Sandy Springs District 3
Quick Update

Below is information regarding an upcoming stormwater project in District 3 located at The Marsh Creek Rain Garden.  The project consists of installing erosion control measures in the storm system.  Traffic disturbances in the road will be minimal.  Access to the parking lot will be limited during construction.

With the “Sandy Springs Alerts” system, important information impacting your commute is now at your fingertips. 

Whether its traffic congestion or bad weather, be in the know on what's happening before your leave work or home.  Sandy Springs Alerts will alert you via text or email notifications of emergencies: public safety and weather alerts to a weekly traffic advisory. You choose the alerts you want to receive.  You can also register you and your family for Smart911, providing first responders with information they need to know about you and your family in an emergency.  Don't be the last to know. Sign up at today.

Stay tuned next week where we will talk about more strategies to deal with traffic. 

If you are interested in reading the Week in Review provided by the City Manager regarding work activity on behalf of the community, you can access it here for the week ending in March 4th. If you missed any of the weeks in review, you can access all of them from the City's website here.

As always, please direct your questions and comments to me at Best wishes for a wonderful week.

Chris Burnett