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The 2013 session ended March 28th and it was a year filled with ups and downs for District 62. 
Below is a summary of this year's session and important information about the district.  It is important that you know you have a State Representative who accessible and interested in serving your needs.  I spent this session learning how to navigate the legislative waters and now I am excited about the positive legislation I will propose during the next session.  I hope you will join me for our Town Hall events listed below.  If you have any questions please contact me anytime at, via the web at via twitter at @MyGA62 or give me a call at 404-343-6770.
Yours in service,
LaDawn "LBJ" Blackett Jones 

In February 2013, Representative Jones began the first Camp Creek Merchant's Association (CCM).  From her experience in the community, Rep. LBJ knows how important it is for business owners to be engaged, involved, and organized.  CCM will help to do that is one of the largest shopping areas in District 62.  The CCM will join with the Camp Creek CID to bring positive change to the area.  Rep. LBJ will continue to host the meetings every THIRD THURSDAY AT 8:00AM IN THE HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS ON CAMP CREEK.  Rep. LBJ invites all business owner, whether you own a building or work from home to get involved with this organization.  The next meeting is
May 22nd at 8:00 am at the Courtyard Marriott: 3400 Creek Pointe Drive � East Point, Georgia 30344
Rep. LBJ stands with South Fulton ministers as they oppose Fulton legislation

       This session there were thirteen bills drafted and submitted by the Republican members of the Fulton County delegation. All of the bills were aimed at disrupting services in Fulton County. I was vocal during session and voted against each because we cannot gut funding for the core operations of the County without increasing disparities. Here are the descriptions of the worst of the bills.  All residents should be on the look out next year for more bills like these and prepare to jump into action. 


HB 170 & HB 541 - HB170 was later replaced by HB541, both bills DID NOT PASS.  The goal of the bills was to increase the homestead exemption for Fulton Residents to create a reduction of $50million from the Fulton County budget.  This reduction would have negatively affected the Senior Centers, Grady Hospital, and the County Libraries.  HB 541 passed the House on March 13, 2013, on a vote of 119 to 51. This type of vote requires a minimum of 120 votes, therefore House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge), who typically does not vote, entered his only vote of the entire session making the 120th vote.  The bill failed in the Senate. 


HB 171  PASSED - it changed the make up of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners and Gerrymandered the map for Fulton County representation.  It required that three veteran commissioners that represented Atlanta and South Fulton have to run against one another and reduced the number of at-large commission seats and added a seat in North Fulton County.  The effect of the bill is to reduce the representation for South Fulton residents. 

HB 346  PASSED Changed the tax commissioner to an appointed rather than an elected position.  Reducing the power of voters to select their elected officials. 


HB 347  & HB 380 PASSED - together  takes the power away from retired Fulton County teachers to control their own pension board.


HB 441  PASSED - would allow the Court Administrator of the Superior Court  to oversee the budget and prevented the County Commission from altering the budget of the Superior Court, although the money comes from the County and the Commissioners are elected to control the money in the County.  


HB 264 - DID NOT PASS Deals with MARTA.  The bill changed the makeup of the MARTA board.  Instead of the Board of Commissioners selecting all three, a consortium of mayors of cities in north Fulton County would have selected two; and a consortium of mayors of cities in south Fulton County--along with the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and any Commissioners representing south Fulton County--would have selected the third.



Various pieces of legislation to pave the way for the re-creation of Milton County out of north Fulton County, including House Resolutions 275, 276, 277, 278, and 289, did not come up for votes in the State House or Senate.  The identical bills would have allowed for counties that previously existed, and that had historically merged into other counties, to re-create themselves through a voter referendum.


HB 361 PASSED, sponsored by State Rep. Ed Lindsey (R-Atlanta), is directed at harming unions and making it more difficult for them to operate.  Among other things, the legislation requires that union members reauthorize any deduction of union dues from their paychecks no less frequently than once per year.


HB 362 DID NOT PASS sponsored by Rep. Lindsey, would have required that local governments put any public works construction contracts out for competitive bidding.

Rep. LBJ with Reps. Alexander,  Gravely, and Bruce with Douglas County middle school students.

This session I worked to research and draft the "Slum" legislation that changes the title of opportunity zones in Douglas and throughout Georgia.  The term "slum" has long been held as a derogatory word and States around the Country have changed the term, I proposed legislation to do the same in Georgia on behalf of the request of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.  The legislation will move forward in the 2014 session.  


Hotel/Motel Tax - I eagerly cosigned the legislation that would have increased the hotel/motel tax on non-residents who come to stay in Douglas County lodging.  The money produced by the tax was slated to go towards the Hydrangea Festival and the Douglas County Museum.  During a delegation meeting on the issue, I discussed the use of these funds to go toward supporting economic producing activities in Douglas County and/or activities that take into consideration the diversity of Douglas County.


Douglas County Board of Elections- There was much debate over changing the Douglas County Board of Elections.  Currently the board is appointed by various elected officials and currently has one known democrat assigned to the five panel board.  This years legislation was proposed that attempted to make the board more balanced among Democrats and Republicans.  The bill did not pass.

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Three dates you can get involved and informed.  District 62 is a long very spread out district, therefore, for the convenience of the residents I have arranged three separate town halls in which the same agenda will be held.  I hope to see you there. 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 6pm South Fulton County Arts Center 4645 Butner Rd Atlanta, GA 30349


Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 6pm Life Changes Church 5947 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134


Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 10am East Point Fire Station 3800 Commerce Drive East Point, GA 30344



1. Review of 2013 legislation

2. Lobbying 101: How can you get involved

3. What would you like LBJ to do in 62: A chance to have your voice heard.

4. Planning for 2014

Things to Know & Do in 62

Visit and for more listings.


