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Friday, November 22, 2019
The new SCS_WLAN wireless network is live District-wide TODAY!
Not Connected? Check the instructions below.
Starting TODAY(Nov. 22), the District’s MCS_WLAN network is officially offline at all sites. The new WiFi network that's been communicated over the past couple of months, SCS_WLAN, is the only available wireless network in all SCS schools and administrative office buildings.

Login credentials have been updated for the new network. Please carefully review the instructions:

  1. Select “SCS_WLAN” from the available networks in your device’s WiFi settings. It is accessible from all computers and smart phones.
  2. Log in with your Active Directory ID, which is the same as your SCS email username and password.
  3. The first time you log in on a device, you will be asked to trust the certificate. Once you do, you won't be asked again.
  4. If you’re a Mac user, there is one extra step. After completing the three steps above, you will see another pop-up window asking for a username and password. For this, you will enter the password for your actual device, not your email password. Once you do, you won’t see the popup again.

If you logged into the SCS_WLAN network previously, but can no longer connect,
try changing your Active Directory password, which is your email password.
Need additional help? Call the IT Help Desk at 416-2700, option 5.