Institutions around the nation are adopting inclusive statements that actively position themselves and their members into the constantly expanding discourse around equity, inclusion, and social justice. Over the years, our college’s mission has remained in alignment with equity-related goals and outcomes, however, as the discourse advances, we must keep pace with new knowledge in terms of its scope and urgency by ensuring that our mission also includes opportunities for introspection and self-reflection as a community. In keeping with this position, the COE Equity and Inclusion committee has adopted an affirmation that captures the attitudes of individuals engaged in this work and that they believe aligns with the overall desire and intent of individuals throughout the COE community.
Members of the committee have already begun using this statement in a variety of formats in their day to day work as a pledge, as a personal statement, a reminder, or a call to action. We are pleased to share it in the hope that it also resonates with others. We welcome all members of the COE community to use the statement in your classes, in meetings, as a post for your offices or any number of other collective ways that amplify your position and the intent behind your actions.