January 2020
Dear District 67 Community Member,
To keep you informed, we will be sending you the District 67 Board Report on a monthly basis.  Please note: These are not the official minutes of the Board of Education. Minutes once approved, all board agendas, packets, and videos can be found here. 
President’s Report
Board President Mike Borkowski provided an update on discussions between the administration and Lake Forest Education Association (LFEA) leadership. Mike reported that many conversations have occurred, both informal and formal, between the Superintendent and the LFEA Presidents, as well as a meeting with four of the senior administrators and four of the senior LFEA leaders. A larger meeting was also held with the district administrative team, including the Superintendent and an expanded group of the LFEA leaders from across the district.

Mike commented that important conversations are taking place at the meetings. One key topic has been a comprehensive review of the processes and structures that exist for LFEA members to communicate any concerns. He stated that he was pleased to learn that all our current processes were deemed to be valuable by the LFEA leadership group and will continue to be utilized moving forward. With greater awareness, we hope to work together to ensure that every staff member has an easy opportunity to report concerns in a way that feels safe to them and that any issues raised can be addressed through a collaborative process that leads to productive dialogue and resolution. Mike acknowledged that there is still more work to be done, yet believes that we are now on a positive trajectory.  

Mike announced that after almost seven years serving as a member of the District 67 Board, and almost five years as Board President, he intends to submit his resignation letter and step down on March 17, 2020. Mike commented that he would like to spend more time with his family. He stated that serving on the Board has been an awesome experience, and he will continue to work hard over the next two months and push forward on trying to achieve the District’s Vision. View video  

Superintendent’s Report
LFEA Co-President Krina Lessard, Deputy Superintendent Rebecca Jenkins, and Superintendent Mike Simeck stated jointly, “Since our last school Board Meeting, we have engaged in many candid, productive discussions through both informal and formal meetings between the administration and the LFEA to address our mutual commitment to reinforce and enhance a culture of trust, support and respect in District 67. We are looking forward to the opportunity for our administrative team and our LFEA Executive Board to engage in a workshop focused on communication and collaboration, which will be facilitated by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services. We will continue to keep you updated about our continued efforts to work as partners to ensure that our learning community is one that maintains the highest levels of professionalism, compassion and integrity. As always, we thank you, our parents, faculty, staff and community for your sincere commitment to and interest in District 67, our schools and students.” View video  

Strategic Planning Report
Executive Director of Student Services Kate Cavanaugh, Director of Teaching and Learning Jeff McHugh, and Director of Innovation Renee Fitzsimmons provided an update on the strategic plan. The team of presenters discussed how inclusive practices support success for all students, shared a video on co-teaching, highlighted Foundations, the CHAMPS classroom management approach, and discussed the roll-out of iPads to students, iPad training, and stakeholder feedback. View written report View video  
Board Education Committee
Suzanne Sands reported that the Committee discussed revisions and refinements of the K-8 curriculum in the area of word study. Suzanne commented that the Committee overviewed information regarding the State Report Card designation formulas. These designations are based on a number of factors including growth and performance on the state assessments in math, ELA and science, chronic absenteeism, participation in the school culture survey (CSCI), and the progress to proficiency of English learners. Suzanne also highlighted the assessment calendar modifications. The calendar was adjusted in an effort to spread out testing and to optimize the utility of the results.  View written report View video   

North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED)
Suzanne Sands reported that the NSSED Foundation awarded teaching assistant scholarships to five exemplary professionals, including Miguel Vargus from Lake Forest High School. The NSSED administration and its Teacher Assistants Association held an initial bargaining session. NSSED is meeting with member districts to determine projected needs and allocate personnel and resources to meet those needs. The Council also received an update on the strategic plan. View written report View video
Legislative Liaison
Alice LeVert reported that she will attend the National School Boards Association Conference in Washington D.C. on behalf of District 67. Alice will have the opportunity to attend seminars, review best practices, and meet with legislative representatives.
Spirit of 67 Foundation
Richard Chun reported that grant applications were due January 30. He encouraged everyone to attend the “Opening Doors for Education" Home Tour scheduled for May 7. Richard gave an update on the Cross-Town Competition. Everett hit 80% participation and claimed an extra $1,000 in grant money. Still vying for their chance at bonus funds, Sheridan is at 75% family participation, Cherokee is at 73% and Deer Path is at 60%. if you would like to help your child's school reach its goal by making your contribution, please do so at spiritof67foundation.org/donate/challenge/ View written report  

Association of Parents and Teachers (APT)
Suzanne Sands presented an overview of the January APT meeting. Topics included the School Report Card designations and the importance of students participating in the April state tests, school activities, fine arts programming, and nominations. Mike Simeck provided an update on the LFHS facilities planning process.  View written report   View video
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Next Meeting 
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 7:00 p.m., Administration Center Board Room, LFHS West Campus, 300 S. Waukegan Rd.