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Monday, November 2, 2020
Don't click links or attachments in external emails!
Phishing scams and malware targeting SCS and personal email accounts are on the rise again. Malicious emails can damage computers, servers, files and more. They can also potentially put your sensitive personal information at risk.
The latest scams have been imitating school administrator accounts, but there have been others in the past. Generally, these types of emails to your SCS email account contain an external sender address, meaning the subject line will say “EXTERNAL." There will also be a disclaimer in the body of the email saying it’s external.

Below are additional ways to detect potentially harmful external email messages:
  • The display name does not match the email address
  • You were not expecting an email from that person or it is out of the norm
  • Includes an attachment, web link, google drive link or stating “click here”
  • Asks for your username and password
  • Asks for money, gift cards or bank account access
  • Goes against established SCS processes
  • Web addresses contained in any link appear to be suspicious
  • You doubt the validity of the email or get a suspicious feeling
WHEN IN DOUBT, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK OR ATTACHMENT IN AN EXTERNAL EMAIL! If you're unsure, it's safer to call the sender, rather than clicking the link or replying to the email.

What do you do if you click a phishing or malware link?

  • Disconnect your computer from the network and/or power it off immediately.
  • Calling 416-2700 (option 5) or send an email to IT Security at from a separate email account to report it to IT right away.
To help create more awareness and protect employees from phishing scams, the IT and Risk Management teams are creating a new training course in Safe Schools. Be on the lookout for more info soon.