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- Welcome Bill Hobart

- Divine Light Special
 Extended through July

-  Feed Your Soul Fridays at Royal Oak Farmer's Market

- Soul Retrieval Healing Workshop and Ceremony

- Soul Retrieval Training

- Soul Retrieval Explained

- Group Readings

- Audience Readings

- Sacred Balance Team
Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is the sacred healing ceremony where a Shamanic Guide works with Spirit to retrieve and heal the Soul. One of the oldest healing practices on the planet, Soul Retrieval addresses the results of trauma impacting our our mental, emotional, physical or spiritual state of resulting from soul loss. 

Soul Loss refers to soul essence that is no longer easily accessed by us. Soul loss protects us from the greater impact of a trauma.We don't lose our whole soul! We lost touch with aspects of our essence. During trauma, the Soul Essence protects itself from total or further injury by retreating into a dimension inaccessible without intervention. Psychologists often refer to this as dissociation. From a shamanic or intuitive perspective, that energy actually retreats into a dimension of safety, until intervention. 

Soul loss may create a variety of patterns including obsessing about a situation, returning to it over and over literally or through repeating patterns until it is healed fully. We may find ourselves feeling empty, hollow or devastated in a way that psychotherapy, medicine or spiritual practices alone cannot touch. We may experience a loss of memory or time and space regarding certain aspects of our lifetime.

In a traditional shamanic culture, the Shaman or Medicine Person would recognize soul loss and treat it within 3 days of the trauma. In contemporary culture, we do not address the soul within traditional healing modalities. Therefore, most of us have experienced some soul loss and have not had it addressed for years. Sometimes, decades.

While western approaches can prove extremely beneficial to healing, soul retrieval focuses on treating the issues at their spiritual core. It is my experience, that blending western and shamanic approaches can provide profoundly useful.

The Soul Retrieval Workshop on July 31 will provide a sacred encounter with your own soul. You will be guided through a step-by-step process to discover lost soul parts and retrieve, heal and integrate all that is ready to return at this time. We will also engage in a ceremonial celebration to support your soul retrieval.  

Soul Retrieval, like all healing modalities, is not a quick fix. It is a sacred component of one's healing journey. It can help launch or further healing. But in all cases, one must take full responsibility for their recovering for the soul retrieval to be successful. 

When soul parts fragment or retreat into another dimension for protection and is ready to return, the environment to which soul parts return must be conducive for thriving. We cannot invite soul parts into an environment to be re-traumatized through behaviors that were present at the time of loss including but not limited to addictive behaviors or dysfunctional/violent settings. We must take great care of ourselves and our soul energy to truly heal. This is why a community and professional support can help one take the appropriate steps for soul retrieval healing to manifest well.   

In my own case, after experiencing significant trauma, Soul Retrieval was the profound missing ingredient in a long journey of personal responsibility for my healing. After my soul retrieval, I noticed subtle shifts in my energy and consciousness. Most significantly, I was able to make strong strides on my own behalf that had eluded me prior to my soul retrieval! I noticed myself feeling more peaceful and capable. And, I felt deeply supported by my shaman and Spirit. 

If you are moved to have a soul healing retrieval, the soul retrieval ceremony on July 31 might be appropriate for you. Tune inward to see if this calls to you. You will be held in a compassionate and safe setting, within a group of trained practitioners and participants all devoted to sacred encounter. The Divine takes charge of these events, allowing only that which serves your highest good to manifest in these settings. If you are in psychotherapy, discuss the idea with your therapist.  Meditate and seek inner guidance.  Listen to the wisdom of your soul and trust, that in this case, Love will be the guiding force for this event.  

Whatever path you choose, may you feel the uplift and embrace of the Divine.  May you be free from all suffering. May you reside in the heart of loving peace now.  

Serving Your Highest Good
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Sacred Balance Team

Introducing Bill Hobart
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Divine Light Special extended through July

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Sacred Balance offers energy healing, soul retrieval, shamanic journey sessions and intuitive readings.  


Welcome Bill Hobart

Have pressing questions? 
Seeking guidance?
Ask the Divine! 

Sacred Balance  proudly welcomes 
Bill Hobart 
Clairvoyant and Spirited Guide 

In celebration of Bill's joining our team, 
we are extending our
 Divine Light Special  
One hour sessions for $90
(typically $110)
through July!

