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Highlights from February 2020
A Look Inside District 20 Classrooms
Read Across America
Read Across America is a national celebration to help kids get excited about reading. The National Education Association (NEA) developed the program in 1998, selecting Dr. Seuss' birthday as the day to celebrate this event. District 20 schools participate in Read Across America in February and March by bringing together students, teachers, parents, and community members to read books and celebrate the joy of reading!

Waterbury's annual celebration this year was themed "Reading is Out of this World." They kicked-off the week by reading the " Waterbury's ABC Book " which was written by Waterbury students at an all-school assembly. Each classroom engaged in activities including making tic-tac-toe games and exploring space through virtual reality goggles and interactive websites. Readers from across the district and school community visited classrooms to share stories with the students and model that we are ALL readers. Students were encouraged to wear PJs and bring their stuffed animal buddies to get into the reading mode.

Celebrations of Read Across America will continue at the other schools in District 20 in March. Greenbrook's event will take place on Friday, March 13th, with the theme "Growing a Love of Reading," based on "The Book Tree," by Paul Czajak. We will share highlights and photos of Greenbrook's activities in the next newsletter.

Visit Waterbury Photo Galler ie s to see more photos.
Black History Month Celebrations
Black History Month, which is celebrated each year in February, is a chance for Americans to learn, inspire, honor, and celebrate African-American achievement in many different ways. National recognition for this Month began in 1970 and continues today across the country. Keeneyville District 20 Students engaged in a wide variety of projects this month in honor of Black History Month.
Middle School students celebrated diversity, combining recognition of Black History Month and Women's History Month. Students completed research projects on famous African Americans from history, engaged in activities as part of the Civil Rights Era unit, and decorated classroom doors and the hallways throughout the school. The Spring Wood library also had displays with books, poetry, and quotes in recognition of Black History Month.
Visit SWMS Photo Galleries to see slideshow of SW Doors and Hallway decorations as well as other SWMS photos.
Elementary students at both schools engaged in a number of different projects in honor of Black History Month, including learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and other influential black figures. Second graders created their own dreams for the world and Fourth graders completed a novel study on Jackie Robinson and read about the Space Race. Fifth grade students were encouraged to choose an influential black leader to research that they had not heard of before. They then created a poster, essay, or PowerPoint and presented their projects to the class.
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GATE Exposition
Spring Wood held the GATE Exposition this week for the grade 6-8 enrichment students' Project Based Learning (PBL) presentations. Students conducted research, developed solutions to their assigned driving question, and gave presentations to a panel of volunteers from the community.
The Expo provided a meaningful opportunity for the students to work on their presentation skills and interact with experts from the local community. Panelists listened to the students' presentations and provided feedback on the students' innovative ideas for change.
The 6th Grade faced the question: What can the local government do to address the crisis of homelessness?
The 7th Grade faced the question: How can protesters most effectively promote their movement, cause, or issue while remaining within the laws of that community, state, or country?
The 8th Grade faced the question: What tool or measure can a citizen use to identify truth in the news media and in information provided by the government.
Help Shape Your Future
Beginning in mid-March, residents across the country will receive an invitation in the mail to take the U.S. 2020 Census. We ask that you please take the time to complete the census as it is very important for your community and schools.

The census is SECURE , SIMPLE , AND SIGNIFICANT . All of your information is kept confidential. The simple questionnaire can be taken online, by phone, or by mail and is available in many different languages.

We need your help to ensure an accurate count of everyone who lives at your address as of April 1st so that the proper funding is allocated to our community. District 20 programs such as National School Lunch Program and other educational grants are tied directly to an accurate population count.

District 20 is partnering with Hanover Park Village on the Complete Count Committee to help provide information and encouragement to take the 2020 Census. Our teachers will also be talking to students about what the census is and how important it is to our country.
Watch the 2020 Census Made Simple video for a brief overview of the census and how it impacts you. This would be a great video to show your children as well.

For more information, visit D20's 2020 Census webpage and/or www.2020census.gov
Student Enrollment for School Year 2020-2021
Please visit the District 20 website for detailed instructions, online registration and fee payment:

District 20 Board of Education
The Keeneyville Elementary School District 20 Board of Education held a regular board meeting on February 27, 2020 at Spring Wood Middle School. Meeting highlights are listed below. The next regular meeting of the District 20 Board of Education will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7:00pm at the Spring Wood Middle School Library (2nd Floor).

Meeting information and minutes are located on the website, or click here . You can also view video recordings of Board Meetings on the Keeneyville YouTube Channe l .

