Diva has the goods this month! 
Even though its November you know Christmas is around the corner.  
This news has all Divas Xmas skincare packs , gift vouchers and offers ready for you to get your hands on. Perfect for gift vouchers or for yourself to look your BEST across the silly season. 
SLEEP-IN MASK is the perfect hydration facial while you sleep. This NEW product will be featured in the XMAS O CORE FOUR KITS, in store now.  Every year these kits go fast so, don't leave it too late if you'd like a great deal on your favourite O Cosmedic products. It's limited stock only so, just pay over the phone if you can't get to me and I'll hold one for you. Give your skin it's best glow yet!  
I've been getting bookings for xmas week since the end of September, which is crazy but, you need to get organized for the next 2 months ahead. Don't forget to book in any extras you may like too. 
Enjoy this months news and get Christmas Ready! 
Yours in Skin Scrumptiousness,
Sarah XO

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