September 28, 2017
Last night FUSD announced that it would pay subs $500 per day during a Strike. 

There are only two words to describe their actions-desperate and typical. They avoid responding to proposals that will help students and educators, drag bargaining out over 455 days, but agree to pay subs up $1.9 million dollars per day during the strike, all while telling us they respect us?  No thank you! 

Let's put the numbers into context:
$500 per day is more than a teacher with 15 years of experience makes per day in FUSD.  What teacher would cross a picket line, earn less than a sub for the day, and still be held responsible for whatever happens as a teacher of record?

3800 FTA Educators  $500 = $1.9 million per day.

What can FUSD do with $1.9 million? Hire 41 new teachers to help cap class sizes!
Be prepared . Their desperation is likely to continue, and the following are typical next moves when a district feels pressure:
  • Giving us a counter proposal ahead of the strike vote in an attempt to divide us and slow down our momentum for October 3rd. For example, if you hear they are all of a sudden "guaranteeing" their 90-10 healthcare plan, be cautious. The details of our healthcare plan must be done correctly to truly guarantee we will not find ourselves paying more money in surprise costs later.  
  • Trying to create division between parents and educators by telling parents that the strike is only about wages & benefits, and has nothing to do with students.
  • Trying to scare educators by threatening to eliminate their healthcare during a strike.

The importance of your presence on October 3rd just got bigger.  Talk to your colleagues and encourage everyone to show up Tuesday wearing their BLUE t-shirts.  You will be signed in electronically to the event.  Look for an email from Eventbrite with your ticket attached.

I hope to see you all at People's Church on Tuesday October 3rd from 5:00 - 7:00pm.
If you haven't RSVP's for October 3rd, CLICK HERE TO RSVP:


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The  FTA rep. council voted to authorize the executive board to call for a strike vote of the general membership. So what does that mean? FTA President Tish Rice explains.

AC not working in your classroom?
Here are some steps to help:
Notify the office manager or Plant Coordinator (PC) to check the controls to make sure they are on and functioning.
There's a slider in the classroom that can be moved to bring temp down 3 degrees.
If that doesn't work, then the site needs to call Energy Management who'll call the HVAC guys to go out and service.  
Below is Jason's contact info from Maintenance and Ops. 
559 457 - 3045

Have you moved? Do you have a new phone number or email? 

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