February Board Meeting Highlights

  • The Financial Dashboard was presented by Director of Operations/Treasurer, Wendy Flaherty.
  • The Superintendent's Dashboards on Student and Staff Attendance, as well as the 2nd Trimester Discipline Report were presented by Superintendent Dr. Omar Castillo.
  • The Student Calendar for FY20-21 was approved. Click here to see the 2020-2021 Calendar.
  • Student fees for registration and technology for FY20-21 were approved.
  • Recognition and Awards were presented to several students from Spring Wood, Greenbrook and Waterbury, as well as two Board Salutes to District Staff.
Student Ignite Awards

Students from each buliding in grades 4-8 were honored for going above and beyond in classroom effort or achievement, exhibiting social emotional competencies, and/or participating and excelling in co-curricular and athletic programs. There were over 40 family members in attendance to help celebrate their students!
Board Salutes

Board Salutes were awarded to two deserving District 20 staff members for going above and beyond in service to the students in this district. Donna Rivard was recognized for her outstanding performance in support of the district's specialized programs. Justin Harris was recognized by one of his students for going above and beyond as a classroom teacher.

We encourage the community, students, and staff to help identify candidates for a Board Salute. Please click here to see more information about submitting your nomination.
School Highlights
Visit District News for more information about district-wide events.
On February 13th, preschoolers from all classes went on a field trip to Gymkhana in Hanover Park. There was a great turn-out, despite the snowy weather. There were plenty of fun activities for students to work off some energy! Parents were invited to attend and observe as the students went with their teachers and gym instructor to use the equipment.
February was a busy learning month for Greenbrook students! Some of the highlights included the Kindergarten Dental Program presented by the DuPage County Public Health Department. The students learned about dental care as well as healthy nutrition for your teeth.

Another fun in-school fieldtrip included Wings and Talons visiting second grade students. The program is part of Springbrook Nature Center and provides education about birds of prey. Students learned a great deal during the live animal presentation, as well as during hands-on activities in the classroom. Students "met" a western screech owl and a barred owl. Their classroom projects including an investigation of owl pellets.

Visit School News to see other events and photos for Greenbrook.
Waterbury classrooms were also filled with many great learning opportunities for students this month! Third graders held an Emoji Biography Showcase to interact with family, staff, and other students. Students read biographies of historical and culturally significant figures and created proposals to turn their figures into emojis. The students were interviewed by visitors as they answered a series of questions about their projects.

Other exciting activities included engaging in a project relating to a book about a bird with an injured beak who received a special 3D-printed beak. Students experimented with different types of beak models to adapt and find new ways to pick up food, as scientists did when they created the prosthetic beak.

First grade students also learned about animal adaptations and how animals survive the long, snowy winter during a presentation by the Morton Arboretum . Arboretum educators also taught fourth grade students about plants and animal adaptations in various ecosystems in Illinois.

Educators from the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford visited third graders for a physics presentation, demonstrating how force can cause an object to accelerate, slow down, remain in place, or change shape.

Visit School News to see other events and photos for Waterbury.
Spring Wood is excited to share that all of the students who performed in the Solo & Ensemble Contest this month received first place ratings! This is the first time in recorded history of SWMS that all performers achieved this honor. We are proud of these students and their hard work!

SWMS students and staff participated in several fun events this month, thanks to the hard-working staff and PTO. The end of season Pep Assembly was held in early February to celebrate the students' extracurricular participation. The SWMS Winter Rec Night provided an opportunity for students to hangout, as well as play spor ts and games together. The Family Skate Night was another chance for students, families, and staff to gather as a community. It is wonderful to see the engagement and enthusiasm for these fun bonding events!
Visit School News to see other events and photos for Spring Wood.
Community Connections
Visit D20 VIrtual Backpack for information about community events and programs.
Thank you to  Bernie's Book Bank  for donating a second bag filled with books to each K-6 student in District 20! The kids were SO EXCITED to have their own books to bring home! What a fantastic way for students to build home libraries to share the love of reading.

Watch the video in the D20 Photo Galleries to see the students' priceless smiles as they recieve their new books!
A group of students from 5th and 6th Grade helped to organize a Pop Tab Collection to raise funds to benefit Ronald McDonald House at Central DuPage Hospital. The girls collected 65,900 pop tabs and also donated money that they raised during a lemonade stand last summer. The funds will be used to provide housing for families at Ronald McDonald House during their children's treatment at the hospital. We are thankful for all of the donations and proud of these girls for their hard work on this project!
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