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September was a very busy month! I attended numerous meetings and the Commission made good on a number of issues that have been in the works for a while.

One of the issues the Commission dealt with was the City's comprehensive ban of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in our City. This was put in place three years ago, shortly after the voters approved the use of medicinal marijuana by over 60%. At that time no city in Broward had a dispensary and the way the new laws/rules had been written by the State preemption was that a city had to allow the dispensaries with no more regulation than that of a pharmacy.

This gave many on our Commission at the time, pause.

Fast forward three years later and there are dispensaries throughout Broward County with increases in crime or issues with increases of homelessness. At my request, the Commission was updated and the decision was made to remove the ban and create an ordinance to all the dispensaries.

This means residents in Tamarac no longer have to travel to other cities or wait for a delivery of medical marijuana.
Florida City Government Week October 21st through October 27th
What does a City Commissioner do?

This was the most asked question of me by voters when I was running for office.SO, if the parents don't know what a Commissioner does and how their city government works, where does a child learn?

City Government Week coincides with students learning about the Federal Government and how it works. This is a great opportunity to go into classrooms and talk to the students about how their city government works and what we do as commissioners.

I was able to speak to three different classes last year; third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade. I have invited my fellow colleagues to join me this year and get involved!

In addition to speaking to classes, the City will be handling out "I Love Tamarac" window clings to promote a positive climate in our City. We have a lot of great projects going on and we each have our own reasons for loving Tamarac!
To those of you celebrating the upcoming Jewish Holy Days
Upcoming Events
  • Tamarac BSO has rescheduled the National Night Out for October 2nd at 6 pm. This event is a favorite for all ages and each year more and more residents attend. Come out to see the tactical gear used by BSO and to meet our City's officers.

  • Another event that had to be rescheduled is the Tamarac Community Garage Sale. The event will be held October 5th from 7:30 am to Noon at Tamarac Park.

  • Every Sunday is the Tamarac Farmers Market at Veterans Park: Great food and some interesting vendors, including some local honey!

  • Saturday, October 12th is the Taste of Tamarac. If you haven't been before, you don't know what you are missing!

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