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Protecting Our Ocean Treasures 

W20 joined World Oceans Day at the New England Aquarium to expand the campaign to protect New England's oceans. W20 members collected almost 100 letters from kids to President Obama urging him to protect Cashes Ledge and the Atlantic seamounts. Join in the movement by sending your own letter to the President and your policymakers. 
Ocean Noise

W20 received an overwhelming response for stopping ocean noise following our Spring event. We sent more than 100 letters to Massachusetts lawmakers asking them to stop seismic exploration on the East Coast. A ban on seismic testing would insure whales and other marine life could communicate, find food, navigate and survive in a noisy ocean.

Missed it? Learn all about noise pollution on our blog.

Cooking up Sustainability

Check out New England Chef Barton Seaver's latest cookbook, Superfood Seagreens: A Guide to Cooking with Power-packed Seaweed. Learn about the new summer greens that will keep you and our oceans healthy!

Save the Date:  A Members Only Event 
Get hands-on kitchen experience and sea green science with Chef Barton Seaver and Marine Ecologist Nichole Price.
Wednesday, October 19th
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Volume I, Issue I, July 2016