Issue 1 - 2019/2020
July 2019

District 42 Toastmasters Monthly Dispatch

Welcome to the First edition of the District 42 Monthly Dispatch for the 2019/2020 Toastmasters year. Explore the articles below to learn more about your District.

In this issue:
  • Where Leaders Are Made!
  • Club Leadership
  • Message from your District Director
  • District Incentives!
  • Program Quality Corner
  • Club Growth Post
  • Public Relations Update

  • Attend a Toastmasters Event Near You!
  • Promote Your Event!
  • Journeys
  • District Spotlight
  • And the Award Goes to....
  • Happy Anniversary!
  • The Leader Letter
Where Leaders are Made!
Why did you join Toastmasters?
Did you join because you wanted to improve your communication skills?

As a member you might have soon realized that not only were your communication skills improving, but your leadership skills were as well.

The next step for your growth may be to serve as a club officer or as a district officer. The Leadership Committee is currently looking for members who want to take the next step in their growth as a member.

Opportunities are still available for the 2019/2020 District Leaders:
  • Area Directors - A1, A7, C11, C21, C22 (District Executive Committee)
  • Logistics Manager
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • District Incentive Coordinator
  • Marketing Committee Members
  • Circle of Gold Coordinator

Click Here to learn more about these District Leadership roles.

Completing 1 year as a District Executive Committee member is a requirement for the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation. This is the last opportunity to fulfill this requirement on the traditional program (by Jun 30, 2020) or this requirement can be used towards your DTM in the Pathways program.

There are qualifications for each position. If you are interested we can send you more information to help take your leadership and communication skills to the next level! Please contact Jocelyn Hastie, DTM.

Jocelyn Hastie
Are you a District 42 Toastmasters Leader?
Every member of District 42 is!!
But where are you and how can we connect with you?

There are several key programs that we hope to build and continue to offer as part of our learning lab. Having a system to find specialty leaders and train our members in detailed skills makes our District stronger, more vibrant and fosters creativity. Many members are looking for guidance in their roles. Let’s build our team and establish a format to keep the learning cycle fresh and sustainable. This year we are concentrating on the following leadership streams.

  • Circle of Gold
  • Coachcraft
  • Youth Leadership
  • Pathways
  • Speechcraft
  • Contest Officiating
  • Workshop and Leadership Trainers

We would like to know:
  • Have you participated in these programs?
  • Can you mentor others to lead these programs?

We will collect names and connect people within our District. Watch for the Leadership Development Survey coming soon. District Leadership offers a supportive training ground for practicing and honing skills needed in the real world.

Are you making the most of your Toastmasters experience?

How can you go the next step to advance your potential?

Become part of something much bigger! Share your expertise and learn from the best. We are excited to connect people with like goals and create teams that will double the success of your individual goals.

Club Leadership
Every club officer in District 42 has the opportunity to attend training sessions to prepare them for their roles in the upcoming year. There are two rounds of club leadership training :

Round 1: Jun 1 – Aug 31
Round 2: Dec 1 – Feb 28
To achieve  Distinguished Club Program Goal #9 , you must have 4 out of 7 club officers trained in  both rounds of training . Would you choose to do business with an organization that only trained 50% of their employees?  No!  Please strive for excellence and go for  7 out of 7  club officers trained. Clubs with 7/7 officers trained will earn a ribbon for their banner in each round!
To receive credit for having attended training (towards Distinguished Club Program Goal #9) each officer must:
  • Attend a District sponsored training session, in-person, for a minimum of 3 hours;
  • Attend the club officer break out session for the club officer position you were elected to;
  • VP Education, President and Secretary attend the Base Camp Manager Workshop;
Don't forget to  sign the log in sheet  during your training session!

The next training sessions are:
Regina, August 18
Calgary, August TBD
Medicine Hat, August 24

More detail about these training opportunities will be listed on the   District 42 Events Calendar   as they become available.  
Submit Your Club Officer List
Submit through Club Central before June 30th.
Email your lists to
Plan for Success!
Want to be a distinguished club this year? A club where members are learning, achieving their goals, guests are visiting, new members are joining, everyone is having fun? Then complete your Club Success Plan! Work with your club members to find out their goals for this coming year and chart a path to success. Break down your activities into smaller, attainable goals, assign responsibilities and work together to get’er done!

Click Here   to download an electronic copy of the Club Success Plan and to find other helpful Club Officer Tools on Toastmasters International.
Visit  to find other helpful Club Officer Planning Resources.
Message from Incoming District Director
Please click HERE to see a video message from Jocelyn Hastie, DTM,
District Director 2019-2020
Reminder! District Incentives due June 30
A Toastmasters International Incentive.
Add 5 new, dual or reinstated members to your club by June 30 to receive a ribbon for your club banner plus a 10-percent discount on your next club order from the Toastmasters International Online Store
Program Quality Corner
Highlights from your Program Quality Director, Christina Kruis
Thank you to all our Division Teams for hosting Leadership Training this June. All Toastmasters are invited to attend, participate and explore opportunities for learning and networking with other successful leaders, trainers and mentors.

Clubs can begin developing their Club Success Plans early and look ahead to how they will achieve goals for their members and for the club.
Ask your Area Directors for assistance and find out the secret to leading a successful club. For “The Year Ahead”, please see District 42 website, under
“Club Officer Planning Tools”- .  
We are pleased that members are planning and organizing their
club activities and looking to align with other D42 events. 

