January 2018
Dear District 67 Community Member,

To keep you informed, we will be sending you the District 67 Board Report on a monthly basis.  Please note: These are not the official minutes of the Board of Education. Minutes, once approved, board agendas, packets, and videos can be found here
Board President's Report
Mike Borkowski stated that the Board of Education believes in accountability, or taking personal ownership of actions and responsibility for outcomes. He noted for accountability to be effective, expectations must be communicated to the individual who is responsible for the action; a common and effective way to do this is through goal setting. Over the past month, the Board has defined its own goals.

Mike outlined the Board’s Core Values: Student Centric Governance, Fiscal Responsibility, and Vision Centric Leadership. The Board also established the following goals:

  1. Develop and align shared service processes in collaboration with the D115 Board of Education, starting with the Superintendent contract renewal process.
  2. Define and implement a District Dashboard which includes key performance indicators.
  3. Review the District Mission/Vision/Milestone document and update as appropriate. Continue on-going, long-term planning with the administration to identify District priorities.
  4. Continue to look for ways to increase engagement between the community and the District.
  5. Establish and complete a “Board Learning” goal.

Mike commented that these goals do not encompass all the work of the Board, but they do provide insight regarding Board priorities. The Board will be regularly reviewing progress against these goals and welcomes all feedback. View video  
Superintendent's Report
Superintendent Mike Simeck recognized DPM Geography Bee winner, Joe Remus. Joe will now take a qualifying test to be eligible to compete in the Illinois Geography Bee. Mike overviewed the history of district-wide facility improvements and presented recommendations for the 2018-19 year. This meeting’s agenda includes an action item for authorization for the issuance of general obligation debt certificates to fund school facility improvements.  View video
Education Committee
Jeff Folker reported that the committee discussed efforts to identify and engage K-8 advanced/gifted learners. District 67 will work with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent and Development to review our current program, seek input from the community, and make recommendations for improvement. The committee also discussed the review and updates to the kindergarten curriculum. The committee learned more about “The Roadmap to Success,” a hub of information for teachers, found in a central location, to ensure grade-level instruction is consistent across all classrooms and schools. The district is in the process of creating curriculum documentation to share with parents that will detail each core instruction area. View written report    View video
Policy Committee
Kent Novit noted that the committee had reviewed policies updated in PRESS Issue 96 that are listed for a First Reading later on the agenda. The Board will also consider a number of Policy Updates for First Reading that the committee had discussed at its last meeting. View video
North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED )
Suzanne Sands described the TASH Conference she recently attended as a very valuable learning experience. She encouraged district administration to send a team next year. Suzanne noted that inclusive education supports high expectations for all learners and she highlighted observational data illustrating positive student outcomes demonstrated through inclusive schooling experiences. View written report     View video
Association of Parents and Teachers Executive Board (APT)
Jeff Folker reported on a variety of upcoming school events. Nominating for the 2018-19 APT officers is in progress and the slate of candidates will be presented at the February APT Executive Board meeting.   View written report View video
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Next Meeting:
Regular Board Meeting - Tuesday February 27, 2019, 7:00pm, Administration Center, West Campus, Board Room