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May 20, 2021
UPDATE: New District branding resources & communication guidance
During the State of the District Address last month, Superintendent Ray announced the potential renaming of our District to "Memphis-Shelby County Schools." Though a definitive timeframe has not been set, we understand the excitement surrounding the announcement and want to provide some clear guidance on how to identify our District appropriately in the interim while a plan is being developed.
Guidance for Identifying the District
Until further notice, we are still "Shelby County Schools (SCS)," as recognized by the TDOE. Employees may refer to the potential name, "Memphis-Shelby County Schools," verbally only, but not in any form of logo, signage or digital/printed marketing materials.  

Visual Branding
While a plan and timeline are being developed for the potential renaming of the District, standard letterhead, business cards, formal documents and other web/digital content that represents the District in an official capacity should continue to use the current SCS name and logo. However, employees should use caution when considering the mass production of promotional items (shirts, cups, bags, signs, etc.), particularly those intended for long-term use. *As a reminder, all designs for mass-produced internal and external promotional items should be approved by the Communications Department.
Acceptable Branding Alternatives
"Reimaging 901" is the District's vision and plan for truly transforming the educational experience for students by reimagining education, schools and communities in the 901. To continually spread awareness, encourage support and keep energy high for this inspiring vision, we encourage all employees to utilize the following branding resources regularly. The Reimagining 901 logo is a recommended substitution for the standard SCS logo for any longer-term promotional items.

  • Logo: For promotional materials, documents, presentations, email signatures, etc. (Find logos here.)
  • PPT Template: For District presentations (Find PPT templates here.)
  • Hashtag - #Reimagining901: For any social media content related to reimagining education, schools or communities
  • Tagline - "Reimagining Education. Reimagining Schools. Reimagining Education.": For promotional materials, documents, presentations, email signatures, etc.
Considering working at a new school next year? The 2021-22 transfer period is open through May 31!

The 2021-22 transfer period is open for all school staff interested in transferring to a new school site next school year. The transfer period will remain open through May 31. Please read this memo from HR for the full details on the 2021-22 transfer process.
Sign up TODAY for the SCS Games for a shot at ultimate bragging rights for your school or department!

Get your school or department team together NOW because the SCS Games are coming up June 1-4! SCS employees can form teams and go head-to-head with colleagues across the District and businesses and organizations from around the city in Kickball (outdoors), Volleyball (outdoors), Track (outdoors), Family Feud (indoors), and Field Day Games. Health and safety protocols will be in place for all activities. It's FREE for SCS employees to participate, and spouses are welcome to play, too (no children). Sign up here!

If you have specific requests or questions, please email
Check out the latest TEM & NIE 2021-22 certification updates!

2021-22 TEM Certification: The Employee Performance & Support (EPS) team is gearing up for 2021-22 TEM certification. There are two methods for obtaining certification: Self-Paced (Canvas) or Virtual (two-day session in Teams). TIER I and TIER II participants will be automatically placed in their prospective courses. Hence, self-registration is not necessary. The course will go live on May 24. 

  1. TIER I (Self-Paced): Conducted a minimum of one instructional evaluation during the 20-21 school year AND has been certified for four consecutive years
  2. TIER II (Self Paced): Certified within the last three years (school years 18-19, 19-20, 020-21)
  3. TIER III (Virtual): Administrators who have never conducted a formal TEM observation; course numbers and date information can be found here

Note: If you are participating in the Self-Paced courses, you will need to complete the coursework and calibration by July 30.
New NIE Evaluators: Evaluators new to the Non-Instructional Evaluation (NIE) process must attend ONE of the LIVE (Virtual) certification trainings that will begin July 15.

Returning NIE Evaluators: The recertification process will involve successfully completion of the Self-Paced NIE Refresher course in Canvas. Certified returning NIE evaluators will be automatically placed in this course. The course will be open for learner interaction on
June 1. 

IMPORTANT: Team members WILL NOT be able to select you as their evaluator if you have not completed the NIE certification OR recertification process.

For details on the process and dates of trainings, please click here.
According to the American Psychological Association (APA), anger is defined as an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. Both external and internal factors can trigger anger. This week’s mental health focus is anger and how to best deal with and manage this strong emotion.
Don’t Let Anger Control You!

Anger is a completely normal emotion. In fact, anger is a part of our adaptive response to threats; it’s needed for survival. However, if we become angry too often or if our anger is hurting others, we must develop coping mechanisms to deal with that anger and aggression. Read Cigna’s newsletter entitled “Is Your Anger Hurting Others?” Also, check out the ADA’s information on anger and how to control it.

Do you think you may be dealing with anger in an unhealthy way? Take this quiz to determine your ability to manage anger.
Anger is not one size fits all!

Did you know that anger comes in many different forms? In this article by Psychology Today, four types of anger are explained and how these types can lead to destructive outcomes.
Dealing with anger during the pandemic!

We know that our lives changed drastically when the pandemic hit us without warning. However, we not only had to deal with a pandemic, but we also witnessed economic disparities, racial tensions, political conflicts, and even death at alarming rates. It is no wonder that many of us would feel angry at some point.

Here is a great Q & A with Dr. Hans Steiner, an award-winning clinician, and Professor Emeritus at The Stanford University School of Medicine, on anger and aggression
Dealing with anger during the pandemic!

We have all heard this saying, but the adage is true; we must turn lemons into lemonade. To manage anger and frustration, it’s important to accept the situations in life that we cannot change, actively work to process the mental struggles associated with big changes, and recognize when trauma may be affecting our mental health. Listen to T.D. Jakes, one of the world’s most renowned spiritual leaders, explain internal anger.

And remember, only YOU can make YOU happy. So let’s end this on a positive note by watching Pastor Jakes explain how to own your own happiness.
APPLY TODAY! Positions for Promotional Summer School & the Summer Learning Academy are open!

If you're interested in earning some extra money for the summer and helping support students' academic needs, some great opportunities are available!

The deadline has been extended to apply for positions in Promotional Summer School. Positions are open for teachers, site administrators, school counselors, educational assistants, and school clerks. Visit to learn more.

Click here to apply for Summer Learning Academy positions by May 30. Positions are open for elementary and middle school regular education, special education, ESL teachers, clerks, guidance counselors, teacher assistants, bilingual mentors, and site administrators.

Summer School and Summer Learning Academy employees will receive a $3.00 hourly bonus paid at the end of the program.
Extra money is coming to your next two paychecks! May 14 & 28 are insurance premium holidays!

SCS is serving up a special benefit for employees in May - TWO, actually! May 14 and 28 are insurance premium holidays, meaning all employees enrolled in SCS health benefits plans will not have any paycheck deductions for medical benefits. Please note, other standard benefit deductions will be included, such as basic life, vision and dental.
Don't miss out on the LAST week to participate in Fitness In The Park!

Coordinated School Health and Human Resources are partnering to help SCS employees stay active and healthy this spring. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, employees can sign up for various FREE group fitness classes, like Yoga, Zumba, and Bootcamp/full-body workouts. All workouts are held at Shelby Farms! Register here!

For the last week of FITP, we will give a FITP goodie bag to ALL first time attendees.
Men, take charge of your health with SCS by attending the annual Men's Health Event on June 4.

The men of SCS are invited for a fun afternoon Friday, June 4, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., with free food and giveaways. Join us at the Messick Adult Center to get valuable information to help you lead a healthy lifestyle!

  • Protect the Heart: Heart Disease is the #1 killer of men.
  • Getting Exercise: Lift, run or choose any way you like to be active.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Get regular check-ups.
  • Quitting Time: Avoid bad habits.
  • Get Tough with Yourself: Keep your mind sharp.