November 4, 2020   
Election Update 
As of this morning, it appears the Minnesota House Stays DFL & Minnesota Senate Remains GOP

The 2020 general election in Minnesota saw every seat in the Legislature up for grabs--201 seats in total (67 seats in the Senate and 134 seats in the House). Prior to the election, the Minnesota House of Representatives was controlled by the Democrat Caucus with a 16-seat margin, and the Minnesota Senate was controlled by the Republican Caucus with an 3-seat margin. As of this moment, which some possible changes as votes continue to be counted, it appears that divided government remains in Minnesota.
Ballots are still being counted in Minnesota for the next six days and results may change pending final vote counts.  
Minnesota House

The Democrat Caucus appears to have retained control of the Minnesota House of Representatives with a decreased majority from 76 seats to now 69 seats. The Republicans appear to have won 64 seats, with one seat yet undecided.

Minnesota Senate

The Republican Caucus appears to have retained control of the Minnesota Senate. The Republican Caucus likely retains its majority with 34 seats. The DFL has 32 seats, and one seat is yet undecided.

2021-2022 State Legislative Composition

Given the 2020 election results, Minnesota will maintain its divided government for the upcoming 2021-2022 biennium. The Governor's office remains in the control of DFL Governor Tim Walz.

Minnesota Congressional Races

Minnesota's U.S,. House of Representatives delegation is now a split down the middle with four of the eight seats being Democrat and the other four seats Republican.  Michelle Fischbach prevailed in U.S. House District 7 over Collin Peterson. Tina Smith kept her U.S. Senate seat.

We Look Forward To Working With Elected Officials On Issues Vital To Minnesota's Retailers, Consumers And Communities

Over the years we have learned that the issues impacting retailers and consumers transcend political parties and election results.  We kook forward to working with newly elected legislators on important economic recovery across all Minnesota.  

Mn Retailers IMPACT Endorsed Candidates Results

53 of the 55 candidates endorsed by the Mn Retailers IMPACT won election.

Endorsed in House:  Tama Theis (elected), Sondra Erickson (elected), Chris Swedzinski (elected), Dave Baker (elected), Joe Schomacker (elected), John Petersburg (elected), Brian Daniels (elected), Duane Quam (elected), Gene Pelowski Jr. (elected), Greg Davids (elected), Marion O'Neill (elected), Paul Novotny (elected), Kurt Daudt (elected), Anne Neu (elected), Jerry Hertaus (elected), Kristin Robbins (elected), Peggy Scott (elected), Zack Stephenson (elected), Donald Raleigh (elected), Bob Dettmer (elected), Jim Nash (elected), Heather Edelson (elected), Steve Elkins (elected), Tony Jurgens (elected), Tony Albright (elected), Jon Koznick (elected), and Pat Garofalo (elected).

Endorsed in Senate: Thomas Bakk (elected), Kent Eken (elected), David Tomassoni (elected), Bill Ingebrigtsen (elected), Paul Gazelka (elected), Torrey Westrom (elected), Jerry Relph (elected), Andrew Mathews (elected), Gary Dahms (elected), Julie Rosen (elected), John Jasinski (elected), David Senjem (elected), Carla Nelson (elected), Jeremy Miller (elected), Michelle Benson (elected), Mark Koran (elected), David Osmek (elected), Warrem Limmer (elected), Jim Abeler (elected), John Hoffman (elected), Roger Chamberlain (elected), Karin Housley (elected), Ann Rest (elected), Melisa Lopez Franzen (elected), Eric Pratt (elected), and Kari Dziedzic (elected).  
Meet The MnRA Government Relations Team  

MnRA is proud to represent Minnesota's diverse and vital retail industy. Here is your team dedicated to helping you connect with elected officials and telling the story of retail:


Savannah Sepic
Government Relations Manager,
Minnesota Retailers Association

Tom Freeman
Government Relations Consultant,
Faegre Drinker

Bruce Nustad
Minnesota Retailers Association