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MARCH 2019
Mon, Mar 4
Student Speaker Contest Region 3 Zone 2
Thu, Mar 7   
Sat, Mar 9   
SAVE THE DATE: Lions Day with the United Nations  
Sun, Mar 11
Student Speaker Contest Region 4 Zone 3
Thurs, Mar 14
Student Speaker Contest Region 1 Zone 1
Fri, Mar 15
Sat, Mar 17
Student Speaker contest Region 1 Zone 2
Fri, Mar 22
Sat, Mar 23 - Mon, Mar 25
Sat, Mar 23
Student Speaker Contest Region 1
Student Speaker Contest Region 3
Sat, Mar 28
Student Speaker Contest Region 4
Sat, Mar 30

APRIL 2018
Sat, Apr 6
Sun, Apr 7
Student Speaker Contest District 4-C4
Tues, Apr 9
Sat, Apr 13
Sat, Apr 20
Sat, Apr 27

MAY 2019
Thurs, May 1 - Sun, May 5
District 4-C4 Convention:   
            Hospitality Suite  
            International Food Fair
            Amateur Show
            Barbershop Quartet
            Costume Parade  
            Tail Twister
            Need A Ride - Convention Bus
            Delegate Form
            Redding Shopping Map

JUNE 2019
Sat, Jun 9
Student Speaker Contest Multiple District 4 Final

JULY 2019
Fri, Jul 5 - Tues, Jul 9

Sat, Sep 14
SAVE THE DATE: Pacifica Lions Club 70th Anniversary

Sat, Oct 19
SAVE THE DATE: Lions Veterans Charities USO Night   
Kases for Kids     
Lions Eye Foundation of California-Nevada, Inc.   
Student Speaker Foundation
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