Our Youth are our Future!  Be part of that by assisting in the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program.  Find out more information by contacting me ! We are planning the sessions for the next few months and need coordinators, assistants and presenters.  The time you commit is up to you.  Come be wowed by students who have a voice and are keen to share their ideas for our world.  This is a magical experience!
Pathways Virtual Training Session

  • How do we help our clubs and/or members to be successful in the Pathways program?
  • What are your club strategies and plans for Pathways possibilities and growth?
  • Why are mentors and mentees good for Pathways training?
  • Have you created your Path’s Social Clubs?
  • Where to learn the tricks and tips in Pathways/showcase your club’s Pathways growth?

To help you and your members answer these questions, for all training needs and support at
Base Camp Managers and Club Executives, check out the District 42 website, under the Pathways tab, to find how-to videos, tips and tricks, and other relevant information to support your club education growth in Pathways. While you are there, check out the list of Pathways Assistants, as per your Area or Division, so you can contact them for help and support.
Club Growth Post
Announcements from your Club Growth Director, Ryan Rupchan
The Benefits of Sunshine Clubs!
Clubs that meet during the Summer retain more members that have recently joined and attract new members.

If your club meets during the summer please send your summer meeting dates and any special instructions to by clicking HERE!  so they can be shared on the  website

Final Message from outgoing
CGD, Christina Kruis

Watch the EVENTS calendar for August Leadership Training dates.  Be sure your club registers and learn how to make your club a place to have fun, practice new skills and introduce guests to our dynamic program.
Clubs that hold summer meetings are more likely to be Distinguished.

Looking to be a club sponsor (help start a club), mentor(show a new club the TM roles and techniques of speaking and leading) or coach (assist a club to get stronger), please contact Ryan Rupchan for information on possible opportunities this summer. 

To find out more on membership, please email Ryan Rupchan , Club Growth Director anytime!
Public Relations Update
from your Public Relations Manager,
#MyWhy is your 1 minute testimonial of WHY you joined Toastmasters and how Toastmasters helped you. Create yours and share on your social media.
Now it’s your turn – Follow the easy instructions here

Home & Away – The contest may be over but your club should still visit another club, connect, share resources and learn from each other.
Have a TM success story? Your Success Story? Share it in JOURNEYS – our D42 blog . Submit your story to
It’s not too late to have your  Open House  event –  get ideas from these past events here

Final Message from outgoing
Public Relations Manager, Terry Kozlyk:

I would like to thank my PRM team that I couldn’t have been without. David Wing was at most major events capturing photos and sending for archiving. Bev Ward and Marvin Henry kept our social media humming. A BIG Thank-You to the Division B team in Regina – Laurel Wingert, Brad Korbo, Laurel Korbo, Ryan Rupchan, Camille Gibney,
Ginger Ritshie, Nickie Mclean and your respective TEAMS.

And the District 42 Team – Catherine, Dunstant, Christina, Nikki and Kevin –
Thanks for your support, learnings and camaraderie.

I learned a lot and highly encourage all members to consider a District 42 leadership role!
Attend a Toastmasters Event Near You!
There is more than just club officer training, contests and a conference taking place in our Toastmasters Community...

Upcoming Events:

Check out our  Event Calendar on the  District 42 website regularly for information about upcoming events around the District!

Don't forget to register! Online registration is now available for Area and Division events. 

Coach Club
July 7, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Co-Op Meeting Room, 8818 Macleod Tr SW, Calgary
For Details, click HERE!
Would you like to participate in Coach Club in your community? Please contact Christina Kruis at for details on this new initiative.

All Leaders Call
For all Division and Area Directors
July 14, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Promote Your Event!
Did you know...

You can fill out the form  here and email it to  to be included on the District 42 Event Calendar and to receive a Registration Link.

The District 42 Event Calendar is a central place to promote Area and Division events . Event details will be posted within three days of receiving your request form.
A registration survey can be created for all Area and Division related events upon request. A link will be provided which allows your attendees to register in advance. Event organizers will receive a link to a summary of registration data, and regular downloads of the detailed registration responses.
Journeys & District Spotlight
Please check out the JOURNEYS  webpage to read about our very own members achievements!

Keep watch for more of the District's wonderful stories about our member achievements.
Have you seen or do you know of someone who is doing an amazing job supporting Toastmasters clubs, their Area, Division or District?
Let us show our appreciation, gratitude and thanks for that person’s time, effort and talent.

Write and send your article to the
Program Quality Director - Christina Kruis
And the Award Goes to....
Educational Award Recipients 

Congratulations to all of our Educational Award recipients from the  month of May !

97 awards   were submitted! Click on the table to the left to see the list of awardees.
Each month, ribbons for individual member educational achievements in the Old Education System are sent out from the District to the Club Presidents. These ribbons are to be presented to Club Members during a club meeting. 
Congratulations to our Clubs celebrating Anniversaries this month! 

July 1, 1995
Meets Thursdays 12:00-1:00 pm
Suncor Energy, EAST Tower
111 - 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
Transformers  | July 23, 2002
Meets Wednesdays 12:00 p.m.
Alastair Ross Technology Centre Bldg
3553 - 31 Street NW, Calgary, AB
The Leader Letter
The Leader Letter is a monthly email sent to all Club Officers and District Leaders from Toastmasters International. The email contains information and reminders that keep all leaders up to date. 
Click Here for the most recent issue. 
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