Diversion Training: A Deeper Dive into Housing Problem-Solving

Join Kira Zylstra and Mary Frances Kenion of ICF on Thursday, July 14th, from 3 PM to 5 PM as they host this new Diversion Problem-Solving training course designed to increase our community skillset.  Click below to add this special training opportunity to your calendar!

Diversion Training Calendar Invite

What is Diversion?

Diversion is a client-driven intervention that aims to prevent unsheltered homelessness, avert stays in a shelter, and ensure that experiences of homelessness are as brief as possible.  The goal of diversion is to help a person or household that has recently lost their housing promptly find safe alternative housing rather than enter an emergency shelter or experience unsheltered homelessness.*

How Does Diversion Work?

Through interactive, problem-solving conversations with the client, staff seeks to:

  • understand what caused a person’s housing crisis;
  • explore potential immediate solutions to the situation; and
  • help them pursue a solution(s).


The idea is to immediately get the client into a safe housing alternative, be it short- or long-term.  Some options may include:

  • a return to family or a negotiated return to their previous housing;
  • short-term, non-shelter accommodations;
  • apartments or homes (including shared housing).*

Join via Zoom Here on July 14th!

*Diversion descriptions provided by the National Alliance to End Homelessness

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