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Diversity & Inclusion
Welcome to our July issue. This topic (which we chose in November 2019), Diversity & Inclusion, could not be more important or relevant to the times. Our goal in this issue is to share thoughtful content to educate and provoke action as well as to provide you with tools and resources to help support the Diversity & Inclusion efforts within your organization. We also hope to answer the question-what can I as one person do to create change?
Diversity & Inclusion
Bridging Divides One Table at a Time 

By Lyn Turknett
Co-founder & co-chair TLG
I’ve thought so much about division and healing in recent months and have thought especially about how each of us can lead the way. I have found some things that make me hopeful. Bob and I talked in our Founders’ Letter last month about the Black Lives Matter sign initiative that was starting in our neighborhood. The initiative was an amazing success - what started as a hope by one person for 50 signs turned into an order for over a 1,000. Seeing Mississippi change their flag, NASCAR become more welcoming, and Georgia pass a Hate Crimes law has also made me hopeful.  READ MORE
Unrecognizable woman holds her hand near ear and listens_ close-up
Portrait of a handsome excited black man in his late 20s cupping ear listening isolated on white
Want to Address Racism in your organization?
 Here's How to Listen.
by Dr. Patricia Thompson
Senior Consultant TLG

With the recent tragic murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, many individuals have become aware of systemic racism in a deeper way. The video footage of everything from people calling 911 as a result of African Americans engaging in innocuous acts, to horrific acts of police brutality, has made the plight of Blacks in America impossible (for most) to ignore. As a result, more and more people are wanting to learn how they can become allies in the fight against anti-racism. READ MORE
Tino's Corner

My Trip to Dachau

President & CEO TLG

In 1975, I had the opportunity to travel to the Bavarian region of Germany with my college wrestling team. We competed against German club teams over the course of a couple of weeks. When the competition ended, team members were encouraged to tour the region. One of my most memorable experiences was my visit to the Nazi concentration camp museum in Dachau. Two teammates attended with me and one of them was my Jewish friend and fellow grappler.   READ MORE
Act Boldly and S.E.R.V.E.
by Dr. Cherry Collier
Senior Consultant TLG

We’re very familiar with the prevalence of extensive discrimination and social bias and yet we haven’t always been aware of how cognitive biases hijack our every day thinking and cloud our vision. Now, is the time to act boldly and ‘ SERVE ’ selflessly to envision the future of an all-inclusive, impartial, and fair workplace.
What does it truly mean to SERVE ?
S - STOP responding automatically and mindlessly, as I quote in my book ‘Stop, Look and Listen: Exploring the Human Condition’. Break the patterns. Before responding to any situation or circumstance, stop pause, and explore the reasons and feelings associated with those responses.
The Dynamics of Inclusion
Lyn Turknett
Co-founder & Co-chair TLG

This panel discussion from 2017 is still extremely relevant. Panel members at that time were:
Rock Anderson : Cox Automotive (currently SVP HR, Auto Nation)
Joe Garcia : Home Depot ( Senior Director, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness(
Jo Anne Hill : AFLAC (currently Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Piedmont Healthcare)
Facilitated by Lyn Turknett

I've been personally thinking about workforce diversity since I was a child watching my mother, who got an MBA in the 1950s, struggle to navigate the world of work. We've all just seen the Catalyst announcement that women now hold 28 of the CEO positions in the S&P 500 (Note: As of 6/15/20, that number is 29) , but I hoped it would be far more by now.
After introductions each panelist was asked the question, “What three practices or initiatives have been most powerful at moving the needle on diversity and inclusion in your organization?” READ MORE
Do you feel more hopeful?
Are you more hopeful today that positive change will happen regarding race issues?
June Poll Results:
If you had the choice, where would you prefer to work?

  • Hybrid of office and work from home 52.8%
  • Remotely 25%
  • In an office setting 22.2%
Meet Hala

Hala Moddelmog has been named as the sixth Lifetime Achievement for Leadership Character award winner. Turknett Leadership Group is proud to be honoring Hala with our most prestigious award.

This recognition is well-deserved as she has demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities in business and philanthropy throughout her career. Hala’s background consists of over 20 years of corporate leadership experience and three years as President & CEO at Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Moddelmog was also the first female President & CEO to run the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

One only needs to look at Atlanta’s progress under her reign at the Chamber to see the immeasurable difference she has made. Most importantly, Hala was selected for this award because she leads with integrity and character. Her career has been defined by the unwavering respect, humility, and courage needed to overcome the many obstacles in both her personal and professional life.  
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Join us virtually on Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday July 24, 2020
8am - 10am

“Helping Women Dream BIG: It's Your Time, Your Turn” 

featuring Tricia Dempsey, Career Strategist/Creator of Digital Courses & ThriveHer

If you missed June Women in Leadership, here's a summary too good to miss!

