August 7, 2018

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for being a loyal customer.  Your faith in my abilities to care for your technology is so much appreciated.

I would like to take a moment to let you know the very best ways to reach me when you need assistance.

My customer base is large and diverse, and very creative in how they reach me.  I have always tried to be very flexible and respond to the requests, no matter how they come to me.  But it is becoming a challenge to keep up with it.  The requests come in many forms:  phone, email, my online calendar, my website contact form, text messages, Facebook instant messages, even through Instagram.

I have a client tracking system that tracks EVERYTHING for each of my clients.  Requests, system information, invoices, payments, and proposals.  This client tracking system is where I am most productive in getting back to you.  It is important that all of our correspondence goes through this system.

Text messaging, Facebook instant messages, or any kind of social media, does not integrate with my system.  These methods of contact require me to manually open a ticket in my client tracking software, and copy and paste your request into it.  It seems small, but it takes about an extra 5 minutes per request to do this.  I get a few dozen requests per day, about 1/2 through text or social media.  So if you do the math, I can be spending an extra hour or so every day doing a task that is easily automated, by using the right contact methods.

So, this is how I DO want you to contact me:

1.      Email - This is my favorite method, and please use  

2.      Phone - if you leave me a voicemail, I can easily forward the voicemail to an email that goes to my tracking system.

3.      My online calendar - If you are calling or emailing me to make an appointment, sometimes we can go back and forth several times to find a date that works for both of us.  My online calendar has my full schedule, and in a matter of a few minutes, you can set an appointment that works best for you.  

4.      My online contact request form - this is a great way to reach me as well.

ALL of the above methods forward the request directly to my client tracking system.  I also get a text message letting me know of your request.

This is how I DO NOT want you to contact me:

1.      Text message - text messages come with the expectation that the other person will respond back to you right away.  That is not always possible for me to do.  If I am on the phone or with a client, I cannot take my focus away from that to respond to a text message.  I also have no way to forward a text message to my client tracking system.  I can no longer respond to text messages, and I would be forever grateful to everyone if you no longer use this means to get in touch with me.

2.     Facebook Instant Message (or any other form of social media) - this too is cumbersome for me to forward into the client tracking system.

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Summer Sale!

The dog days of summer are here, and it is time to treat our computers to something refreshing and soothing.  What better way to do that than to subscribe to a Diva Care product!

Diva Care Pro or Diva Care Lite - Two Ways to Save

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Diva Care Pro or Lite is automated maintenance for your computer. . . . AND SOON a member website full of blogs, videos, and classes.  All to help you have a better relationship with your computer.

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Diva Care Managed AntiVirus

Purchase an annual subscription, and get one month for free.

Our Managed AntiVirus program provides you will award winning antivirus software.  Our engine uses Emsisoft AntiVirus or Bitdefender, both award-winning antimalware software that protects against Ransomware, Bots/Backdoors, Banking Trojans, PUP's and much more. Includes Surf Protection, Real-Time File Blocker, and Behavoior Guard.

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3 Reasons Why All Homes Should Have Office 365

Microsoft Office has been THE office suite for more than a decade, whether it's for business or students doing their homework. Other applications have come and gone, but it's expected that most people will be doing their work in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. While you may have an older version of Office that you love, there are three good reasons you should upgrade to Office 365.

It's more accessible

Office 365 operates in the cloud, which means you can use your Word, Excel, Outlook and other office products from anywhere.  This means no more forgotten homework, files you can't access until you get to work or lost documents. The cloud has them all ready and waiting for you, wherever you are. Save important files to a USB drive or your computer and use the cloud versions as your mobile copy, there really are no restrictions on how flexible Office 365 can be.

Another benefit is that since it's in the cloud, the barriers between Mac and PC versions have been erased. It runs on both platforms and on any device - iPhones, iPads, Android, tablets and many other smart devices. A hefty allocation of cloud storage comes with it too, in the form of OneDrive, so you can access your documents from any device. Many people have started using their OneDrive to store all of their important data, including photos, media and recipes. You can even share your files with a simple link, and you always have complete control over who sees what.

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