Call 248-219-5982

SB at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market


Fridays 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Royal Oak Farmer's Market

Mini Readings
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Raindrop Technique
Energy Work
Facial Consultations

Soul Retrieval Ceremony & Workshop
A Day of Soul Healing and Renewal 

July 31, 2016
9:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Embassy Suites Hotel 28100 Franklin Road, Southfield, Michigan

Many of us feel empty or disconnected from our essence. Soul Retrieval is an ancient method of healing at the soul level. Indigenous shaman often conducted soul retrieval ceremonies within a group setting. This unique workshop will provide a step-by-step healing process for all of the participants to experience soul-level healing and engage in a ceremonial ritual to support the healing process*. We will also engage in a healing for humanity and our planet. 

(Soul Retrieval is not a replacement of psychotherapy or medical treatment. It serves as an important facet of healing that proves supportive of those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for recovering lost parts of themselves and reconnect to their essence and power.) 

~ Remove energetic barriers and patterns
~ Retrieve soul energy and power 
~ Integrate returned essence
~ Receive intuitive guidance on how to move forward and thrive
~ Participate in a healing for earth

Please note this is NOT a training program to learn soul retrieval or a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment. 
Advanced Registration Required. Payment options include:

Check payable to Sacred Balance Mailed to: 74 West Long Lake Road Suite 100 Bloomfield Hills 48304

Pay On-Line Here
Call 248-219-5982

*If you are called to participate in a soul retrieval ceremony and are unable to easily pay the suggested fee, please come with financial amount that you can easily and effortlessly exchange at this time. 

Arrive on time as program starts promptly! Wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, pillows and blankets to ensure comfort throughout the day.  Chairs will be provided. 

Soul Retrieval Training
August 5-7

Friday evening  August 5 - Sunday, August 7
8/5   7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
8/6  9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
8/7   9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Register Here

Bring Soul Healing to others. 

If you are drawn to this level of service and have strong skills at journeying and/or accessing helping spirits with confidence, you will learn to bring this profound healing into your professional work with clients and/or others (including animals, land, places). Soul Retrieval and Soul Alchemy Training teaches you treat the effects of Soul Loss - trauma that creates a loss of self, essence, energy and connection to life.

You will learn to: 

~Identify Soul Loss 

~Track & heal soul essence

~Clear energy imprints (beliefs, energy patterns) that block thriving 

~Support clients through the healing process by creating meaningful healthy habits that nurture soul return and integration. 

~Create meaningful ceremony and celebration to support this level of service for you and those you serve.
Materials included: booklet and mp3 recordings. 

Financial Plans are available with a  Deposit of $150

Small Group Readings 
Intimate Connections with Spirit

Lori in Florida

Advance Registration Required

Group Readings are strictly limited to 12 participants. 

74 West Long Lake Road Suite 100
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304  
Lori will channel messages from the world of Spirit to heal, empower and inspire all present. Lori surrenders fully to the Divine to allow loved ones, angels and helping guides express validations, insight and closure for each participant.  

*You will receive a message from Spirit during a small group reading, though Lori cannot guarantee a specific loved will come through. Because Lori surrenders the entire event to the Divine, if you are moved to attend, trust that the messages you will receive are appropriate for you at that time and that attending will promote healing and inspiration for you. Register on-line or call 248-219-5982 to Register. Your Paypal or credit card receipt serves as your "ticket". 
Small Group Reading Policy: 
Doors open 30 min prior to the scheduled Reading. Lori begins promptly at the designated start time and doors will close 15 min after session begins. Do not arrive late as no refunds are issued for this event; including late arrivals or cancellations.

With Love
May you be free from suffering.
May you live in harmony with all life. 
May you awaken to your Divine Nature and therefore easily create and experience peace and blessings for yourself and all life on earth.  
May you thrive in abundant grace, now and always. 
May all that we do individually and as a team, serve your highest good and the highest good of life.   

Lori B. Lipten, M.A. 
Medium. Author, Shamanic Guide.
Founder, Sacred Balance Academy & Center



Our Mission
We at Sacred Balance hold the intention to empower individuals and communities to realize their fullest potential through impeccable intuitive, spirit-centered education, guidance and healing services and products. We thank you for entrusting us with this sacred honor!

To live in Sacred Balance means to live in harmony with one's mind, body and spirit. As we return to the innate balance of our whole being, we live in harmony with all life.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of Sacred Balance and my life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.