Wolf Creek Amphitheater Presents Gladys Knight Live in Concert with Special Guest Howard Hewett Opening Act; Milkshake The Wolf Creek Amphitheater presents Gladys Knight, the "Empress of Soul", in concert at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater on Friday, May 3, 2013.


Saturday, May 4, 3:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.: Spring Launch Party, Pretty Brown Girls Foundation

Hunter Park Community Center - Free Admission, Open to the Public - for African-American girls to build self-confidence, love themselves and cherish the array of brown skin tones God has given them Contact: Leslie Martin 678.777.6654


Monday, May 6, 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.: Work Session Douglas County Commission
Commissioners' Board Room, 3rd floor, Douglas County Courthouse - Open to the Public - agenda available the Friday prior to the Work Session at

Tuesday, May 7, 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.: Legislative Meeting Douglas County Commission  Citizen's Hall, Douglas County Courthouse - Open to the Public - Broadcast live on dctv23 (Channel 23 on Comcast) and simulcast


Saturday, May 4, 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.: Business-to-Community Expo at Arbor Place Mall
over 50 local businesses displaying products and services in addition to the mall stores - Free Admission, Open to the Public - financial advice, energy savings, educational opportunities, remodeling, insurance, medical advice and lots more!
Meet "Homer the Brave" from 12 - 1 p.m. - Community Extravaganza Fashion Show at 1:30 p.m.


Cliftondale Community Club Meeting

The Cliftondale Community Club will meet on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM in the Cliftondale Park Clubhouse. Randy Beck and Tony Phillips of Fulton County Parks will be our special guests.  


Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at 5600 Stonewall Tell Road, College Park, GA 30049.

Fulton County Commissioner William "Bill" Edwards, District 7 will host his second Quarterly "Community Listening" Session for 2013 The public is invited to voice their comments about Fulton County services in Unincorporated South Fulton. All citizens, including youth, are urged to attend. 

Legislation Highlights

HB 123, sponsored by Rep. Lindsey, as previously covered by APN, would have allowed for a "parent trigger" process by which a majority of parents at a traditional public school could petition to convert the school to a charter school.


HB 142, Lobbyist Registration and Gift Ban places a $75 limit on gifts provided to city, county and state elected officials by lobbyists.


HB 487, Coin Operated Machines, by Rep. Matt Ramsey (R-Fayetteville). HB 487 would transfer administration and enforcement of coin operated machines from the Department of Revenue to the Georgia Lottery Corporation, would impose additional penalties on illegal machines, and would grant cities stronger auditing abilities. Cities would also be allowed to prohibit the operation of coin operated machines within their city limits if an audit indicates that fifteen percent of operators in a city, over a two-year period, are violating the law.


HB242 to prohibit the jailing of juveniles for status offenses and separate designated felonies into two classes, depending on the severity of the crime. The bill incorporates recommendations from a 2012 Georgia Criminal Justice Reform Council report, urging state policymakers to keep low-risk juvenile offenders out of state facilities. A major component of the legislation involves more funding for community-based programs. Diverting young people from detention could save Georgia as much as $85 million over the next five years.



HB 372 (C. Coomer/R; S. Evans/D) HOPE; grant at technical college or university institutions; revise eligibility Reduces the required grade point average from a 3.0 to a 2.0 to qualify for the HOPE grant.  In Section 2, HB 372 mandates that the Technical College System of Georgia change from an enrollment-driven formula to an outcome driven formula in its annual budget requests.


SB 122 (Sen. H. Hill/R; D. Douglas/D) Drivers' Licenses; authorizes the issuance of an one-time 120 day temporary driving permit to a non-citizen applicant whose Georgia driver's license has expired, provided the applicant has filed for an extension of their time to remain lawfully within the United States. The bill, originally sponsored by Sen. Hunter Hill, was carried and presented in the House by Rep. Douglas.


HB 517 (C. Williams/R; S. Frye/D) the Downtown Grocery Store Act, allows local governments to zone grocery stores within 100 yards of a college campus. Current law limits grocery stores due to their sales of packaged beer and wine


HB 187 (P. Dickerson) Controlled substances; date of incorporation of local ordinances by reference HB 187 requires any commercial drug free zones that were passed at a local level will be incorporated into state law.


HR 552 (J. Chandler/R) Comprehensive counseling programs for Georgia Students. Requests the implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs for students in Georgia.        


SB 14 (R. Unterman/R) Georgia Alzheimer's and Related Dementias State Plan Task Force. Creates a Georgia Alzheimer's and Related Dementias State Plan Task Force. The task force shall study and collect data to assess the current and future impact of the disease, identity resources available to those with the disease, review the national Alzheimer's plan and develop a state plan for addressing Alzheimer's disease.


SB 1 (W. Ligon/R) Child's Health Insurance Information and Records Prohibits health insurance policies from denying a parent the right to inspect, review or attain copies of health insurance records relating to his or her own child. The health insurance records must be equally available to both parents unless a court order specifically removes the right of a noncustodial parent to such information or unless parental rights have been terminated.


SB 86 (J. Stone/R) Family Violence Order Expands the definition of a family violence order. SB 86 allows law enforcement to arrest a perpetrator upon probable cause to believe that the offender has violated the order as long as the officer has never had a prior or current familial relationship with the parties involved.
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