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District 20 eNews June 2019
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Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of High School Musical, Jr.
In May, fifth though eighth grade students performed High School Musical, Jr. held at Lake Park High School. Greenbrook, Spring Wood and Waterbury students had the opportunity to see the show during field trips held prior to the show opening to the public.

High School Musical Jr., based on a Disney Channel Original movie, tells the story of how classmates navigate issues of love and friendship while balancing the challenges of school work and extra-curricular activities. This is the third annual production for District 20 where social and emotional concepts from the stories have been incorporated into classroom discussions.
The production was under the direction of District 20 music teachers, Kayla Hilliker, Melanie Hughes and Jessica Moore; choreographed by Lori DeLascio, under the technical direction of Brian Wussow and produced by Art Andersen and Wendy Flaherty.
2019 - 2020 Online Registration for Returning Students
Summer Construction at Greenbrook and Waterbury
District 20 Board of Education
The Keeneyville Elementary School District 20 Board of Education held regular board meetings on April 25 and May 23, 2019. Meeting highlights are listed below. The next regular meeting of the District 20 Board of Education will be held on Thursday, June 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Spring Wood Middle School Library. Meetings are videotaped and can be viewed here . Please allow at least one week for video to be uploaded for viewing.

April Board Meeting Highlights

  • Board Salute Awards
The District 20 Board of Education presented a Board Salute Award to the Illinois Central Bus Company for their diligence during the harsh winter. Recipients are pictured below with Director of Operations, Wendy Flaherty, Board President, Heather Weishaar and Superintendent, Omar Castillo.

  • Oath of Office
The Administrative Oath of Office was presented to Heather Weishaar, Sara Bruno, Andrea Schnorr and April Dislers. The oath will be presented to Darletta Anderson on May 23.

  • Meeting Adjourned
The meeting was adjourned and Jennifer Kuban was appointed President Pro Tem

  • Board reorganization is as follows:
  • President: Heather Weishaar
  • Vice-President: Sara Bruno
  • Secretary: Andrea Schnorr
  • Appointment of Organization Representatives:
  • IASB Governing Board Representative: Sara Bruno
  • LEND Representative: Dr. Castillo
  • IASB Voting Delegate: Sara Bruno, Alternate: Andrea Schnorr
  • SASED Board Representation: April Dislers, Alternate: Heather Weishaar
  • Representative to Superintendent/Parent Advisory Group: Andrea Schnorr
  • Appointment of Strategic Plan Liaisons:
  • Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology: Heather Weishaar
  • Keeneyville Experience, Student Life and Culture: Darletta Anderson
  • Collaboration and Communication: April Dislers and Terry Walloch
  • District Budget and Facilities: Sara Bruno, Jennifer Kuban, Terry Walloch, Heather Weishaar
  • Appointment of Board Committees
  • Board Policy: Jennifer Kuban and April Dislers
  • Calendar Committee: Jennifer Kuban and April Dislers

Action Items:
  • Approval of EBC Health Insurance Rates 2019 - 2020.
  • Approval of Julie Relihan, Director of Community Relations.
  • Approval of Kiko Soto, Director of Buildings and Grounds.
  • Approval of contracted services agreements for Mark Bocian, SEL Implementation Coach and Kathy Bruni, Literacy Coordinator.
  • Approval of Interim Principal Contract, Craig Barringer.
  • Approval of Carrie Stange, Director of Teaching and Learning.
May 23, 2019 Meeting

  • Art Presentation
Elementary school art teachers, Colleen Anastacio and Anna Carr presented student art work to the Board of Education. This year's fifth grade art is from Lupe Balbuena, Greenbrook and Laura Dolinny, Waterbury.

  • Student Ignite Awards
The Student Ignite recognition program invites school staff members to nominate students in grades fourth through eighth who have gone above and beyond in academics, extra-curricular activities, athletics and/or social and emotional competencies. Student Ignite award recipients are pictured below*.

  • Board Salute
The District 20 Board of Education presented Board Salute Awards to Martina Wodzinski, Kathleen March, Beatriz Cisneros, Karla Iveth Chee, Sara Hernandez, Maria Hernandez and Megan Haines. Recipients are pictured below* with their nominee and Board President, Heather Weishaar and Superintendent, Omar Castillo.

