August 2017
Dear District 67 Community Member,

To keep you informed, we will be sending you the District 67 Board Report on a monthly basis.  Please note: These are not the official minutes of the Board of Education. Minutes, once approved, board agendas, packets, and videos can be found here
Board President's Report
Mike Borkowski welcomed everyone back to school. He reflected on a few of the major accomplishments from last year. Mike noted that the staff recently rolled out both new math curriculum and language arts curriculum. The staff also implemented writing and reading workshops. He commented that one of the main focuses this year is to give teachers time to refine the new curricula, dive deeper into it, and improve it. Mike stated that this summer, teachers and staff participated in professional development courses, including the Lucy Caulkins Workshops. Highlights for this year include: an additional Special Education teacher at every building, the continued focus on every single student , the Grand Opening of the Haskins Center 2.0 or H2O, the new school vestibules and entry procedures, and the early stages of transforming classes in all of our schools (test classrooms). Mike noted that we have made tremendous progress toward achieving our Vision over the past few years, yet there is still much work to be done. A theme the district will focus on this year is “Finding Joy.” Mike stated that he is extremely proud of this Board, the entire District 67 staff, and the continued focus on the Vision.

Superintendent's Report
Superintendent Mike Simeck commented that District 67’s Achievement Milestone includes social and emotional growth for all students. The challenge is how to ensure and assess progress on this milestone. Mike overviewed information regarding a Gallup Poll Survey. The district will use this brief, but targeted national survey to benchmark student connectedness to school. More information will be forthcoming on this initiative. Mike also announced that best selling author Julie Lythcott-Haims will be visiting the district on December 4. Her book How to Raise an Adult will be the stakeholder reading selection for this fall. Districts 67, 115 and LEAD will sponsor staff and community presentations in December.

Strategic Plan End of Year Report
Assistant Superintendent Rebecca Jenkins overviewed the District Mission, Vision, and Core Values. She discussed the following accomplishments from the Strategic Plan Year End Report:
  • Developed and beta-tested D67 Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)
  • Developed a K-8 Scope and Sequence for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards
  • Continued implementation and refinement of Reading and Writing Workshop (K-8)
  • Developed inquiry based science units (K-8)
  • Provided high level job embedded professional development to faculty and staff
  • Completed the Haskins Renovation Project
  • Developed ‘test classrooms’ for further review in building a District Learning Spaces Design Plan

North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED )
Suzanne Sands presented key points from the NSSED mid-summer update. The Rubloff lease has been extended, new administrative and support staff personnel are building relationships, an administrative retreat was held over the summer, and work has begun on the strategic planning process.

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August Action Items

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 7:00pm, LFHS West Campus, Board Room.