May 2023 Newsletter
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For The District 27 Toastmasters
2023 Annual Conference
District 27 Toastmasters invites you to its annual conference where you can hear phenomenal speakers, attend professional development and personal growth seminars about leadership, negotiation, communication, teamwork, and mentorship. Learn how to develop your personal story and how to improve on your public speaking. We will also have our annual International Speech Contest where fellow Toastmasters compete live for the chance to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

The conference will be held virtually on Saturday, May 6, 2023 via Zoom. Free to participate but must register at The theme for the 2023 District 27 Conference is T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!

Please continue to visit the 2023 District 27 Conference Events Page on the District's website for updates at: If you have any questions, please email District 27 Program Quality Director Jeanna Lee, DTM, at
District 27 Toastmasters Extends Its Deepest Condolences
Fellow Toastmasters it is with a heavy heart that we share with you that fellow District 27 Toastmaster and Past District 27 Governor, Vince Caldwell, DTM, has lost his beloved mother, Ms. Iirana Ernestine Caldwell. If you would like to personally express condolences to PDG Caldwell and his family. You may do so via email at

For more information about the life & legacy of Ms. Iirana Ernestine Caldwell. Please see the link to her obituary below

District 27 Club Coaches
Are Needed
Do you have a passion for assisting your fellow Toastmasters & their clubs to achieve excellence? Are you great at problem solving, troubleshooting and time management? Do you live in the Continental United States? If you answered yes to these questions and you meet the requirements listed below. District 27 Toastmasters wants YOU as part of our D27 Club Coaching Team.

Club Coach Requirements:
  • Are a paid member in good standing
  • Have not been a member of the eligible club in the past six months
  • Have been a member of Toastmasters International for at least one year
  • Have served as a club officer for one annual term or two semiannual terms
  • Have completed a minimum of Level 2 in a path, or an Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), or an Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
  • Have completed the Club Coach Program Training module

For more information please email
District 27 Club Coach Program Chair, Tom Pheifer at CCPC@D27-TM.ORG
District 27 Toastmasters
2023 Spring Speech Contest
D27 2023 DIVISION Level
Speech Contest Winners

1st Place: Cheryl Adams
2nd Place: Carlos Velazquez 
3rd Place: Justin Sukri

1st Place: Becky Halbe
2nd Place: Peter Feibelman

1st Place – Burgess Foster
2nd Place – Matthew Fog
3rd Place – Ruth Schmidt

1st Place: Jicky Ferrer
2nd Place: Kara Kelley

1st Place, Barbara Linsmeier
2nd Place, Maria Allsopp-Whittington
3rd Place, Julia Haynes

  1st Place: Darryn “Dutch” Martin
2nd Place: Len Tran
3rd Place: Pamela Kirby


1st Place: Gerri Wallace 
2nd Place: Carlos Velazquez 
3rd Place: Carla Wheaden

1st Place: Marie Barnes

1st Place – JaWanna Henry
2nd Place – Scott Swendsen
3rd Place – Bernadette Hoatam


1st Place, Michael Wilder
2nd Place, Chris Rio
3rd Place, Geryl Walsh

1st Place: Reginald “Reggie” Morris
2nd Place: Michael Shulman
3rd Place: Rachel Hooks

Any District 27 club that had all 7 club officers attend both the Summer & Winter TLI trainings will earn the Dream Team 7 Incentive and get a set of club officer pins.

The second D27 Program Quality Incentive that is available to clubs is the Perfect 10 Incentive which will be awarded to the first 10 District 27 clubs who achieved all 10 DCP goals and meets the required membership payment targets for their individual club per the Toastmasters International dashboard.

The last Program Quality Incentive is the DTM Touchdown. Any District 27 member who earns his/her DTM before April 30, 2023 will receive a DTM medal.

Newly Chartering Club Alerts

Relive those exciting travel experiences across the globe by joining our NEW Travel Stories Toastmasters Club online. This virtual club will utilize photographs and maps from personal albums and the internet to enhance those glorious stories of treks and steps into adventures far and wide.

If you are interested in becoming a Charter Member of this Club. Please contact Travel Stories Toastmasters Club Sponsor: Tommye Grant, DTM at CGD@D27-TM.ORG 

Club Growth Suggestions
& Incentives
Got Suggestions or Ideas For Chartering A New
Toastmasters Club?

D27 Club Growth Director, Tommye Grant, DTM would like to hear them! Please forward all Club Chartering ideas & suggestions to CGD, Tommye Grant, DTM at CGD@D27-TM.ORG

Take The Lead!
Any D27 Toastmasters member who provides the District 27 Club Growth Director with a qualified club lead that results in a newly-chartered club will receive a Toastmasters shirt or hoodie.

The lead must have been provided to the Club Growth Director, and the club must have chartered
before June 1, 2023.
District 27 clubs that A) have eight members renewed for the April 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023 period AND B) enroll 5 new club members by March 1, 2023 will receive a Toastmasters promotional pen and a Toastmasters coffee mug.

Words of Encouragement
My Sunday mornings are always filled with fun options. I can choose between building a house for a dinosaur, fixing an 8 course, yes, an 8-course meal, where dessert is the first course, or playing a very high stakes game of “the floor is lava.” I am the Nursery Attendant for a church in Virginia. And for the past 16 years every Sunday, I get to go back in time and relive some of my childhood. Some of the toys are the same ones I use to play with as a child!

Let’s be honest, adulting can be hard sometimes! Every day is filled with mundane adult responsibilities. Work, paying bills, trips to the grocery, and ugh, laundry! Never-ending...laundry! Playing pretend and singing silly songs is sometimes just what is needed to break that endless cycle. And being around kids will always bring out that inner child that still lives within all of us.

Now, I am not suggesting you must become a Nursery Attendant. However, being intentional about finding ways to feed your creative mind and nurture your inner child are great ways of practicingself-care. Adult coloring books, game nights, and watching some of my favorite cartoons from my childhood are ways that I relax.

What are some of your favorite childhood games? Or cartoon shows? Plan a game night or a Lego imagination party. And don’t worry the laundry can wait!

Tiffany Ross
D27 Chaplain

District 27 welcomes your feedback! Please email any Toastmasters related events, suggestions & creative ideas for the next month's newsletter to