September 2019
Dear District 67 Community Member,
To keep you informed, we will be sending you the District 67 Board Report on a monthly basis. Please note: These are not the official minutes of the Board of Education. Minutes once approved, all board agendas, packets, and videos can be found here. 
President’s Report
Board President Mike Borkowski presented a high-level overview of the District’s Mission, Core Values, Vision and Milestones. Mike noted that the Board strives to keep the Vision statement at the forefront of all major decisions to ensure they are focusing on the right things. How does this decision impact achieving the Vision? Does it accelerate us towards the Vision? The Board tries to balance progress toward all six of the Milestones, as all are important.

Mike reported that at the end of our last fiscal year, the district had a slightly larger than expected budget surplus. The Board discussed various options for what to do with the funds, including simply saving it for a rainy day. Ultimately, the Board chose to put some of these funds towards the science lab and also to use some of it to accelerate movement toward the Vision in some of the more core academic areas, targeting the Achievement, Instruction, and Assessment Milestones, while also keeping a healthy fund balance. Mike noted that this illustrates how the Board and Administration teams work with one eye firmly on accelerating towards the Vision, while also being fiscally responsible. 

In future months, Mike commented that he intends to dive deeper into different areas of the Vision, both explaining why different aspects are so important to our students, as well as showcasing examples of how the district is progressing towards the Vision.

Superintendent’s Report
Mike Simeck thanked the Kiwanis Foundation of Lake Bluff and Lake Forest for the donation of $6,511.25 to purchase five AEDs. The AEDs have arrived and will go out to all schools. Mike highlighted summer construction work across the district, including ADA improvements. View video for complete report 

Fund Balance Report
Mike Simeck reported that the beginning FY 20 Unaudited Aggregate Fund Balance is $11,079,977 or 26.94% of anticipated expenditures. Included in the Fund Balance is the receipt of proceeds from a bond sale approved and executed by the Board of Education in May 2018 for capital projects.  

The FY 20 Budget anticipates expenses exceeding revenues by $441,635. The budget is unbalanced due to planned life safety, capital projects and approved construction. As such, the FY20 deficit was known and anticipated. Consequently, no additional measures are deemed necessary at this time to achieve the policy’s targeted parameters.

North Suburban Special Education District
Suzanne Sands reported that school hours at North Shore Academy – Elementary have changed to provide greater alignment to member-district times. Suzanne commented that the NSSED is developing a sustainable, equitable, and flexible financial model that provides affordable access to a full continuum of supports and services.  View written report  

Legislative Liaison
Alice LeVert announced that the legislature is back in session. The full report is attached. View written report   View video

Spirit of 67 Foundation
Richard Chun reported that the Spirit of 67 Stand Up for Spirit ladies night event is sold out. Sponsorships are still available on the Spirit website: (LINK). Raise Your Hands for Education silent auction will be held October 15-18. Richard announced that the Donor Relations Team is running the friendly cross-town competition again this year. The first school to reach 80% family participation will receive an extra $1,000 for their school. The school that reaches the highest participation will receive a school-wide popsicle party. Contest results to date: Cherokee: 55.9%, Everett: 61.5%, Sheridan: 64%, DPM: 52% with overall District 67 at 53.5%. The Grant Application Deadline is January 30 at 3:00p.m. All grant applications must be turned into school principals. Grant Day is April 22, 2020.

Association of Parents and Teachers (APT)
Suzanne Sands announced that the APT Presidents highlighted welcome back to school activities across the district. The new school supply vendor and process was discussed and will continue to be reviewed with input from parents and building staff. APT membership is down this year and the APT will reinforce the importance of joining the APT. 

United Way
Suzanne Sands reported that she attended the United Way meeting where the 2-1-1 initiative was announced. 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember, non-emergency telephone number that connects people with essential community information and services. The 24-hour line makes it easy for the public to navigate community resources. View video
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Next Meeting
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 7:00 p.m., Everett School, 1111 Everett School Road, Lake Forest