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Starbucks Is Coming!

The corner Eastmont lot, located at 73rd Ave and Foothill Blvd, is where a new Starbucks is planned to open in District 6.  This Starbucks 2.0 will be bigger than the average Starbucks aimed at helping the community and spurring job growth.

This unique urban focus means the new store will be designed for both Starbucks and local community organizations.  The new store will feature a community room for neighborhood gatherings and it will also be used to conduct jobs skill training classes.  Starbucks officials hope the job training will give young people the skills new workers must possess to get hired and keep a job.  Any employee hired by Starbucks will receive full benefits, whether part time or full time.

"It's a place where you can create community," says Councilperson Brooks.  Starbucks is also looking to find ways to partner with local small businesses and vendors to create a ripple effect in the local economy.  The company is not only offering to hire locally, but buy locally as well.  This version of Starbucks arose out of Ferguson, Missouri.   The new Starbucks will be 3,600 square feet with a drive through window. 


Millsmont Farmers Market is Coming June 3rd!
"There are currently 500 people who live in the immediate area that go to San Leandro to shop at the Farmers Market there," says Councilperson Brooks, "Farmer's Markets build community; they provide people access to fresh food."
We are excited to announce Millsmont Farmer's Market will have its Grand Opening next month! After months of planning and preparation, June 3rd will mark the opening of the newest Farmer's Market in East Oakland.  This Farmer's market will be held at 7700 Mountain Boulevard, right in front of Kaleo Christian Fellowship Church. The Market will open every Saturday at 9am and conclude at 1pm.
There will be a wide array of vendors selling an assortment of ripe fruit, healthy vegetables, fresh meat, and other farm prepared organic treats! Each Saturday will feature entertainment and other surprises. Come out and see what we have in store for the Grand Opening!

Small Business Week: Recognizing Frohm's Martial Arts

Each year, members of Oakland's City Council are asked to nominate a small business in their district to honor the spirit of entrepreneurship done the right way.  Frohm's Martial Arts, located at 5851 MacArthrur Boulevard, was chosen by Councilperson Brooks for District 6.  "Master Ernest Frohm, who owns and founded the company in 2000, has been a beacon in terms of revitalizing and bringing life to the community," says Councilperson Brooks.  Master Frohm won the Jefferson Award for outstanding community service in 2007, and his business is already a success, as his students have already won 25 world titles.

The first week in May always signifies Small Business Week in Oakland.  It recognizes what amounts to the hopes and dreams of many residents living in the Town.  Small Business have generated 65% of the net new jobs since 1995, and they employ over 50% of America's working population!  Needless to say, these businesses are vital to our individual communities.

Frohm's Martial Arts is a great example of small business entrepreneurship and worthy of this recognition.  District 6 is glad to have Frohm's Martial Arts in the Heartlands and we look forward to more amazing contributions from Master Frohm and his students going forward!
Mother of the Year  
Special congratulations to Malia Lusia Latu Saulala of District 6, who was recently named Oakland's 2017 Mother of the Year!
Ms. Saulala is a mother of two sons and three daughters, in addition to six adopted children and two more children with her beloved late husband.  She is also a surrogate mother to the community.  By volunteering with Boy Scouts of America, her church and neighboring schools to assist with school work, she has touched more than 20,000 youth from 3 to 11 years old!  Malia also gives time to the Oakland Police Department every year, helping with its open house, holiday toy drive and Thanksgiving giveaway.  Malia is also an active member of the Maxwell Park Neighborhood Council and has advocated for her community since 1978.
Oakland's Mother of the Year Award is a project of Oakland Parks & Recreation.  The Award was initiated in 1954 to publicly honor an Oakland citizen whose contributions to the community symbolize the finest traditions of motherhood.  Past honorees have included hard-working, dedicated community servants whose volunteerism has been exemplary.  A ceremony was held for Malia on Saturday that commenced with a beautiful plaque placed on a special walkway in the Morcom Rose Garden featuring her name.
Congratulations Malia Lusia Latu Saulala! This honor is very well deserved.

Explore, Connect & Grow: Summer Reading At Your Library

On Saturday, June 10, the Oakland Public Library kicks off Summer Reading 2017. Kids who read 20 days during the summer will be eligible to win a free book and other prizes. Parents and older children may read to children who aren't reading yet. Special grand prize drawings include one family membership to Children's Fairyland (ages 0 to 4) and one iPad (ages 5 to 14). Sign up online at  or visit any library location. All summer, until Saturday, August 5, all OPL locations will host special events and activities. For more information, please contact Anne Lennon, Children's Services Librarian, at
 or (510) 238-6844.

Team Oakland Summer Jobs Available  

Through Thursday, June 1, applications are being accepted for part-time Team Leaders for the Team Oakland summer youth employment program. Since 1993, Team Oakland has employed Oakland youth between the ages of 15 and 24 for practical job training experience through meaningful city cleanup and beautification projects. Team Oakland is administered by Oakland Public Works through an agreement with the Youth Employment Partnership, Inc. To view the job announcements, please visit . For more information, please contact Mike Perlmutter, Environmental Services, at  or (510) 238-7294.
Special Thanks to our City of Oakland
Last month, Telecommunicators were noticed nationwide for their contributions to the citizens they serve. During the May 2nd Special City Council meeting, Councilperson Brooks asked the City Council to declare April 9 through 15, 2017 as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week In The City Of Oakland. 

