February 26, 2021
District 67 COVID-19 Dashboard Update
The District 67 COVID-19 Dashboard has been updated for the week of February 22, 2021, to reflect the latest information from our schools and local health departments. As of February 24, the incidence rate for Lake County indicates a slight increase over the past week from 10.1 to 10.6 percent. In addition, the incidence rate for the 60045 zip code has more than doubled from February 17- 24, jumping from 7.4 percent to 15.5 percent. The positivity rate for Lake County as of February, was 3.4 percent, a slight decline from last week.

Vaccine Update
A majority of the D67 staff that want to be vaccinated have received their first dose of the vaccine. We are now receiving notifications through ALLvax to schedule appointments to receive a 2nd dose. In addition, we have established a community partnership with a health-care provider to vaccinate staff that live and work in Lake County. The Lake County Health Department (LCHD) continues to offer appointments to individuals in Phase 1a and 1b. They will begin offering vaccines to individuals in “Phase 1b plus” announced recently by the Governor, as soon as the vaccine supply increases; when the supply of the vaccines exceeds demands in the current phase; or when 60-70% of the persons in the current phase are vaccinated. “Phase 1b plus” includes individuals ages 16-64 with comorbidities, high-risk health conditions, and disabilities. 

Mask Reminder
Please remember to send 2-3 clean masks/day with your child to school. The weather has warmed up enough that students are back outside to play! However, the remaining snow, mud, and puddles create opportunity for masks to get wet or dirty.  
Dr. Michelle M. Shinn