Long-Term Facilities Planning Update

December 9, 2022

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  • Finance & Audit Committee Meeting Summary
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  • In Case You Missed It: November 29 Board of Education Work Session
  • Coming Soon: Public Building Tours

Finance & Audit Committee Meeting Summary

The Finance and Audit Committee held a meeting on Monday, December 5. During this meeting, the committee received an update and engaged in a discussion regarding the long-term facilities plan. The agenda and all documents reviewed at the meeting can be found here. Some highlights from the meeting included:

  • A review of the points that the District is currently exploring, which include:
  • Expanding K-4 elementary schools to include Grade 5.
  • Locating a Middle Years Building (Grades 6-8) at the current Woodbury site.
  • A decentralized model for an expanded PreK program, which would be housed in 2-3 elementary school buildings.
  • A thorough renovation of the District's elementary schools, equivalent to the recent Fernway renovation, and in alignment with state school construction standards.
  • A look at how possible bond scenarios would be calculated and the impact that potential bond issues would have on individual taxpayers. 
  • An in-depth discussion regarding PreK expansion, including what has been discussed by the Board of Education to date, what needs to be decided and when these decisions must be made. 
  • The committee discussed the merits and limitations of segmenting the facilities plan. Segmenting refers to implementing the facilities plan in two phases. Key takeaways from this discussion included:
  • The District will continue to incur maintenance costs on any building that is segmented from the plan.
  • Segmenting may leave less money for the second phase of the plan than if it were to be completed in one phase.
  • Construction costs will likely increase and OFCC contributions are unknown if the District attempts to wait on a portion of the project.
  • Segmenting will result in a lower initial bond issue, but would mean going back for a second bond issue after a period of time

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In Case You Missed It: November 29 Board of Education Work Session

The Tuesday, November 29, Board of Education Work Session centered around an in-depth conversation for long-term facilities planning. Click here for key highlights and a timestamped video recording

Coming Soon: Public Building Tours

Please stay tuned for updates on how you may sign up for public tours of the District’s school buildings. More information will be released within upcoming facilities updates.

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