  • Oath of Office
The Administrative Oath of Office was presented to Darletta Anderson (pictured above) who was unable to attend the April meeting.

  • 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan Presentation
Dr. Omar Castillo and the District 20 Administrative Leadership Team presented the 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan. Work on the plan began in January with an all day retreat with parents, students, community members, staff and administrators. The following goals have been identified. Click here to view the entire presentation.
  1. Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology
  2. The Keenyville Experience - Student Life & Culture
  3. Collaboration and Communication
  4. District Finance and Facilities

Action Items:
  • Approval of playground equipment not to exceed $160,000 for Greenbrook and $30,000 for Waterbury.
  • Approval of low bid from Chicagoland Paving Asphalt Track for Spring Wood for $128,700 (includes a 10% contingency).
  • Approval of non-certified staff salary increases.
  • Approval of administrative contracts including salary increases.
  • Approval of WB Olsen as construction manager for the Philip J Rock Center.
  • Approval of Director of Student Services contract.
  • Approval of Policy Manual "Adoption Copy."

*Student Ignite and Board Salute Recipients
Student Ignite Award
Alena and Amanda Beganovic from Waterbury were recognized for always doing what is right.
Student Ignite Award
Daniel Bernal was recognized for being a model citizen for all to admire at Spring Wood.
Student Ignite Award
Joy Diaz from Spring Wood was recognized for always striving to do her best.
Student Ignite Award
Daniella Owen and Olivia Stawarski were recognized for being responsible and caring for others.
Board Salute
Megan Haines, Librarian from Greenbrook, was honored for her work redesigning the new library.
Board Salute
Martina Wodzinski was honored for bringing tennis instruction to Waterbury students.
Board Salute
Kathleen Ward was recognized for her work with the Anderson's Book Angels program that provides books to students during the holidays.
Board Salute
Members of BPAC: Beatriz Cisneros, Karla Iveth Chee, Sara Hernandez and Maria Hernandez, for organizing the first districtwide International Celebration of Children.
Districtwide International Celebration of Children
On May 2, all District 20 students and their families attended the first districtwide International Celebration of Children.The event featured games, food and entertainment from an array of cultures.
Final Band Concert of the Year Brings
Greenbrook, Spring Wood and Waterbury Musicians Together

On May 21, students in Beginning Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Band performed their final concert of the school year. Under the direction of Mr. Hellyer and Mrs. Hill, students demonstrated their musical talents to a full house.
Greenbrook and Waterbury Elementary Enrichment Expo
On May 15, third through fifth grade Greenbrook and Waterbury enrichment students presented projects at their annual Enrichment Expo. Several types of projects were shared with staff and families members including:
  • creating a product and designing of an advertisement based on marketing techniques,
  • working cooperatively to create word problems and utilizing the computing applications, Scratch and Makey Makey technology to present their ideas and,
  • researching an unsolved mystery, examining theories surrounding it and sharing conclusions based on reasoned judgements.
Spring Wood Highlights
Track Conference

Congratulations to our Spring Wood Middle School Chargers who competed at the Northwest DuPage Athletic Conference Track meet on May 13. Overall the boys team finished in first place and the girls team finished in third place.

Click here for a list of first, second and third place finishers.
Junior National Honor Society

On May 14, Maggie Gordon, Jack Johnson, Yana Rudianyn and Madison Scoles were inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. Current members, Emilia Burzawa and Areej Khan hosted the event under the direction of Mrs. Nekyha. Induction is limited to students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher.
GATE Student Exposition

On May 22, sixth through eighth grade students enrolled in the GATE program shared "This I Believe" videos with staff and family members. Video presentations shared powerful messages that reflected statements such as "I believe in kindness," I believe in positivity," "I believe in travel," and 'I believe in getting back up."
Community Connection
District 20 Participates in Habitat for Humanity's Women Build

On Saturday, May 4, the Wonder Women from Keeneyville Elementary School District 20 participated in a volunteer project with Habitat for Humanity. The group assisted with the building of a two-unit townhouse in Hanover Park and worked alongside the homeowner on the project.
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