Our vision is a Canada without prejudice and discrimination – a country that celebrates diversity, difference and inclusion. CCDI is proud to share with you its latest initiatives, events and resources dedicated to driving the diversity conversation here in Canada.
April 2019
What does it mean to be an inclusive leader? What should a leader be doing to ensure they are getting the most out of the people around them?

Based on current research and established frameworks in inclusive leadership, this Community of Practice event will explore the competencies of inclusive leaders and provide participants with strategies to build inclusion within their team and organizations. Leaders are all around us and exist in all levels of an organization – join us to learn how you can develop your inclusive leadership skills. Read more...
Upcoming events
CCDI Webinar: Emotional culture
Apr. 9: English | Apr. 23: French

CCDI Webinar: Inclusive communications
Apr. 11: English | Apr. 25: French

Community of Practice: Inclusive leadership
April 23: Montreal, QC
April 25: Halifax, NS
April 30: Toronto, ON

CCDI Webinar: LGBTQ2+ intersectionality - Understanding the lived experiences of racialized LGBTQ2+ people
May 1: English | May 15: French

 CCDI Webinar: Exploring the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB)
May 7: English | May 21: French
Community of Practice: Inclusive leadership
May 7: Victoria, BC

CCDI Webinar: Mentally healthy workplaces
May 9: English | May 23: French

Community of Practice: Inclusive leadership
May 10: Calgary, AB
May 14: Ottawa, ON
May 15: Regina, SK
May 16: Saskatoon, SK
May 17: Kitchener, ON
May 23: Winnipeg, MB
May 24: St. John's, NL
May 27: London, ON
May 28: Whitby, ON
May 29: Mississauga, ON

Lads and Lashes
May 17: Vancouver, BC
Nominate someone for an Award
of Success!
There are many awards – in Canada, and around the world – that recognize employers for their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Yet there are relatively few honours that acknowledge the people who work tirelessly to help make their workplaces, and Canadian society, more inclusive.

CCDI’s Awards of Success have been designed to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to diversity and inclusion here in Canada – whether internally to their organization or externally to the community at large. Read more...
We want to talk to you!
CCDI is launching a podcast, and we need you! The series – Talking to Canadians – will explore the unique, lived experiences of people from various walks of life. Our goal is to help the listener understand something about a person whose life is different than theirs.

Interested in being interviewed? Shoot an email to communications@ccdi.ca with a few words about your story! 
Lads and Lashes
Lads & Lashes  is a unique fundraising event being held in Vancouver, BC on May 17, 2019, that seeks to stretch boundaries and explore diversity while demonstrating that sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones can not only be fun, but create a new perspective on life.

Organized by the  Q Hall of Fame Canada  in support of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, Lads & Lashes is a unique spin on the traditional team challenge events. Read more...
Welcome to our new Employer Partners
We mainly work with employers, because we know that when the workplace is inclusive, positive effects are felt by the broader community. Join us in welcoming the latest addition to our unparalleled  Employer Partner roster :

Upcoming observances

Multicultural Communications Month

Apr. 14: Palm Sunday
Apr. 14: Rama Vavami
Apr. 19-27: Passover
Apr. 20 - May 2: Ridvan
Apr. 21: Easter (Western)
Apr. 22: Easter Monday
Apr. 22: Earth Day
Apr. 28: Easter (Eastern)
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