DWU drawing, which will protect these wet utilities under the 2 proposed Silver Line tracks. The proposed Campbell Road double track crossing will require franchise utility relocations by Explorer, Sprint & Qwest. The existing Sprint FOC west of the tracks and the existing Qwest FOC east of the tracks will require a relocation. Both existing FOC will be abandoned and will be relocated in a joint duct along the eastern side of DART’s ROW. The Explorer high pressure gas line will be relocated from the western side of the tracks to the eastern most side of DART’s ROW. All franchise utility relocations have been completed. 

AWH proposes to construct the Campbell Road crossing under a multiple phased partial closure to allow for 2 lanes of traffic to be open in each direction at all times.

Pedestrian access around one side of the work area, and access to the residences on the southeast and northeast quadrants of the crossing will stay open throughout the entire duration of Campbell Rd crossing construction, which is noted in the TCP plans. Additionally, this construction will not be done concurrently with the proposed crossing work at Davenport East or Davenport West.

CROSSING CONSTRUCTION NARRATIVE: AWH proposes to construct the Campbell Road crossing under a 7-phase closure. AWH will follow the Dallas’ ILA work hours on weekdays from 7AM – 9PM and on weekends from 9AM – 7PM.

Initial Phase: Community Notification 1. Message boards will be set 2 weeks prior to work beginning, notifying the public of the upcoming lane closures.

PHASE 0: In Phase 0, AWH will install the new storm drainage RCP across Campbell Rd. AWH will use temporary lane closures to cut the pavement, excavate, and install the new storm drain. Road plates will be used to cover the excavation at the end of the day and lane closure will be removed. Road plates will be secured with asphalt each night. 1. Install necessary SWPPP items 2. Saw cut full width of pavement for proposed RCP alignment 3. Temporary lane closures set up for pavement removal, excavation, pipe install, and backfill. 4. Steel plate at end of day over excavated sections. 5. Repeat as pipe is installed across the roadway. 6. Install temporary asphalt.

PHASE 1: In Phase 1, the traveling public will be pushed to the 2 outside lanes in either direction. The inside lanes next to the median will be closed to construct the new profile of Campbell Road. MOT - 1. Set traffic control and advanced warning signage to close 1 inside lane in either direction on Campbell Road. The 2 outside lanes in either direction will remain open during phase 1 construction. CONSTRUCTION 1. Demolish and remove roadway pavement and median. 2. Remove existing, single-track crossing. 3. Rebuild track crossing subgrade for double track crossing. 4. Remove existing RCP east and west of the crossing. 5. Grade for new roadway profile. 6. Install systems cable under phase 1 concrete pavement. 7. Place and grade 8” subgrade 8. Place new 10” continuously reinforced concrete pavement. 9. Lay temporary asphalt in track guideway and median detour. 10. Switch traffic for phase 2 construction. ESTIMATED DURATION – 5 WEEKS

PHASE 2: In Phase 2, AWH will reconstruct the 2 outside eastbound lanes of traffic. Traffic will be reduced to 2 lanes of traffic in each direction between Davenport and Keller Springs. The 2 eastbound lanes will be split by the median via a detour at Keller Springs and return to normal traffic outside the east limits of construction. Access for the Bent Creek North Condominiums and Prestonwood Trail Apartments will remain open during the construction of this crossing and their respective driveway will be built in halves. MOT - 1. Set traffic control and advanced warning signage to close 2 outside east bound lanes on Campbell Road. CONSTRUCTION 1. Demolish and remove remaining roadway pavement and medians. 2. Remove the single-track crossing. 3. Remove remaining portion of the existing 18” RCP west of the crossing. Install remainder of proposed 18” RCP on the east end and inlet. 4. Install remainder of systems cabling under phase 2 concrete pavement. 5. Grade for new roadway profile. 6. Place 8” subgrade 7. Install driveway in halves at adjacent condominium and apartments 8. Set Signal foundations 9. Place new 10” continuously reinforced concrete pavement paving. 10. Rebuild track crossing subgrade for double track crossing. 11. Backfill curbs and grade for sidewalks 12. Pour new sidewalk. 13. Lay temporary asphalt in track guideway. 14. Install temporary striping until track work is completed. 15. Reset Phasing. ESTIMATED DURATION – 6 WEEKS 

