District 33 Toastmasters
The Official Newsletter for District 33 Toastmasters
November 2021 | Re-inaugural Issue
The Return of the WestWord Newsletter
Above: Cover image of the November 2013 issue of The WestWord. Upper inset photo is Kathy Choate, DTM, PDG and lower left Linda Mann, DTM.
Staying Connected
The pandemic has highlighted how critical the connections are that we share -- connections we maintain through communication. District 33 supports our clubs -and by extension- our members, in achieving excellence. To be effective at this requires we foster the ties that connect us. Keeping in touch with a newsletter is just one of the ways we can do this.

It's been a few years since an Official District 33 Newsletter was written. That "break" has come to an end. In keeping with a long tradition, the name of this newsletter is "WestWord". We'll explore the history behind an upcoming issue.

Expect a monthly newsletter to arrive in the first week of the month, starting in 2022. Newsletters feature upcoming events, news, tools, resources, and a chance to showcase your outstanding achievements as members, officers, clubs, and leaders in our excellent district.

Eric W. Browning
District 33, Public Relations Manager