Monica Hooks , CEO WEI -
Women Entrepreneurs Initiative
Attendees were definitely informed, inspired, and invigorated!
Turknett Buzz
Cherry Collier, Ph.D. MCC
Senior Consultant

Dr. Cherry advances healthy cultures, people, and processes through innovative behavior change services and science-based technologies. With more than 24 years of expertise, she propels people, teams, and organizations to achieve their goals using her brain-based scientific approach. She understands the art and science of bias and uses her 18 published leadership competency-based books to share knowledge, skills and abilities with others.

Dr. Cherry has helped her clients integrate bias reduction and emotional intelligence with leadership styles that empower participants to capitalize on opportunities to serve as leaders in various sectors including academia, government,non-profit, and the industry/private sector. Dr.Cherry’s work begins long before the first day of her engagements. She customizes every topic, exercise, module, and program to match the unique needs of the client and the organization to ensure her bias training will have an impact .

  • Assessment for Unconscious Bias
  • Bias Reduction Training
  • Bias Awareness Train the Trainer Training
  • Neuro Leadership: Brain Based Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Company Policy & Processes Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural & Sensitivity Coaching/Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Executive Coaching
  • Team Engagement & Development Strategies
Special Offering: Diversity & Inclusion Program
Workplace Ensemble:
Integrated Approach for Building an
Inclusive and Diverse Workplace
Everyone in your organization has a role in building a diverse and inclusive workplace, especially your leaders and senior management.
Coaching executives is the center of our framework.
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Tell It With a Story

Blog Series
This new Blog Post Series from TLG Strategic Partner and Chief Storyteller Rick Stone will be published weekly on the TLG website turknett.com and through social media.
Look for these informative and inspiring posts on what story telling can teach us and how to use it to improve your communication and it's stickiness .
Confirmation Bias-
How Do We Overcome the Power of the Einstellung Effect?
  The Einstellung effect shows up for us daily in what psychologists term “confirmation bias.” Peter Wason [ was the first to name it. Confirmation bias can have all kinds of pernicious and harmful consequences.

For example, if you have chosen to get a second opinion on a serious medical condition and the new doctor reads the diagnosis of the first physician, he or she is more likely to not see data or symptoms that might contradict the earlier diagnosis. The initial diagnosis can affect their judgement and more than likely will lead them to agree with the first physician’s take on your situation. READ MORE
This diverse panel of distinguished CFOs from across the spectrum discussed leadership from the financial organization of a company, illuminated the vital role CFOs serve, and took questions from the audience.
Tino Mantella had the honor of moderating a panel for the Hispanic Corporate Council of Atlanta (HCCA) "Leadership from the CFO Suite"

-Steve Stone, CFO at Accenture North America
 - Kristen McCollum, CFO at United Way of Greater Atlanta
- Jose Paniagua, CFO at Inspire Brands
What we are reading?
TLG President & CEO

by Dr. Cherry Collier

The results are worth the effort, for as Dr. Collier says: We are better together!
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair

by Randy Korach
President Innovative Roofing Company

This is an excellent piece and wonderful example of leaders listening to their employees and communicating.

I also enjoyed this 7/1/20 article in Fortune where Jenny Johnson discusses assuming the top leadership role during a time marked by multiple leadership challenges.

From Harvard Business Review
"HBR has some great content coming out right now. I highly recommend" -Lyn

by  David Pedulla May 12, 2020

By:  Tom Starner  | June 23, 2020

By:  Kathryn Mayer  | June 30, 2020

By:  Elizabeth Clarke  | June 8, 2020

By:  Alina Polonskaia  and  Mark Royal  | December 10, 2019
VP Strategic Services TLG

by Carol Andersen

Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, this well-researched book chronicles the deliberate and brutal backlash to advances by African-Americans, from Reconstruction to the election of America’s first black president.

by Eduardo Porter

An examination of how racism has hurt America, socially and economically, and failed its white and non-white citizens.

by Jonathan Rothwell

Drawing on recent data and analysis, the Chief Economist at Gallup quantities the causes and costs of inequality.
Resources: Diversity & Inclusion

This collection has links to many excellent resources

by Dr. Cherry Collier
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