PHASE 3: In Phase 3 AWH will reconstruct the 2 outside westbound lanes of traffic. Traffic will be reduced to 2 lanes of traffic in each direction between Davenport and Keller Springs. The 2 westbound lanes will be split by the median via a detour after the Davenport intersection and return to normal traffic outside the east limits of construction. Access for the Bent Creek North Condominiums and Prestonwood Trail Apartments will remain open during the construction of this crossing and their respective driveway will be built in halves. MOT - 1. Set traffic control and advanced warning signage to close 2 outside westbound lanes on Campbell Road. CONSTRUCTION 1. Demolish and remove remaining roadway pavement and medians. 2. Remove the single-track crossing. 3. Perform Water line reroute and encasement 4. Remove remaining portion of the existing drainage line RCP. Install proposed RCP drain lines. 5. Install remainder of systems cabling under phase 2 concrete pavement. 6. Grade for new roadway profile. 7. Place 8” subgrade 8. Install driveway in halves at adjacent condominium and apartments 9. Set Signal foundations 10. Place new 10” continuously reinforced concrete pavement paving. 11. Rebuild track crossing subgrade for double track crossing. 12. Backfill curbs and grade for sidewalks 13. Pour new sidewalk. 14. Lay temporary asphalt in track guideway. 15. Install temporary striping until track work is completed. 16. Reset Phasing. ESTIMATED DURATION – 7 WEEKS

PHASE 4: Reconstruct Median In Phase 4, AWH will reconstruct the permanent median. Traffic will be reduced to 2 lanes of traffic in each direction between Davenport and Keller Springs. MOT - 1. Set traffic control and advanced warning signage to close 1 inside lane in each direction on Campbell Road. CONSTRUCTION 1. Remove temporary asphalt in median. 2. Grade medians. 3. Install gate foundations. 4. Pour median crossover and curbs 5. Backfill median curbs and seed 6. Rephase to full closure. ESTIMATED DURATION – 3 weeks

PHASE 5: Construct Track Crossing In Phase 5, a full closure will be needed to construction the track portion of the crossing. Traffic will either be diverted to Davenport Road (West) or McCallum Blvd. MOT - 1. Full closure within DART ROW on Campbell Road. CONSTRUCTION 1. Remove temporary asphalt in track guideway. 2. Regrade track subgrade. 3. Lay new rail and track panels across roadway. 4. Install asphalt headers. 5. Remove full closure and open to traffic. ESTIMATED DURATION – 3 DAYS

PHASE 6: Construct Hooded Left Turn Lane for Bent Creek North Condominiums In Phase 6, AWH will construct the hooded left turn lane for Bent Creek North Condominiums. Traffic will be reduced to 2 lanes of traffic in each direction between Davenport and Keller Springs. MOT - 1. Set traffic control and advanced warning signage to close 1 inside lane in each direction on Campbell Road. CONSTRUCTION 1. Remove temporary asphalt in median. 2. Grade medians. 3. Pour median crossover and curbs 4. Backfill median curbs and seed 5. Remove Traffic Control ESTIMATED DURATION – 1 weeks

Free Arboretum Tickets

City of Dallas Residents 18 & older - pick up your #FREE Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden tickets from your #DallasParks neighborhood Recreation Center. (Must be 18 & older, reside within the city of Dallas & have valid ID to obtain your tickets). Find your local recreation center here: https://bit.ly/2Q5Uviq


You probably have seen the media reports showing that violent crime is down in Dallas for 2022. This is a good thing and many of Police Chief Garcia's plans are showing slow but steady results. In District 12, we have the lowest number of crimes in the city and crimes per capita. We are tied for the lowest number of murders and many categories of crime have decreased. Areas that have increased include auto theft, drugs, and weapons offenses.

