Our vision is a Canada without prejudice and discrimination – a country that celebrates diversity, difference and inclusion. CCDI is proud to share with you its latest initiatives, events and resources dedicated to driving the diversity conversation here in Canada.
June / July 2019
CCDI is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 Awards of Success! These awards have been designed to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to diversity and inclusion here in Canada – whether internally to their organization or externally to the community at large.

CCDI received a record number of nominations for our 2019 awards, making the judging process a welcome challenge. Explore the list of winners.
Upcoming events
CCDI Webinar: Engaging Straight, White, Able-bodied, Men (SWAMs) as active allies
July 9: English

CCDI Webinar: Measurement for success
July 11: English

CCDI Webinar: Newcomer inclusion
August 13: English

CCDI Webinar: Religious inclusion and the denigration of the Christian faith
August 15: English

CCDI Webinar: Transitions in the workplace - Promising practices in providing a positive space
September 4: English

CCDI Webinar: Respect in the workplace
September 10: English
CCDI Webinar: Reverse discrimination
September 12: English

Community of Practice: Circle for reconciliation
September 25: Edmonton AB
October 9: Vancouver BC
October 17: Regina SK
October 21: Victoria BC
October 25: Montréal QC
October 29: St. John's NL
November 5: Halifax NS
November 7: Fredericton NB
November 8: Montcton NB
November 14: Ottawa ON
November 19: London ON
November 21: Mississauga ON
November 22: Kitchener ON
November 26: Oshawa ON
In light of the feedback we’ve received from attendees of our previous French webinars, CCDI has decided to re-evaluate the development and delivery of these webinars and have temporarily removed them from our current programming. We will have a refreshed French webinar program, aimed at better meeting your needs, announced in the upcoming months. We anticipate launching these new webinars in September/October 2019.
Circle for reconciliation
What role do employers have in reconciliation? CCDI is pleased to host a Circle for Reconciliation, which will take participants through the Commission’s recommendations related to the workplace, share locally relevant issues around Indigenous inclusion, and provide examples of ways employers can work toward meaningful reconciliation. Learn more...
CCDI in the news
Become a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP™)
As a diversity and inclusion professional, you know your skills are vital to the future of Canadian organizations. Yet, how can you prove to your clients or employers that you have what it takes to advance the D&I agenda and promote real change? Get certified and become a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP™). Learn more...
New podcast - coming soon!
Talking to Canadians is a podcast the strives to tell the unique and diverse stories of Canadians. CCDI’s Founder & CEO, Michael Bach, sits down with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and dives into their unique, lived experiences, to share what connects us as Canadians. Stay tuned!
CCDI calls on Statistics Canada to include LGBTQ2+ people in Census
Currently, the only nation-wide available data from Statistics Canada about LGBTQ2+ people in Canada is about the number of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in same-sex marriages, or cohabitating couples. This leaves out individuals who are single and people who don’t identify as gay, lesbian and bisexual. It also doesn’t offer any information about trans and two-spirit Canadians. In short, it is woefully lacking.  Read more...
Welcome to our new Employer Partners
We mainly work with employers, because we know that when the workplace is inclusive, positive effects are felt by the broader community. Join us in welcoming the latest addition to our unparalleled  Employer Partner roster :

Upcoming observances
Indigenous History Month/Pride Month

June 8-10: Shavuot
June 16: Father’s Day
June 21: Summer Solstice
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