May 2017
Dear District 67 Community Member,

To keep you informed, we are sending you the District 67 Board Report on a monthly basis.  Please note: These are not the official minutes of the Board of Education. Minutes, once approved, board agendas, packets, and videos can be found here.
Board President's Report
Mike Borkowski noted the District Assessment Milestone states, “Multi-dimensional assessments are used to identify and measure holistic growth for every student.” He commented that the district is taking an innovative step to support this Milestone when an online Student Personalized Learning Profile is shared with parents this year. The Personalized Learning Profile will not only contain a student’s grades, test scores, and attendance, but also other important information, such as extra-curricular activities, service hours, and a section looking at engagement.  The goal is for the Personalized Learning Profile to paint a holistic picture of the student instead of reducing the student down to a simple number grade. Mike reported that this is Version 1.0 and the district will be seeking feedback from parents for revisions and improvements. He thanked Rebecca Jenkins and Susan Milsk for taking a risk and spearheading this project.   
View video for complete report.
Emotional Wellness/Comprehensive School Climate Survey Report
Ingrid Weimer, Executive Director of Student Services and Emilie Correa, Emotional Wellness Coordinator discussed the recently administered Comprehensive School Climate Survey. All surveyed areas fell in the acceptable range, but two areas were highlighted as having room for improvement – Social and Emotional Security and Social Media. School teams will now review results to develop action plans . The Board discussed ways to increase stakeholder participation.   View written report    View Video.
North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED)
Suzanne Sands reported that the New Trier Superintendents addressed the Leadership Council about the importance of meeting the needs of all students. The Council is continuing its learning in preparation for the strategic planning process. Suzanne noted that Dr. Linda Hanson presented a draft framework for the district’s strategic plan and timeline.   View written report    View video
Spirit of 67 Foundation
Suzanne Sands thanked all individuals who have supported the Spirit. She announced that the Spirit of 67 Home Tour Committee reported net proceeds of over $60,000. Suzanne also commented that this year’s general donations came in at a record high.    View video. 
Jeff Folker announced that the APT Executive Board held its year-end luncheon, honoring retiring board members and welcoming new leadership. He thanked the APT for their dedication and hard work. The APT’s first meeting in the fall is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13 in the Administration Center.    View video.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 7:00pm, LFHS West Campus, Board Room.