You can help reduce our crime rate by LOCKING your car vehicle and removing anything valuable from your vehicle.

Crime reports for District 12, other districts, or the whole city can be viewed at https://www.dallaspolice.net/resource/dpd_crimereport.

Mayor Eric Johnson Speaks at Torah Day School of Dallas

Dallas Mayor Johnson received a wonderful welcome from the students and staff at Torah Day School Dallas this week. His impactful words about ethics, servant leadership, and living a life centered on morals like hard work, teamwork, trying your best, and living up to your word resonated with all. Thank you Rabbi Pieker for your kind and thoughtful words to me and the Mayor and the tour of the campus.


The recent strong winds remind all of us why it is so important to keep our trees trimmed and away from power lines. Oncor will be doing regular tree trimming along the power lines in the locations below. Please drive slowly and carefully around the workers in trucks and remember that it is Oncor's right to trim your trees if they could harm the lines. Oncor should put a doorhanger on your home prior to starting work. Areas they will be working to prune in D12 include:

Campbell Rd & Coit Rd

Meandering Way & La Manga Dr

Arapaho & Preston

Beltline & Preston

McCallum Blvd & Meandering Way

Queens Garden Dr & Meandering Way

La Manga Dr. & Meadow Creek Dr

Brentfield & Amberwood Rd

La Manga Dr & Hillcrest

Two HOAs - Last Week's Crime Watch Meeting

If you and your neighbors want to learn more about crime in your area and how you can help prevent it, your Dallas Police Neighborhood Patrol Officers are happy to come meet with you for a Crime Watch Meeting. Thank you to Midway Meadows and Windhaven Pointe for the great turnout and thoughtful questions! Neighborhood Patrol Officer Davis did a great job sharing about the job, public safety, and how to address crime. The extra care he puts into his job shines through and is appreciated by our residents.

Government Transparency

I want to recognize our Dallas City Secretary, Bilierae Johnson. After I suggested all city council memos be made available to the public through her webpage without an open records request, she agreed and made it happen in one day. She posted all city council memos dated 1/1/23 and forward on the website for anyone to see without an open records request.

She also had the City of Dallas homepage updated. The former label of "city council memos" now correctly states "city manager memos." This is memos from the city manager to the council. More items of public interest will be added to the website without open records requests. If you have suggestions on improvements, please let me know.

In The News

If you have any input on these news items, I'd love to hear from you!

Ways Groups Can Serve - Project Idea and Help for Child Protective Services


Parking in the Central Business District and Creating Parking Districts


"Cara Mendelsohn is one of the few CMs sitting at the city’s horseshoe who actually thinks about fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars (and leaving a city without mountains of debt for our grandchildren to inherit) as she votes."


Dallas Water Utilities Scam Alert

Some Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) customers have received door hangers titled “Water Update.” Customers should be advised that this door hanger is NOT from Dallas Water Utilities nor the City of Dallas. The door hanger requests that customers call 817-369-8101 for additional information. This 817 phone number is not associated with Dallas Water Utilities.

Customers with questions may call DWU Customer Service at 214-651-1441, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If a customer is contacted by anyone claiming to represent DWU, either in person or by phone, they should not provide any personal or financial information.

DWU does not take water quality samples from inside a customer’s home unless the customer has contacted DWU through our Water Customer Service phone number 214-651-1441 for water quality testing. If City staff arrives at a customer’s home, they will be in a marked City vehicle and will be in uniform. Residents should request the visitor show a City photo identification badge. Customers should remain vigilant about unsolicited visitors requesting access to their home, personal or financial information. If a false solicitor impersonating DWU staff visits your home, call 911. Dallas Water Utilities customers are advised that Dallas’ water meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for safe, clean drinking water.

