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Despite coronavirus, Anaheim Hills kids celebrate April birthdays
Over the weekend, I teamed up with Anaheim Fire And Rescue and Anaheim Police Department to bring some extra special birthday cheer to several kids in Anaheim Hills! Birthday parties are always fun for kids, but with the current stay at home order kids can't get together with friends and family for a party - so we brought the party to them with a drive-thru parade! Watch the video here.
Utility assistance for eligible seniors
This may be an especially difficult time for some of our older residents. If you are or know of a senior in need of assistance, contact us to get more information on our Energy Discount Program.
Income-qualified seniors, along with veterans and long-term disabled residents, may be eligible to receive a 10% discount on their energy and water bill.
Call 714-765-4250 or visit us online to learn more.
Be alert for scams
Scammers have been extra active in the last few days. If you get a suspicious call , be vigilant and don’t release account information. Hang up and call us immediately at 311 (or 714.765.4311) to check the status of your account.
Remember, during this time we are holding off on service disconnections due to nonpayment so don’t let them fool you.
A local Anaheim print shop is offering free banners for small businesses
Apollo Printing & Graphics, a local Anaheim print shop, is offering FREE banners to small businesses and restaurants to help advertise that their business is open! Thank you to Mike and the team at Apollo Printing Graphics for supporting the business community during these challenging times. See their press release below:
Free Banners for Small Businesses Press Release
Release Date: April 8th, 2020
Apollo Printing & Graphics, a local Anaheim printing company, is looking to help small business and restaurant owners that have been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic.
With so many closed businesses in Anaheim, it can be difficult to figure out what places remain open.
To help get the word out, Apollo Printing & Graphics is offering a free banner to any local restaurant, small business or non-profit charitable group that is offering service.
The banners let the public know that the small business or restaurant is still open with many offering carry-out and curbside options.
If you would like to order a free banner, please reach out to Michael Alurac (714) 414-9773 cell or .
Helpful Links
The City of Anaheim continues to respond to the challenge of coronavirus on behalf of our residents and businesses, with regular updates at  and business resources at .

Visit Anaheim and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce have created a resource of  local restaurants that remain open for locals. Anaheim restaurants can email their requests to be added to the Visit Anaheim and Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Directory to This list includes 70 local restaurants with information who is offering take out and to-go orders, curbside pick-up and local delivery options. View the Anaheim Restaurant Guide  here .
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