"The work that the dispatchers undertake is invaluable and we all owe them the debt of gratitude", says Councilperson Brooks.  Telecommunicators' prompt response to resident calls is often critical to the protection of life and preservation of property. Emergencies in Oakland requiring police, fire, or emergency medical services can occur at any time and citizens often rely on Telecommunicators to help us during these times of duress.  In addition, our Public Safety Telecommunicators are responsible for the safety of our First Responders.  The First Responders are dependent upon the quality and accuracy of information obtained from citizens who telephone our Dispatch Communications Center.  Their patience, comprehension, and empathy are a vital nexus to each of our Public Safety departments.  Thank you for your service.

Sign Up For The Teen Summer Passport Program

On Saturday, June 10, teens, ages 12 to 18, can sign up for a Teen Summer Passport. You'll have a chance to win an iPad Mini, a Chromebook or even a laptop. Movie and Game Stop gift cards will also be raffled throughout the summer at all library locations. Sign up online or register at your local library and start earning passport stamps by exploring Bay Area Hot Spots such as museums, pools, farmers' markets and skate parks. You can also create book lists, write reviews of books or movies, attend library programs or volunteer at the library. To sign up and for more information, please visit 

OPD Wants You!

OPD Has Openings For High School Students To Become Police Explorers  - Continuously through spring 2017, high school students, ages 14 to 19, are invited to join the Police Explorers Program and learn more about careers in law enforcement. The Explorers program includes career opportunities, service learning, leadership experience, life skills and character education. For more information, please contact Officer Charles Stone, Oakland Police Activities League (PAL), at  or (510) 421-2684. 
OPD Is Hiring Police Cadets  - Continuously through spring 2017, ambitious young women and men are invited to join the Oakland Police Department (OPD) law enforcement team as part-time Police Cadets. Cadets, who must be high school seniors or attending college, are rotated through a variety of assignments at OPD designed to develop their interest in police work. You may apply at any time; the position is filling continuously. Police Cadets are part-time employees who receive training and experience in law enforcement. Wages start at $14.42 per hour and Cadets may work up to 19.5 hours per week. To learn more, please visit . For more information, please contact the Oakland Police Department's Media Office at  or (510) 238-7230.


Prop. 47 Infomercial 
is a MUST SEE  
reducing your felony record 

Recording Artist, Justice Advocate, and Oakland native son Ise Lyfe stars in a statewide television infomercial designed to spread the word about Proposition 47, which California voters voted into law last year.

With the passage of Proposition 47, certain low-level, nonviolent felonies can now be changed to misdemeanors on old criminal records. If you or someone you know has a prior criminal record with a felony record for any of the following crimes, you may qualify to remove the felony from your record and change it to a misdemeanor:
  • Simple drug possession 
  • Petty theft under 950 dollars
  • Shoplifting under 950 dollars
  • Forging or writing a bad check under 950 dollars
  • Receipt of stolen property under 950 dollars
If you have a previous conviction for crimes such as rape, murder or child molestation or are in the sex offender registry, you will not be eligible to get these felonies reclassified.  Click here  for a list of crimes that will exempt you from getting your record reclassified. Read more from the California Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections  here .



Councilmember Brooks highly encourages District 6 residents to be informed 
on involved on  our local Boards and Commissions. If you are interested in  serving  as a member of one of the following Boards and Commissions, please don't hestitate to contact my office by emailing D or calling  at 510-238-7006.

For a complete list of Boards & Commissions, click here:  Boards & Commissions.


 The Oakland City Council meets the first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month in Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of City Hall. Ceremonial presentations and non-controversial (consent) items will be heard at 5:30 pm. At 6:30 pm public hearings and discussion items are reviewed.

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Councilmember Brooks encourages 
us all to make the best health decisions possible! What we eat, think, and do impacts us all- so here's this week's health corner with useful info to keep us healthy and thriving!

Drink Enough Water

Water keeps the body hydrated, rids it of toxins, and helps with digestion, which makes drinking it an important daily health tip. Aim for at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day, either alone or with tea. Caffeinated tea and coffee should be avoided in excess, as they may act like a diuretic and work against hydration. And be sure to steer clear of sugary sodas and even diet sodas, which can lead to disease precursors, like metabolic syndrome.

Useful Information

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The City of Oakland Website has new tips and access to resources to prepare you for the event of an earthquake.

       Readiness is key!
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African American Male Achievement program is a  phenomenal effort within Oakland Unified School District to support Black boys
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Councilmember Brooks has always worked towards  keeping District 6 and the entire city mobilized  towards clean, safe, and cost effective waste management. If you have any questions about recent changes and improvements to Oakland's waste services, 
please utilize the ZERO WASTE HOTLINE: 

To provide the best service to residents, we recommend forwarding calls and e-mails to the City's Recycling Hotline at 238-SAVE (x7283) or


The Recycling Hotline is fully staffed and ready to provide swift, effective assistance to callers. The Recycling Hotline issues work orders to Waste Management and CWS through Cityworks, tracks each service issue, explains the rules and requirements that apply to residents, building owners and businesses, and highlights all the benefits of the City's new program. The Recycling Hotline identifies and tracks issues and compels corrective actions as needed from Waste Management and CWS.


Constituents who want help finding the best rates available to them should contact the haulers directly: Waste Management is handling billing and rates questions for residential customers at 510-613-8710. Waste Management is also where businesses should call about trash and compost rates and service, and their business line is 510-613-8700. Commercial recycling remains an open market and business owners can shop around for different service providers using the directory posted on the program's new website,

File a Complaint with
-Freeway on or off ramps overgrown; poor maintenance; illegal dumping on highway?  
Contact CalTrans. 
If any concerns regarding Caltrans maintenance arise, anyone at any time can complete and submit a form through the Maintenance Service Request (MSR) process. The form is located on the Caltrans, District 4 website,

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