Sendai, Dallas' Sister City in Japan

This week Mayor Johnson presented the key to the city to the Mayor of Sendai, Japan, to commemorate our friendship and 25 year Sister City relationship.

It was fascinating to learn how our cities are alike and hear the speech from each Mayor. They attended a portion of our city council meeting after the morning reception and presentation.

What Projects would you like to see in the 2024 Bond?

Lots of discussion has started at City Hall about funding initiatives for the planned 2024 bond. At some point, city councilmembers will be appointing representatives to the bond committee and the various subcommittees that work on specific propositions.

If you live in an HOA or Neighborhood Association, we'll be reaching out to talk with your elected board about bond requests. Please make sure your leadership information is up to date with our office by submitting an up to date roster to [email protected]. If you don't live in an area with an HOA or Neighborhood Association, please reach out to our office to help set one up for your area. ALL BOND REQUESTS FROM HOAs AND NAs WILL BE PRIORIZED.

If you think you would be interested in serving on a bond committee, let us know by indicating your interest here: https://forms.gle/gm7M5ic584CV5SfN7

Celebrating the Holidays

Thank you Church of the Holy Communion for inviting me to be part of the Lessons & Carols service. It is an honor to read the first lesson & I appreciate that I was given one from Genesis. Beautiful music from Dallas Symphony in your gorgeous sanctuary with lots of neighbors and friends!

Thank you to Rabbi Pekier of Torah Day School of Dallas for joining me at the City of Dallas - City Hall Convention Center to light the Hanukkah menorah on the fifth night! This was the first time there was a menorah displayed at the Dallas Convention Center through the holiday.

Quick Updates

  • The multifamily housing development being built at Trinity Mills and the tollway will have 317 units of market rate housing and 17 units of affordable housing. This development was allowed by right with our zoning code.
  • Sprouts is planning their ribbon cutting for Friday, February 24th.
  • Please continue to call 311 or report on the OurDallas app when you see panhandlers and please do not give them money.
  • Hillcrest lane closures are changing - please drive slowly and pay attention to signage. If you have suggestions for improving the traffic management, please share them with our office.
  • Zoning to change the land use on Coit for a restaurant and Pickleball will be voted on Wednesday.
  • The City of Dallas remains in several lawsuits about poker rooms. Recently, a Texas city raided a poker room and arrested people for illegal gambling. Champions, the company involved in the lawsuit about poker in the old III Forks building, has opened a new facility in Irving. The old III Forks building is currently for sale.
  • If you are interested in starting an Exchange Club, Rotary, or Women's League chapter in Far North Dallas, please contact Luis.

D12 Senior Population

Below is some valuable information shared by our Senior Affairs Commissioner Beth Mond. The data was put together to we learn more about our population of seniors so challenges could be better understood as programs and initiatives are considered. Thank you to the city's Data Analytic Department for pulling the numbers together.


Dallas Data and Dashboards

Dallas Crime Analytics Dashboard

Dallas Fire Rescue Dashboard

Dallas Open Data Portal

Dallas Census Datahub

Office of Homeless Solutions Dashboard

Forward Dallas Land Use Map

Dallas Public Zoning Map

COVID 19 Response Funding Dashboard

Pavement Condition Map

Councilmember Mendelsohn's Appointments by Mayor Johnson:

*Government Performance and Financial Management Committee (Chairman)

*Ad Hoc Committee on General Investigations and Ethics (Chairman)

*Public Safety Committee (Vice Chairman)

*Housing and Homeless Solutions Committee

*Transportation Committee

*Ad Hoc Committee on Legislative Affairs

*Regional Transportation Council Member (Primary Member)

*North Central Texas Council of Governments Executive Committee

Need help, got a question, or want to give input?

Office phone: (214) 670-4067
Text phone: (214) 490-1036